shingeki no kyojin fun


A little something for wassaat’s AU with mafiaboss!Levi and vigilante!Eren ヽ(;▽;)ノ

Story to this scene: Levi and his team were about to hunt someone down (probably for money), but then everything got slightly out of control, because there was someone else looking for their target. The stranger killed the target in front of Levi’s eyes, so Levi chased him, until the stranger escaped on the roof of an old industry building. The stranger stopped, pushed the mask away from his face and smirked at Levi, before disappearing with a smug “Maybe next time”.



have a steamy pile of sketch dump 


i tried imagining what Eren’s tattoos might look like in Kings Upon the Main and it got sorta out of hand 


Eremarco week, a compilation ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ 

(click each image for more info!)

I don't know why people get so offended at shipping?!?!?!

Like seriously. If shipping is the most offensive thing you’ve seen then the internet is not a safe place for you.


my amazing friend Lars started talking about a GhostHunter AU, and things escalated from mindless shenanigans to INTENSE FEELINGS and these four are the culprits (and also a hell of a lotta fun to design :D)

Eren The Turkish Vessel, Armin The Scandinavian Psychic, Marco The Louisianan-Creole Empath, and Jean The Trapped Ghost from the 80′s


Erwin-Week Day 6: Death/Mourning and Erwin-Week Day 7: Afterlife

Another doodle from the series “ Erwin being sad about stupid stuff”: Erwin is mourning his favourite dinosaur-onesie because he washed it too hot and it shrank…But thanks to Levi it is not entirely gone but has an afterlife :)

I think I might be doing these prompts wrong o.o

If anybody has a better idea please tell me xD

Fun Vampire/Human Au Things
  • Human letting Vampire feed off of them, letting the vampire be more energetic/alert and gets rid of the cravings, whilst making their human happy and tingly and lethargic because of the venom and blood loss.
  • “You’re 100+ years old, how do you not know how to cook for yourself?”
  • Instead of the human freaking out and being scared when they find out that the vampire is a vampire, they get pissed because ‘Why didn’t you tell me sooner?’ and slap the super strong, immortal blood-sucker with inhuman senses. (because it makes perfect sense)
  • “Nonono! Don’t bust the can, use the can opener. The can opener, this thing. What do you mean, you don’t know what it is?”
  • “Not every dog is a werewolf.”
  • If the human got a dog (maybe to get the vampire to overcome their fear). Bonus: it’s an ankle-biter.
  • Getting drunk off of the vampire’s personal collection of 100+ year old alcohol.
  • The human making references to Twilight in order to tease the vampire.
  • “Who was the ruler after Queen Elizabeth I died?”//”How should I know, that was like three centuries ago?”
  • “Can you at least pretend to breath in front of my friends/family?”