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anonymous asked:

I REALLY NEED HELP. ok so I saw this official art some time ago with eren and Levi and some others (I think) sitting around a campfire and I can't find it D: Can you link the pic or reblog or sth PLEASE.

Hello anon! I believe this is the art you’re looking for:

The other character in the picture was Erwin!

This is the full version, sorry that I couldn’t find a cleaner one at the moment D: But you’re probably interested on the Eren and Levi part only, so the first one will be good I think ^^.

Since putting them here in the post will probably ruin the quality, I’ve also uploaded them to an imgur gallery for you here.

Regarding your second question, I don’t think anything like that exists at the moment, but it sounds like a project I might be interested in doing in the future, so I will save your second ask for now and keep it in mind ^^.

katysoarus  asked:

armin in "subtle melancholy"? if you're still doing it (ps, your art is amazing)

a rather melancholy armin bby in the “subtle melancholy” color palette! lol (and ashfdjkl thank you so much! I’m happy that you like my art ^_^)

I won’t be taking any more color palette requests after this, but for those of you who have already sent me some, I’m working on them right now :) 

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