shingeki no elementary school


Also things for each show

Once Upon a Time: Modern fairy tale show where all the sexism from fairy tales is swapped for feminism

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: You know how everyone wants a badass female character who still frets about her nails and popularity? That’s Buffy.

Orphan Black: Pretty much every badass character is played by the same actress. Clones and stuff.

Elementary: Sherlock Holmes where Watson and Moriarty are genderbent

Doctor Who: Pretty much the ultimate show for some escapism

Supernatural: Ten seasons of hot guys hunting demons

Star Trek: Good old fashioned sci-fi

Merlin: Hot people plus an allegory for gay rights with magic

Parks and Rec: You’ve seen the photosets. You should know by now it’s fucking awesome

30 Rock: Tina Fey and everyone else kicks ass in this super meta show

Bob’s Burgers: Think a more tame and less racist/homophobic/sexist/transphobic version of Family Guy yet funnier

It’s Always Sunny: You are always rooting against the main character. It’s amazing.

Adventure Time: Possibly the most well-written children’s show of all time

Gravity Falls: Like a funnier kids version of Supernatural

Bravest Warriors: Sci-fi Adventure Time that refuses to be censored

Young Justice: Pretty much a darker version of Teen Titans

The 100: The Hunger Games meets Fallout 3

Bates Motel: Fucked up prequel to Psycho

American Horror Story: The name alone should say it all

The Walking Dead: The ultimate zombie fiction

Ouran High School Host Club: The most stereotypical yet brilliant anime

Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood: You will cry

Sword Art Online: The first episode will scar you

Free!: Hot guys always shirtless. What more can I say?

Orange is the New Black: Just perfect

Game of Thrones: Sort of like Lord of the Rings, only far more complicated and with far more onscreen sex

Sherlock: Wanna know why everyone is in love with Benedryl Cucumberbitch? This is why.

Attack on Titan: Too epic to describe