shingeki no cry

So ist es immer that in our evening time
We drink and we sing when our fighting is done
So ist es immer we live under the burnt clouds
Ease our burden, long is the night

Do you know snk is having a stage play this summer?

More important, do you know how Levi and Erwin’s actors think of each other’s character???

Endo Yuya (Levi): Of course I love Levi, but I personally like Erwin Smith too.

The Dehi (Erwin):  I personally like Levi   (m ´>ω

Endo Yuya: Let’s dedicate our hearts together this summer. Please take care of me ( ̄^ ̄)ゞ

The Dehi: Yes, let’s dedicate our hearts (。・`ω ρ  ´・。)


Inkotober day 5: sad
Because I love the veterans~
Flower meanings:
Mike:affection (white jasmine)
Nanaba: caring (Yellow jasmine)
Levi: liberation from anguish (hellebore) and strength (holly)
Hanji: free from the death (elder) and folly (geranium)
Erwin: sacrifice (pink camelia)