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Attack on Titan Season 3 Coming In 2018


Since i got like 30 notes on that post i wrote (although i had 0 followers lol) i thought id share my thoughts again to you guys.
Im gonna be doing another reiner rant, so.. lots of people were so pissed at reiner for talking shit about the 104th and his comrades, the first thing I’ll be commenting on this (in a long list of comments) is the following ;
•he fucking had to, lest he risked his family being sent to paradis and labeled as traitors
•gabi! If gabi starts having second thoughts on the paradis islanders it could lead to her death, shes already confused about reiner mentioning diversity between the people and all that.
•reiner most probably has to keep the paradis island propaganda intact, like imagine if reiner starts telling all the soldiers about paradis island and how people there are actually like ? How do you think it’ll turn up.
•now i dive into the ‘him hating them’ point; i really dont know.. reiner talking about how his time was hell there and the demons and inhumane bastards may either be referring to the titans themselves and the constant threat and fear or the actual people (though i doubt it, or maybe the warrior persona actually hates them? And the soldier one likes them? Idk i hope he likes them), and since riener is the sole survivor of his squad his hate would be justified ( lost his best friend, annie and marcel.. all of them to the island/eldians )
•This is gonna be the part where all the reiner hate originated from, potato girl. Let me highlight something which im sure many bigger accounts probably covered, the him covering his mouth part.. this could have two meanings; either remembering all the people, his comrades,friends, his time there and how he hated everybody made him sick to his stomach , or he almost launched his ass off remembering sasha’s potato ordeal . I personally prefer (prefer doesn’t begin to explain how much i want the second option to be true) the second one, notice how when he remembers he immediately covers his hand and can be seen smiling/smirking in the second page? He remembered the potato thinge and he almost smiled in front of everybody because of it (which would confuse gabi more), someone like that has to atleast bear some love to his old friends, the ones he’d blindly risk his life for, the ones who’d blindly risk their lives for him.
They’ve been through some shit together and i refuse to believe reiner hates them.
I would talk more about him talking about his former comrades but there isnt much to say.
Anyways if youve made it this far thanks for reading this, i really hope in the future we get to see all of them talk about what happened and try to make up or at least some kind of closure between them all, one can can only hope.
If you want me to write more please tell me and ill galdly do.

Dear Armin,
I came to Paradis with only one thing on my mind. Fulfilling my duty as a warrior and then going back home. It was unimaginable to me that I would ever care about a “devil” within these walls. Then, suddenly, you appeared and you saw right through me. You weren’t fooled by my uninterested facade or cold demeanor. Somehow, you saw what was inside of me. You saw a girl who was lost. A girl who was scared. A girl who just needed someone and I can’t understand why but for some reason you decided to be that someone. You smiled at me so brightly and even though I know the ocean is cold, your ocean blue eyes made me feel warmer than I have ever felt. Falling in love with you was the best and worst thing I could have done. I finally felt something. I finally felt ordinary and that’s all I’ve ever wanted to be. However, it made the pain of what I did unbearable. I hurt the people you loved and I hurt you. That is something I will never be able to forgive myself for and I know that you will probably never forgive me either. Even though it was short lived, I am happy that I could be a good person to you Armin. I will never see you again and you might never get this letter but just know that you made my final days, before the darkness, the happiest days of my life. I will always love you.

I’m sorry. I never meant to hurt you.


(my first Aruani pic…not the best but still I was feeling things for these two and I needed to let my emotions out) <3

So can you agree with me that

Levi cares deeply for everyone, yes, but significantly more so for Eren?

And knowing that they’ll be separated for the time being, he wants to make sure Eren is not only safe from danger, but also safe from himself. 

And most importantly, this:

“We can’t afford another mistake” - we can’t lose anymore people, and we especially can’t lose you.

Levi doesn’t want Eren to go through what he did with his fallen squad. Levi is trying to tell Eren that he should know better by now, and can make his own decisions if the time comes. Levi trusts Eren more so than ever now because he’s been through what Levi’s been through.

The way Levi said everything above as if Eren is the only one in the room says it all. Eren is important to human kind, yeah, but Levi doesn’t want to lose Eren not because of his powers now.

Levi cares deeply about Eren and Eren’s feelings, and you can’t tell me otherwise. 

(well you don’t have to agree with me but if you have nothing nice to say about this post then please don’t say anything at all

the last three pages translated [roughly]

Annie: “Anyway, let’s go”

when Bert and Reiner follow her they start talking 

Bert: Is it really okay?

Reiner: huh?

Bert: you have a goal after all.,..but you only have 13 more years left though..

Reiner:  But i’ll be able to become a hero within those 13 years right?

if I defeat the evil ones of Paradis and rid them of this world.. I will have saved the Eldian peo-…no, the world.  And then i’ll be the  best son the world has ever seen [or be the best boy in the world]

Eren: haa, I wonder if something will happen today.

Armin: So there you are Eren!!

[the text on the panel says] The sky they both look up at is connected.

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