shingeki no xmas

2016 Christmas Ereri Masterlist

HoHoHo… It’s that time again. Here is a list of all the Ereri Holiday related fics published in 2016. Happy Holidays to you all!  (This will be updated until the new year, cause we gotta get those New Years Eve fics in.) ❤ M & T

Christmas Is For Cuddles
Summary: It’s just a big cuddle fest with sweet kisses and tons of fluff. Christmas is for cuddles, after all.

A Christmas Carol
Summary: Levi Ackerman hated a lot of things: people, dirt, noise, crowded spaces, wasting his money on things like paying his employees, getting together with his relatives…But there came a time of they year in which all these things came together, a time he despised with a passion: Christmas….

As Pure As The Driven Snow
Summary: Captain Levi is never unimpressed by Eren’s sense of service, culinary or otherwise. [Homestyle verse]

Shingeki No Christmas
Summary: /

Merry Christmas Birthday, Captain
Summary: Eren has just discovered Christmas, and he’s already made plans to celebrate it, whether Levi likes it or not.

All I Want for Christmas
Summary: Eren wants a bag of Cheetos, he gets a bag of Cheetos. Well, not really.An extremely short drabble because I needed to post something Christmas-ey.

The Perfect Gift
Summary: Eren strives to find Levi the perfect gift for Christmas and his birthday. But what could that possibly be?

Candy Canes and Golden Things 
Summary: Want to see what happens when Eren asks Levi to marry him during a Christmas Eve party?

Never the Same
Summary: Downing whiskey is the only way Levi Ackerman knows how to spend his birthday. He’s done it for years now. Alone and with nothing better to do, Levi decides to wallow in self pity at a bar, accompanied only by the cute new bartender, Eren Yeager. Will his drunken nights ever end, or will a certain someone change the ritual?