An abundance of armins
1.plain armin/attack on titan
2.howl/howl’s moving castle
3.mellow/death note
4.pico/boku no pico
5.he man/he man
7.plant girl/blue exorcist
8.wrestler armin/real life
9.nicki minaj
10.queen’s servants/Howl’s moving castle
11.coconut head/Ned’s school survival guide

I cry a lot because

Marco is dead

Reigisa isn’t canon

I watched Boku No Pico

I can’t eat ice cream anymore

Neo Blue Breathing

Hans is dead

Haru doesn’t know what to do after graduation

Makoto and Haru are graduating

Rin is graduating and leaving Nitori behind

Nitori didn’t get to swim relay with Rin

We still don’t know what’s in the fucking basement


things i’ve learned from anime

Toyko Ghoul: dont date pretty and smart girls 

Kamisama Kiss: Let random strangers kiss you

Parasyte: worms are bad

Psycho-pass: if someone is a little crazy kill them

Vampire Knight: incest is ok if youre a vampire

SnK: run away from big naked people

Blue Exorcist: its ok to kill if youre satan’s son

Free!: i like muscly, wet, gay boys

Boku no Pico: child pornography is wrong

Free!: Ship who ever you want… no, not them

Hetalia: Orgy!

Fairy Tail: Triangle, triangle, triangle, gay/hetero triangle

Shingeki No Kyojin: Lesbians, necrophilia and old gay people

Noragami: Let me guess, RiRen or Kou x Futaba?

Soul Eater: That thing is Chrona, we don’t know if it makes yaoi, yuri or hetero.

Durarara!!: Why does this have more yaoi than Love Stage!!?

Sakura Card Captor: Let me ruin your childhood

K-ON: Nekophilia and yuri

Loveless: Real Nekophilia and yaoi

Boku No Pico: Hardcore.

Tokyo Ghoul: Shuu is gay, isn’t him?

Sailor Moon: Yuri harem

Kuroshitsuji: Gay one, gay one, gay one, gay one, is that a girl? Oh, another gay.

Ouran Highschool host club: … Not sure if gay or hetero

Kaichou wa maid-sama: Perverted outer space alien space from the planet pheromone is hetero, and the rest are gay.

DRAMAtical Murder: All for one!