Harunobu (Takeda Shingen X MC)

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It’s another day of waiting on that same hill where we used to go, I know. That waiting for you in this lifetime would be useless. It’s been years since you died, I tried to do my best for you and our child, I had to be strong. 

I was your tigress. 

 But I never knew that losing and waiting for someone I’ve loved the most can be this painful. All I’ve ever felt were of emptiness and longing for you. Winters have never been colder, springs wasn’t something I look forward to now. Summer wasn’t worth celebrating for, and autumns, have never been lonelier.

 What’s the use of all these seasons… If you weren’t here with me?

 Of course, I had to be strong. I was your tigress.


 Everyday without you by my side is so painful. I want to spend my future with you. I pictured the both of us in happy in each other’s arms. I promised to wait for you, even if it means that going back to this place will break my heart once again. It’s because of the memories we shared, the love we shared. Even at your last moments. 

 Tell me, how am I supposed to live like you wanted me to…? Can someone tell me how? Can you tell me how? Can I live like I used to without you here anymore? 

 Ha… I’m selfish… Aren’t I? 

 Every night since I lost you, I cry myself quietly to sleep. My heart was always aching for you. I’m still hoping that when I wake up in the middle of the night you’ll be there beside me, like you always did. But when I reach out I find an empty, cold space. 

 You’re not here anymore. 

 The sun was setting, tainting the sky a color of orange that reminds me of you. And now, even in my dying breath. I chose to be here, to be in this place where we had so much memories. 

 Until we see each other again, please. Let’s meet in another lifetime and fall in love again,

 I’ll see you now.. Harunobu. 


Kenshin actually calls Nobu “Nobunaga-kun”, LOL. How old are you, you silly grandpa. 

Both Shingen and Kenshin are at the esteemed level of being called -ko 公 instead of -sama, hahaha. 

Also, for whatever reason Kenshin went “My name is fairy” and his name seriously turned into “The Fairy of Echigo” and not Kenshin.  

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this sounds so wrong out of context…
MC was just sore from riding Shingen’s horse. XD

coming from an equestrian, it honestly is soooo awkward hearing your trainer try to explain how to move with the horse. if you don’t align your movements with the horse (loosening your back and rocking your hips) you become an unbalanced and uncomfortable mess atop your horse. to keep from gripping, leaning, and bouncing on the horse, it’s required to have a good seat and to learn how to have a good seat, you have to listen to and apply these awkward instructions from your trainer lol.

bellatrixnour  asked:

Can you say what animal represents each of the lords personality?

Nobunaga: Lion / bunny
Mitsuhide: Horse / Beaver

Yukimura: Panda
Saizo: Scorpion

Masamune: Hedgehog
Kojuro: Owl

Hideyoshi: Fox
Toshiie: Donkey / Goat

Ieyasu: Snake
Mitsunari: An aggressive Chihuahua / crane

Kenshin: Swan
Shingen: Lion

Just ask, if there are any questions concerning my choices!

The Waffle Cottage Chronicles

IN WHICH, in a Modern AU, Sasuke successfully convinces Shingen (and by extension, Saizo and Yukimura) to take a cross-country roadtrip to the Mouse World amusement park, because he has never been and has always wanted to, and they stop at a 24 hour diner for waffles, whereupon they acquire a short order cook/waitress, you. SHENANIGANS ENSUE, with additional cameos by ALL the other Samurai as appropriate. 

 This is the fic that Refused To Be Written. I started on it like a legitimate year ago, and the device I was writing on got stolen while I was at the doc’s, and so it just stalled out, but the idea wouldn’t leave, so at some point I tried to do an outline…and it grew, and grew, and grew. And here we are. This is not a fic, this is a 5000+ word headcanon in bullet point form.  Someday I may actually write it out. That day is not today.

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chibi lords as your personal hype!squad. they’re in their armors because they’re gonna battle your fights alongside you! you can do it! original art: voltage inc

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  • Shinra: if you bite it and you die , it's poisonous, if it bites you and you die , it's venomous.
  • Celty: [what if it bites me and it dies?]
  • Shingen: that means your poisonous
  • Mairu: what if it bites itself and I die?
  • Kururi: voodoo
  • Erika: what if it bites me and someone else dies?
  • Kadota: that's correlation , not causation
  • Shizuo: what if we bite each other and neither of us die?
  • Izaya: that's kinky
  • Namie: what is wrong with you all!!?