shingeki no cookie

Headcanon 12: Jean has a real sweet tooth and Marco is an amazing baker. Sometimes they bake together, but Marco often has to banish Jean from the kitchen because he keeps eating the cookie dough before they can make cookies out of it.

Sub headcanon: Jean gets up in the middle of the night to try and sneak a cookie because “Holy shit, those little circles of heaven taste better than God’s fucking tits!” but he doesn’t turn on the light and he stubs his pinky toe on the corner of the counter and breaks it. Marco wakes up from all of Jean’s curses and muffled screams and takes him to the emergency room. And on the way home Marco’s like, “That’s what you get for trying to steal my cookies at three o'clock in the morning! You little shit,”

And Jean’s like, “Can I still have a cookie?”

And he replies “…yes,”

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oh-eggs-eggs  asked:

Omg I feel the same about black widow I was so pleased that Capt America 2 made her much more interesting and made it clear she was never meant to be a love interest for anyone YES. I will be crushed if they suddenly decide to change that in later movies tho

yeessssss!!! You feel me on this!!

It was actually towards the end that I started gettin a bit antsy over their farewell becos they did a ton of bonding let me tell you. I was chanting in my mind “pls don’t kiss him”. 

She did.

 BUT! it was a friendly peck on the cheek. Like a “Good luck, my friend.”  I was so happy. //weeps into ur shirt