Sitting side by side in the large Catteleya library where students had paired off with study partners, Fumie watched as Otabe worked through a revision worksheet steadily. She was ready for her to ask any questions when there was something she didn’t understand but the other girl simply scribbled on, the scritching sound of her mechanical pencil showing little pause. Surely she wasn’t too proud to ask for help, the student body president thought.


“Oh I’m sorry, Shingyouji-san, I’m almost finished…” Otabe didn’t look up from the paper as she spoke until finished filling in the last answer box, putting down her pencil and offering her completed worksheet to Fumie.

Looking through the answers, it was clear to Fumie that this girl did not need her help at all which made her wonder why then, her offer had been accepted at all. Feeling as though she’d been made a fool she was surprised to hear an amused laugh coming from Otabe. Her already present frown deepened as she was certain the yankii had done this to pull one over her and so she’d proven her point and knocked down the student body president down a peg. Fumie prepared herself for the gloating that was to follow.

“This wasn’t a trick, the best thing is to lead by example.” Otabe spoke simply to explain her intentions.

It was true that the others had somewhat fallen in line after Rappapa’s leader had not let pride stop her from accepting help. When Fumie’s face showed obvious surprise at how easily her thoughts had been read, Otabe laughed lightly again.

“Your face doesn’t hide anything, Shingyouji-san.”

Another scene continuing from those from bakaei-sama’s initial Otabe x Fumie request and this. Still enjoying toying with this ship.