shingeki no kyojin fanart


I am so, so sorry that I reblog/blog that drawing so often… but I love it (and that´s the first since WEEKS!) so I wanted to share my little progress with you and me again ^^ haha. I like both drawings, the first one is from two days ago and the second one from 28. february this year :) I would say there is a “little” change in the artstyle. :3 Thank you, for “don´t unfollow” me because of the often reblogs <3 I love you all, guys!!! ~

Attack On Titan season 2: Conspiracy mode on

(that scene in the carriage in S02 Ep02, where everyone freaks out about what the hell is going on with the walls and why is no one talking about those titans, what is this priest hiding, but Levi keeps his cool as always. Levi knows; the truth is out there DUN DUN DUuNNnn)


Only a doodle for my daily dose of good feeling that I postet smth and make someone happy :D It is a “cheer up“ for @otakuchan449 :3 I hope you will getting better soon(JeanMarco forever! Yeah, I am in my JeanMarco world again and it feels so good and I have a few Ideas that I want to draw… let´s see what will comes out in the end ;) )~