and.. because… YOU GUYS ARE CRAZY!! AND I AM CRAZY TOO!! BECAUSE I HIT 1000 FOLLOWERS!!! T___T I am crying so hard and have a crazy party in my head with all of you… I thank not only the ones who choosed to follow my shit-art-blog, but also the one who likes and reblogs my things, and the ones who write cute words to me sometimes and the most I thank the ones who are like “regulars”, they come by and everytime I see that they were here and liked/reblog/write something, I got a big smile on my face and my heart gets warm + I blush… a lot. Really. a lot. So. THANK YOU!!! I LOVE YOU!!  <3

(and I am so excited, because one of my favourite artists liked one of my pieces!!! *sceam and cry and smile and giggle all at ones* :D <3

And.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO OUR FRECKLED JESUS!!! You will always be in our hearts ;_; </3


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It’s artist appreciation day in the SNK no hate awareness week!

As such, it is super important to make a post about my favorite artists here in the SNK/AOT fandom!

I’m gonna be listing some of them here in NO PARTICUAR ORDER! And I would really really appreciate it if my followers went ahead and followed them too cause trust me, they’re worth a million bucks!

Lena: Okay, I don’t have a twitter account so I can’t tell Lena how much I love her and her works. HOWEVER! She is a large part of the Ereri community, so I HAVE to include her, her twitter is @inunekosukii if you want to check it out!!!

@roredwarrior3 : I really love your Eren, Levi, and  Ereri/Riren drawings so much, they’re so beautiful, and you’re so skilled! Whenever I see your art, I always smile, it makes me so happy! It’s amazing how you work so hard and have so many things to do, but still produce such fine-quality material!

@varrix : I love your SNK Eruri and Durarara! art so so much! You draw them in this unique way, and I bet each fandom has seen your drawings before!! They’re so beautiful, but I am very sorry that people are stealing your art without credit :/ You truly draw like a professional! Thank you for being in the SNK fandom too!

@babushka-hi-hi: You are a huge part of the Eruri fandom! I love your art so so much! But not only do you draw SNK, you also draw my beloved One Piece (Law x Doffy! yay!) ! You art is so so beautiful, so gorgeous, it’s pure gold! 

@drinkyourfuckingmilk : Oh my god, every time I see your art (usually in the form of a HILARIOUS doujinshi, I fangirl like crazy! You make my LeviHan heart beat fast, and I am so so glad you are part of the SNK fandom!!!

@eli-ereri : Once again, thank you so so much for drawing that request for me!!! You’re so nice, and oh so very quick at drawing! You have the potential to be very iconic in the SNK fandom, your art is just so amazing!

@uncklerman : Every thing you post is just so hilarious and well thought out! I love your responses to questions, you’re a true bessing to the SNK fandom! Your art is also iconic, anyone can recognize it and they definitely saw it somewhere in most blogs! 

@ichigoreiyo : Have I ever mentioned to you how much I ADORE your art??? Your Eruri art is goals!! So beautiful and gorgeous! Never doubt you ability, it is amazing and worth a million dollars! You’re so humble and kind, you deserve 10 times the amount of followers and notes you have. 

@bev-nap : Whether it is Armin, Eren, or Levi, your art is just gorgeous and pretty! I love watching you draw when I can catch you live streaming, its so amazing! You post so many amazing and funny things, I love browsing your archive! I love your other blog too, @ask-eren-jaeger

@bluecrownedbird : I absolutely adore the way you draw Levi and Kuchel, it’s so heartwarming! Your Eruri art is so beautiful too. You draw like a true professional! I also adore your other blog, @ask-levi-ackerman! Your answers are hilarious and so thoughtful!

@dinklebert : Oh my god >.< I admire your art so much! It’s so beautiful, you draw so many characters and they’re so perfect! I really love every Ereri you drew too, they’re gorgeous (immediately that NSFW ereri popped into my mind… hehehe). I am so glad you’re in this fandom!

@azeensart : Eeeekkk! Your drawings are so realistic-looking and they’re so magnificent! You’re multi-fandom and 2 of them are good fandoms of mine (SNK and Naruto), so you’re a treasure cove for me! Your art is A+!

@doodlingclown : Awww your art is so cute! I love the ereri, it makes me feel so happy and warm! Whenever I’m feeling sad, I like to browse your ereri art and it instantly makes me smile!! You’re a blessing!

@sketchdream : I have to admit, I love all your drawings!! Even the ones where I’m not even part of that fandom, they’re so amazing! I’ve seen your art on google and other place before even joining tumblr, so I’m glad I found the source! Your drawings are marvelous! 

@corporaljaegerssweetass : I don’t understand why you think your art isn’t good enough! I honestly find it so funny and cute! Please continue drawing, you’ll get the recognition you deserve! 

@simsmono : Okay, I know its “Artists” day, but I believe that what you’re creating with the sims is pure ART! So I MUST include you! You make such amazing Ereri screenshots, they’re so beautiful and oh god! I love staring at Long-haired Eren and Levi’s undercut (lips too)! Thank you for being in this fandom!

@a-rikachu : Your artists are so beautiful and on-point!! You have such a unique style that I can immediately tell it’s you without even looking for your signature. I really really love your work, its really astonishing! -///-

@deereaa : I can tell that in due time, you’re gonna go far with your drawings. Your body anatomy is on-point, faces are easily recognizable, and beautiful pencil work. Seriously, drawings are amazing and deserves more recognition. Thank you for being in the SNK fandom!

@kaschy​ : Your SNK fan art is just amazing! I love your Porco and Reiner drawings, they’re so pretty! And the way you draw Reiner and Bert together is just -drool-!!! You’re amazing! Thank you for the blessed art!

@ereribuns : Aww, I just love your ereri cats, they’re so cute and always cheer me up when I see them on my dash! Your answers to questions are so hilarious! The way you draw the ereri is just unnngggg! 

@pandanoi : Your Eruri art is so delicious, I could stare at it for hours (not to mention the nsfw, amiright ;) ) You’re an amazing contributor to the Eruri community, thank you so much for also being in the SNK fandom!

@idrawr16yt : Your Eruri and MikEr art is so so hot! You definitely weren’t kidding when you said you draw 18+! Not that I’m complaining, keep ‘em coming! Anyway, I love the way you draw, you’re a wonderful artist!

@nangnuk : Oh my god, you draw such incredible Eruri art! I am ssoooo glad I found you! Unfortunately, I found you by a post saying someone stole your art and made it into Ereri (still heartbroken about that), but I am so so glad I was able to view more of your amazing art! I hope that experience didn’t push you away from the SNK fandom, cause I believe you belong with us!

@constant-catastrophe : I saw your drawings for different ships (Eruhan, Erurien) and my beloved Ereri, and I gotta admit I love each and every one of them! You’re such a sweet, humble person, and you respond to all asks with kindness. I am so glad that a talented, sweet person like you is in our community <3

@daydream24-7 : Rose, you’re so amazing and such a skilled artist! You draw like a professional, and you are so kind to everyone. You’re definitely one of my favorite artists, I just wish I found you sooner, cause I know I saw your art everywhere even before I joined tumblr!! Thank you so much!

@roxoah​ : You’re part of so many fandoms that I don’t know about, but I really like to creepily stare at your art even if I don’t know what it is of! You drew a lot of SNK character art, and I feel so happy cause they look so magnificent!! Also, I love your Levi Earrings and Tattoos. They give me life and supply me with blood, thank you for existing!

@nannelle : Nano-chan, you’re such a talented artist, and I definitely know you’ll get far here on Tumblr as well. You draw for SNK, Hunter x Hunter, Boku no Hero Academia, One Piece, and others!! Your art is so gorgeous and looks almost exactly like the anime! WIT studio should totally hire you to work for them! Thanks for being in the SNK fandom~

@darienart : You’re part of so many fandoms >.< But I am so so glad that you’re also in the SNK one! I just absolutely adore the way you drew Levi! I sincerely hope you have the time to draw whatever you like, you’re an amazing addition to any fandom you’ll ever be in!

@blauerozen : Your art is so captivating honestly! Very beautiful! You also draw for different fandoms, and they’re all drawn so well and colored so beautifully! I have to admit, the way you color eyes is my favorite thing about your drawings! You’re so talented, you’re gonna get so far in life. Thank you for being in the SNK fandom too!

@leslie-art​ : You’re definitely my ultimate favorite Ereannie artist on this site <3 You draw them in such a heart-wrenching way!!! And guess what? You’re the first artist I’ve found who’s also a Libra (or publicly claimed it)!!! Yay~ a fellow Libra finally! Your drawings and paintings are so aesthetic, I just adore them so much!

Okay, so I know I’m kinda late to the love your artist day, but I was trying really really hard to include and remember every artist I love! I am sure I missed people even still, and I would be SO GRATEFUL if you let me know!!!

I really appreciate artists so much, you contribute a lot to a community and can bring the fandom alive with one drawing! You have such a great power, thank you all for being in the SNK fandom! 

Everyone, I 1000% recommend you follow ALL of these people! I am certain you’ll love them!

Multi-shippers, you really don’t have an excuse to NOT follow any of these people (unless, of course, you’ve already followed them all? Then please give me recs for other artists too!)

Once again, thank you artists!