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ARC-V + Most Likely to End Up in Jail: Everyone, apparently
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Arc-V 30 Days (day 1): Bang!


They have fun.

I would’ve liked to start with Yuya but “Bang!” is just so Sawatari… I continue to be very predictable haha… Also still burned out from month of rebellion so. ;7;

(I drew this all while having this playing nonstop in my head)

Thoughts on Shingo

I’ve been thinking lately about how Shingo became an important character, yet somehow seems to … not be such a trash bag suddenly?

It felt a little “rushed” development at first, but then I thought on it some more and I realized, we’ve probably been focusing on the wrong thing about Shingo from the beginning.

Things to note: Shingo is not a moron. After losing to Yuya in episode 3, he built a deck that would have worked beautifully against pendulums, but he faced XYZ instead. He also has a really ugly trait of using his father’s power to get him whatever he wants simply because he knows he can… and that’s when I started to think about things.

Shingo actually isn’t a moron. He’s probably fully aware that no one at LDS seems to respect the guy and that his friends are only around him because LOL MAYOR’S SON. This was shown with Masumi and co. during his duel. They were honestly surprised by someone Shingo’s moves, but in the end it was still Shingo and they didn’t think too much of him.

The original LDS didn’t seem too impressed with Shingo either. What if Shingo was actually aware this whole time that the only reason people wanted to be friends with him was because of his position as the mayor’s son? It had nothing to do with his talent, but he liked to make it seem like it did.

He’s been told about people being carded, he’s faced Academia, essentially he’s been filled in on everything at this point that he would need to know. And then last night, he jumped straight into a duel first thing. 

What if Shingo’s development isn’t him going from trash to not trash, but rather Shingo trying to prove to others that he isn’t JUST the mayor’s son. 

Despite everything that was done to him in episode 3, Yuya REALLY rubbed off on Shingo. A lot. Even in the rematch, Shingo still worked great in an entertainment duel with Yuya. Why would this be? Because Yuya is a sweetheart and respected him as a duelist, despite CLEARLY being an ass. (Meanwhile Yuzu jumped in and had no respect for him at all and pissed him off in episode 7.)

And last night, he jumped into a duel right away. He’s finally not in a world where he’s the mayor’s son. He’s all he has right now. People aren’t going to be friends with him because of his position. He has to actually be strong here, and he’s been waiting for years to prove this point.

I dunno, I’m just looking back and noticing a lot of bragging for himself trying to come across as a ham, when the truth is, he’s probably trying to work himself tooth and nail to prove it. 

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