This is why I love eren. He’s not gifted at anything, but he makes the top five- because he works harder than anyone else. Contrarily to what people think, eren isn’t all talk. Eren is someone who is ready and willing to do what needs to be done at all times. As we’ve seen, he’ll run himself into the ground to further the cause he believes in. Eren seems selfish on the surface, but ultimately is the most giving character in the series. Even in detrimental circumstances, he’s ready to sacrifice himself to save the innocent, and ready to give his life for humanity. Eren is arguably the most moral character in all of snk, but is often mischaracterized by the fandom as someone who’s blindly fighting out of vengeance and hate. Eren has used his anger and passion to aid the scouting legion and humanity, and if nothing else, deserves credit for that.

When your trying to take a picture of all your Manga and then your kitty demands your attention.

About Erwin...

After chapter 90 i miss even more Erwin. I know it has been almost seven months, i know he’s only a fictional character and i know i should let him go. But i can’t. I am not able to do so. I cannot accept the fate he was given. I cannot accept the way the story treated him even after his death. I simply cannot accept how things ended for him considering the sufference he faced during his whole life. I can’t move on. Not yet. I love him, he was simply amazing. A great man, a really caring and clever person and one of the best characters i ever found in a story. He deserved more than what he had at the end.

Thank you for everything Commander, there will be always be someone who will love and remember you.

Even after six months...

‪It’s unbelievable how I can still get angry about the way Bertolt died. Was him really just a tool with no honour? Pathetic plot.

“The Colossal Titan is the strongest” but it wasn’t able to kill the weakest? This is nuts! I will NEVER believe this! Yet, I’m sure that this power will be handled perfectly from its new owner: we are talking about Armin, after all: the one that CAN’T die because of reasons.
He only had a year to learn how to use the Titan power, but I’m sure he will be capable of using it far better than Bertolt, because Bertolt is shit and doesn’t even deserve a proper ending, and Armin is the cute and lovely BFF of the main character.

Fuck. This. Shit.