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Relationships: Levi/Eren Yeager
Characters: Levi (Shingeki no Kyojin), Eren Yeager, Hange Zoë
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Eren is a struggling and mildly depressed student. His friends have left for college and he has trouble getting by, but when he decides to escape his shitty apartment and go for a walk one night, he stumbles onto a nearby bar and meets the man who will change his life.

Eren/Jean Week 2k17 Day 7: Mythical Creatures (Aries)

i couldn’t post this on the 7th because jean and i share the same birthday, and i was too busy celebrating my own :’D

happy birthday, jean!!💕💕💕 


So I had an idea last night and you know its a good one because I rarely have ideas.

From the title of this post, you can see that I wanna call it “ Fandom Exchange”.

Basically, you have two people of different fandoms. Person A wants to know more about Person B’s fandom and vice versa. The fandoms don’t even have to be related in any way, it’d just be a simple learning experience.

Example: Person A is a huge Fire Emblem fan, but wants to get into (hmm idk) uhm….The Legend of Zelda series. Person B is the opposite, like the Zelda series, wants to know more about Fire Emblem, yada yada.

So both of you spend your time teaching each other about each other’s fandom. This could be used as a way to make new friends without having to find anything in common with each other first.

And once the two of you are done learning about the other’s fandom, you both now have two things in common and can now geek out about.

So what do you guys think? I don’t ever ask for reblogs, but I feel this could be a good thing if it gets spread around. Feel free to expand upon it too! :)

More to the Shingeki-Pokemon AU!

Levi is one of the champions who prefers to travel, occasionally enter competitive leagues, and inspire new sproutling trainers everywhere!  The Charizard is probably one of his aces, Absol (not shown) is his longest owned and given pokemon, and the Cinccino is more of a companion than a battler.


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