HC: The last thing SLBP Lords’ googled

Nobunaga : “Vogue : Top trends spring/summer 2017″

Mitsuhide : “DIY cat house”

Yukimura : “Best 30 day workout challenge”

Saizo : “Calories per dango”

Masamune : “Ways to express yourself”

Kojuro : “How to keep your room clean for a week”

Inuchiyo : “ *Online game name* “

Hideyoshi : “Dinner for two ideas”

Mitsunari : “Wikipedia”

Ieyasu : “ How to make someone shut it without being rude”

Kenshin : “DIY garden Ideas”

Shingen : “When is the right age to become a father?”


Shigezane : “ Best vines 2017″

Fuma : “Saizo Kirigakure”

Hotaru : “How to make a girl fall for you”


Yukimura’s Six-Day Countdown ! Happy Birthday, Lord Yukimura ! 

I have a special piece waiting for the seventh day. Stay tuned!

HC: SLBP Lords’ first thing on “To do list”

Nobunaga : Buy more hair products

Mitsuhide : Clean the fridge & buy more cat food.

Yukimura : 50 push ups & 50 sit-ups

Saizo : Fix the bathroom tap for MC

Masamune : Ask Kojuro where did Shigezane go with his car

Kojuro : Finally, clean your house

Inuchiyo : Buy beers

Hideyoshi : Clean the garden

Ieyasu : Kill every single mosquito that keep you up last night

Mitsunari : Complain to the neighbours about the music last night

Kenshin : Look fabulous

Shingen : MC 


Shigezane : Tell Masamune about the “accident” with his car.

Fuma : Light a candle at the Saizo shrine

Hotaru : Buy more white papers to write

The SLBP Lords React To Seeing MC’s Ghost After Death: Headcanon (Requested)

This works so well with the last one I made, I simply had to make it right away. 














Bonus… Their Kids: 



  • Yukimura: *happily drunk at the feast*
  • Yukimura: *sings* I would spear 500 men, and I would spear 500 more.. *gestures wildly*
  • Saizo: *sighs*
  • Yumkiura: Just to be the lord who speared a thousand men to fall down at your door! *paws at Shingen*
  • Shingen: Watch the hands, Yukimura, you happy drunkard. *laughs*
  • Saizo: I wonder what Fuma is up to tonight?
Samurai Love Ballad Party Japanese Cast

So, because i really have nulife-kidding- i decided to googling japanese actor/singer/va that will potray our lords visual based from their face at this particular photos. If you doesn’t agree with my choice, it’s okay but please don’t bashed it. Thank you. .

So here we go

Kazuya Kamenashi as Nobunaga Oda

Yuu Shirota as Mitsuhide Akechi

Satoshi Tsumabuki as Yukimura Sanada

Just look at his smile. How could you said that isn’t so YUKIMURA-ish?

Narimiya Hiroki as Saizo Kirigakure

Yamashita Tomohisa as Masamune Date

Takeshi Kaneshiro as Kojuro Katakura

Ninomiya Kazunari as Hideyoshi Toyotomi

Yamada Takayuki as Maeda Toshiie

Yamada Ryosuke as Ieyasu Tokugawa

Kanata Hongo as Mitsunari Ishida

Miura Haruma as Kenshin Uesugi

Nagashi Tomoya as Takeda Shingen

It’s just my own opinion. But if you have another opinions, feel free to share it with me.

But i will not agree with anything that said TAKESHI KANESHIRO IS NOT DADDY-KOJURO because HE’S 100% HIM!