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NICKNAMES : Ella , Lena

Zodiac sign : Cancer

Height: I am pretty tall ugh 5’ 11"

Last thing googled : “queen Ann Boleyn ” I am sucker for English history .

Favorite music artist : Within Temptation , Rednex , Alexandro Fernandez

Song stuck in your head : Claydee “ Alena ”

Last movie watched : “ Babysitters black book ” interesting and educational lol

What are you wearing right now : Romper . That’s my favorite piece of clothing

Why did you choose your URL : hmmmm because I am in love with Shingen lol … I guesss

Do you have any other blogs : NOPE

What did your last relationship teach you : hmmm that it’s better to be lesbian lol … and also not to trust guys at least not in near future … those who love you also can hurt you … being hurt sucks

Religious or spiritual : Religious

Favorite color : black and blue

Average hours of sleep : I am lucky if I pull 4 hours for all night . I have insomnia .

Lucky number : 185 … I don’t know why

Favorite characters: Genya , Shingen , Lucifer , oh and Derek from teen wolf 😍😍😍

How many blankets you sleep with : none … just sheet lol

Dream job : lawyer … even I am in interior design field I dream of becoming lawyer .

Lipstick or chopstick : lipstick any time of a day

Last song you listened to : Rwdnex “ wish you were here .

Top 3 shows : Lucifer , teen wolf , true blood …. I am sucker for supernatural …

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HC: The last thing SLBP Lords’ googled

Nobunaga : “Vogue : Top trends spring/summer 2017″

Mitsuhide : “DIY cat house”

Yukimura : “Best 30 day workout challenge”

Saizo : “Calories per dango”

Masamune : “Ways to express yourself”

Kojuro : “How to keep your room clean for a week”

Inuchiyo : “ *Online game name* “

Hideyoshi : “Dinner for two ideas”

Mitsunari : “Wikipedia”

Ieyasu : “ How to make someone shut it without being rude”

Kenshin : “DIY garden Ideas”

Shingen : “When is the right age to become a father?”


Shigezane : “ Best vines 2017″

Fuma : “Saizo Kirigakure”

Hotaru : “How to make a girl fall for you”


Yukimura’s Six-Day Countdown ! Happy Birthday, Lord Yukimura ! 

I have a special piece waiting for the seventh day. Stay tuned!

The SLBP Lords React To Seeing MC’s Ghost After Death: Headcanon (Requested)

This works so well with the last one I made, I simply had to make it right away. 














Bonus… Their Kids: 



  • Yukimura: *happily drunk at the feast*
  • Yukimura: *sings* I would spear 500 men, and I would spear 500 more.. *gestures wildly*
  • Saizo: *sighs*
  • Yumkiura: Just to be the lord who speared a thousand men to fall down at your door! *paws at Shingen*
  • Shingen: Watch the hands, Yukimura, you happy drunkard. *laughs*
  • Saizo: I wonder what Fuma is up to tonight?
HC: SLBP Lords’ first thing on “To do list”

Nobunaga : Buy more hair products

Mitsuhide : Clean the fridge & buy more cat food.

Yukimura : 50 push ups & 50 sit-ups

Saizo : Fix the bathroom tap for MC

Masamune : Ask Kojuro where did Shigezane go with his car

Kojuro : Finally, clean your house

Inuchiyo : Buy beers

Hideyoshi : Clean the garden

Ieyasu : Kill every single mosquito that keep you up last night

Mitsunari : Complain to the neighbours about the music last night

Kenshin : Look fabulous

Shingen : MC 


Shigezane : Tell Masamune about the “accident” with his car.

Fuma : Light a candle at the Saizo shrine

Hotaru : Buy more white papers to write