shingeki no brotp

Headcanon that connie really really looks up to armin. Hes his biggest inspiration because connie is also not as physically gifted as the others, and armin is even worse; Despite this, though, he sees how persistent armin has been and how brave he has been throughout training, and if armin can do it, he can do it too. Connie was also the only one who first-hand witnessed armin’s mental weakness and the heights of his self hatred in trost, and has since seen him grow into a much stronger person, and looks up to him for that.

okay but imagine: when the scouts went back after the 23rd expedition, levi just shut himself off bc he was mourning the death of isabel and farlan and everyday, hanji would be there to pull him out or make him laugh, make him eat, etc etc. And one day, while Hanji was entertaining/pissing off Levi, he just called her “shitty glasses,” a hint of smirk decorating his lips. And eversince, Hanji never left his side.

Kanemaru & Jean

I seriously believe Kanemaru is the reincarnation of Jean Kirstein from Attack on Titan.

I mean, just look at them…

And their attitude towards the protagonist (Sawamura/Eren) in early chapters

and later on

Like seriously, their outward appearance, personality, behaviour, their relationship with the protagonist…. everything hints at the fact that they’re the same person XD