shingeki no brotp


I want to entrust everything to    E r e n.
       My dream, my life, everything…what I can abandon now are only these.
If it’s Eren, he’ll definitely reach the ocean,
                        and he will see it
                                                    on my behalf.


One thing i really loved about Mikasas story in lost girls is the revelation that her mother was pregnant with another child, ad that Mikasa was going to have a brother. If her parents never died and if she was still living her quiet and peaceful life with them, she would have had a sibling to take care off. But because of her parents deaths, she lost all of her family in a single moment. She didn’t have anything else to protect or live for, until Eren came into her life. In alot of ways, Eren represents the kind of sibling love and devotion that Mikasa would have had with her unborn baby brother if her mother hadn’t died. They play and get along with each other, and bicker like siblings do, and i think Mikasas mother kind of acknowledge that and that’s why she said they looked so much like siblings. In many ways they kind of are because they act like siblings.

Favorite SnK Moment: Dot Pixis

Let me just say this will be totally biased. I adore Dot Pixis. He appears to be a truly good man, maybe the best we’ve met so far.

I have two favorite moments, but they both concern the same thing - his bromance with Erwin.

Look at how warmly he greets Erwin in Chapter 45, not only shaking his hand, but grabbing his arm. The official English translation says, “I hear we’ve caught one of our mice.” He and Erwin are in it together.

Later, he comforts a depressed and introspective Erwin, who is bedridden and recovering from injuries. Erwin tells Pixis that he expects to spend an eternity on hell for the lives that have been lost at his command.

Pixis responds with humor and understanding. “Mind if I come visit when we both make it down there?”

Adorable, right? They are besties for life and beyond :)

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