shingeki no gay

Hey… do you think that since Levi has those insomnia filled nights that Eren tries to stay awake with Levi? Maybe Eren lays in between Levi’s legs and rests his head on his chest and sleepily talks to Levi about the things that happened that day while Levi plays with some of Eren’s hair. Levi would hum in response to Eren, thinking to himself that Eren’s droopy eyes make him seem way too adorable. Sometimes he could ask, “Eren, why are you still awake?” Eren would look up at him with confusion before dropping his head back onto Levi’s chest, his arms tightening around Levi, muttering, “Because I love you.” Levi’s hand would stop moving for a moment, because even after all this time his heart rate still increases every time Eren says that, before resuming playing with Eren’s hair. Then after some time Eren would fall asleep mid-sentence, and Levi would press a kiss to the top of his head, his lips lingering there as he whispers, “I love you, too.”

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Man i feel like after Chapter 81 everyone has began to ship Eruri, which is cool and every thing and i am not trying to bash on Eruri . Because tbh, i lowkey ship them and the relationship between the two is amazing . But i just want to know who is still aboard the Ereri ship, because we Ereri shippers are not dead and there shall be a time where rise up as well.