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Identity of 17th Century shipwreck revealed as The Fame

The identity of a 17th Century ship wrecked off the Dorset coast has been revealed.

The so-called Swash Channel Wreck was discovered in a sand and shingle bank outside Poole Harbour.

Experts believe it to be a Dutch merchant vessel named The Fame which foundered in a storm in March 1631.

The name was revealed at an event to mark its rudder - raised from the seabed in 2013 - going on public display at Poole Museum.

The 8.4m (28ft) rudder, with a moustachioed face carved into it, was lifted on to Poole Quay by Bournemouth University marine archaeologists in 2013 after almost a decade of investigation and excavation work. Read more.


Chesil Beach Wave (Portland, UK)

This wave crashed on February 5th 2014, during the relentless barrage of storms that hit the UK one after another. 

These storms were apparently caused by a shift in the pattern of the jet stream- a current of fast moving air in the upper atmosphere. The jet stream became very strong over the north Atlantic Ocean and North America, an event linked to the ‘polar vortex’ and big freezes of North America.  This strengthened Jet Stream encouraged fierce winter storms to approach the UK, breaking many existing records on file for extreme weather and causing many millions of pounds worth of damage.

To put the wave above into perspective, that bank of shingle (pebbles) is almost as tall as that pub. The little things on the green ledge are actually whole picnic tables dragged up and smashed to pieces by the wave… and the 'river’ in the second gif? Well that’s a main road.

See the original video here to see the roar as the wave breaches the bank and the beer barrels float down the road!


Plant of the Day
Thursday 21 August 2014

Amazingly Glaucium flavum (yellow horned-poppy) is adapted to growing on the coastal shingle banks of the beaches of southern England. This beautiful plant takes strong winds and salt sprays no wonder I have never been able to establish one in the clay soil of my Essex garden. The ‘horns’ of the common name refer to the long seed pods that follow the yellow or orange flowers. More tough but beautiful plants of the coastline tomorrow.

Jill Raggett

What The Heart Wants - Chapter 1

TITLE: What The Heart Wants


AUTHOR: LateStarter58


GENRE: Romance/Angst/Smut later on

FIC SUMMARY: When Mandy inherits a house, she cannot guess how her life will be changed.

RATING: M (for whole fic), T for this chapter.

AUTHORS NOTES/WARNINGS: The English towns in this story are much as I describe, and I hope you might be inspired to visit them. Mandy’s Bertie is an amalgam of two dogs I have owned. Lurchers make great pets! No triggers or warnings needed, except that dog-ownership is addictive…

Chapter 1

I have always been an independent woman, not the type – I prefer to think - to pick up random men, on a beach or anywhere else. But then again, a little over three years ago I’d have said I wasn’t the kind of person who owns a holiday home on the coast and drives a classic car. And I certainly would not have said that I was the sort of woman who would wait around for a man, however sexy and charming, not knowing when he would show up next or what the future held for us. A kind of East Anglian Madame Butterfly? No, not like me at all. And yet, here I am…

If you had asked me about myself back then I would have said that I was a modern career woman; a not-very-well-off teacher living in a small rented house with my dog Bertie, managing to keep my head above water mainly because I didn’t have time to spend too much money. Once I had finished marking or lesson preparation and the dog-walking and housework were done I just about had the time and energy for a movie on DVD. Happy enough, with good friends but no man around. I wasn’t short of offers, mind you, I just didn’t bother with any of them. But then all of a sudden, things began to change. Just goes to show you never know what’s around the corner…

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