shingeki no kyojin 8

Hoover Log [Saturday. 21.11.2015 19:00] 

This is a bizarre predicament we have gotten ourselves into. I recall this building has only 3 floors, but we have climbed dozens of flights. It must be at least half an hour since we first ascended these stairs.

Reiner insists I am imagining things.

Hoover Log [???. ??.12.2015 ??:??]

It has been days. Reiner has grown a beard. Yet he continues to deny our situation. It’s his bad habit. But I will not leave him. I will go with him, no matter where this leads us.

Hoover Log [circa 2045] 

I have been approximating the passage of time by the thickness of Reiner’s glutes and thighs, akin to tree growth rings, as we learned in 5th period Bio. They grow outward at a rate of 1mm per 20 flights¹. By my records, it has been 30 years.

1. I am confident in this mode of measurement; I have close knowledge of the secrets of Reiner’s butt, as I see it flex in front of me with each step*.

* I have no objections to this.

Hoover Log [circa 205X?] 

Reiner has at last accepted the painful Truth. The shock of reality has left him in a fragile state, but still we keep climbing. We are Warriors. Ever upwards. This impossible geometry. Where only right turns exist. This 39° incline. I hear angles. I want to kick them.

Hoover-Braun Log [?? ??? ??]

It’s as if we are the last people in this world. Nothing but us two, and the soft sounds of our breathing and footsteps, in unison. All we have is each other. After all, who else can understand?  Husband and I wish for a flat, level life for our future children, Reibert, Reibert Jr., Reibert II, Reibert III, and Bloodstorm the Destroyer.

Fubar Log? [??? ????]

I do not remember my name from the Before Floors. Reiner says that I am taller than him, but I have followed so long on the steps below him that I no longer know what is true. Is there still a world outside this stairwell? Have Ymir and Christa gotten married? Has Jean finally noticed Marco? What are our old friends up to? Are they still alive? Did they ever exist at all?

Somebody, please, find us.

Hoover Log [Saturday. 21.11.2015 19:30]

Erwin-sensei found us :)


Erenbun and Levicat. Bonus aggressive cheerleader Eren.

[coughs loudly] why not both? ;;;;)))