shingeki no brotp

Kanemaru & Jean

I seriously believe Kanemaru is the reincarnation of Jean Kirstein from Attack on Titan.

I mean, just look at them…

And their attitude towards the protagonist (Sawamura/Eren) in early chapters

and later on

Like seriously, their outward appearance, personality, behaviour, their relationship with the protagonist…. everything hints at the fact that they’re the same person XD

Have some highschool au reibert where they are in a perfectly normal universe and they would be in a bromance which turns homo with each other and the only wall that gets smashed is when reiner tickles bertl too much and he kicks a hole in his plasterboard ( ´‿ゝ`)


I want to entrust everything to    E r e n.
       My dream, my life, everything…what I can abandon now are only these.
If it’s Eren, he’ll definitely reach the ocean,
                        and he will see it
                                                    on my behalf.


{12 Days of SnK}

Day 10: Favorite friendship- Levi/Hanji

Ack I just love these two. Such bros. Let me start off with that Hanji is one of the few that treats Levi like an equal and a human being. Hanji also plays off Levi’s poop jokes and isn’t offset but them.

I like to think of the two of them as counter weights. One is curious and excitable, One is brawny and serious. Both are intelligent individuals and both are great at what they do.  Although Levi may find Hanji boring at times but he understands the merit and will participate in their experiments without complaining. I just love them together.