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“Bad girl and geek, A good person to you.”     

by ermione

I couldn’t keep this headcanon for myself, so enjoy!

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Note : In the  second pic, Annie was trying to smoke for the first time when she got caught.

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I'm so overwhelmed by your last post! Mind if I ask for another one where in Armin takes a surprise selfie with Annie and after looking at it, he saw bertholdt trying hard to get in the picture? 😄 ILY so much! Your artworks r so neat and so lovely!

No matter how hard Bertholdt try…

Don’t fuss with computer nerd Armin. He knows how to fix it.

Gosh! I love how these boys are being rival to each other.


There was a lot of talk about what Mikasa’s paralleling Eren from behind the vending machine in Modern American High School AU meant, but Isayama told us long ago with the Titan above (from chapter 47).^

A Japanese speaking friend of mine said the word Ymir uses from that panel to describe the Titan is actually “sensai” which literally translates to “delicate”, (and this is also used by Pixis to describe officer Kitz Weilman during Armin’s speech in Trost, comparing him to a fawn). Other scanlations of this term used “cowardly” or “weak”, but “sensai” seems to be a psychological word, denoting a delicate mind. 

So what this means is that Eren and Mikasa haven’t had their “awakening” yet, so to speak. They’re both still “delicate fawns”, who’ve yet to find their power, path, or courage to advance yet. At this point, Eren is probably still the boy who mindlessly fights with the other kids in town, while American!Mikasa is still the naive, traditional girl who feels no real sense of direction yet (which we can probably conclude anyway with her goth aesthetic that doesn’t suit her more traditional feminine, “pink” taste we see her sport in her casual fashion in main!verse). And these things change because… well it depends on who you ask since we don’t know for sure yet haha, but in my opinion, Eren awakens after meeting Armin, and finding his sense of direction through his wisdom, followed maybe by affirmation when he rescues Mikasa (and gives his scarf to her), and American!Mikasa must awaken some time after meeting Eren (at a point that we haven’t seen yet).


I’d completely forgotten that Sasha did this too in her flashback during Chapter 36 (thank you at @lenok993​ for pointing this out in the tags^^’)

And this only further confirms that this motif is intended to represent immaturity, lack of direction, cowardice, or more specifically, delicateness, since we see a cowardly girl with selfish, directionless pride, in this flashback followed by the heroic soldier she grew up to be following the rest of the chapter.

In which Levi unassumingly confesses his attraction to Mikasa. (HS AU)

“You must be used to it.” He said so casually, so out of the blue, that Mikasa missed catching the rag he threw over to her. Eyes open in surprise, her brows furrow as she bent to pick up the soiled piece of cloth. “Being confessed to.” 

An angry flush paints her cheeks. She turned to the whiteboard and started wiping. 

“And why shouldn’t you?” He continued. Behind her, he started piling up the chairs. The screech of metal against concrete filled the palpable silence in their exchange. “I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone as distracting as you.” 

Mikasa’s arm froze midair. Her knitted brows furrowed even deeper. She chose not to speak; she’s seen enough people lash back at him and fail. 

“We men are no match for women like you.” Levi finishes as he clapped the dust from his bare hands. His eyes glanced at the gloved hands of his clubmate and berated himself for being exactly that type of man who was putty in the presence of a beautiful woman. It was just as Hange said; men were all the same. 

Now - his gaze rose to the girl setting down the rag; the whiteboard before them, although rid of writing, was smudged with black ink - if only Mikasa thought differently. 

Levi sighed as he grabbed the rag she set down and redid his companion’s work. 

“Eren is a lucky bastard.” He gritted, tiptoeing, trying to reach the higher portions of the board. 

Mikasa was suddenly beside him, taking the cloth from his grasp and easily wiped the smear he was trying to reach. “He isn’t.” She said in her reserved voice.

“Aa-” Levi nodded, agreeing with a smirk forming on his lips. “A bastard.” 

“No,” The beautiful young woman’s eyes continue to survey the board, not exactly knowing what more on it she had to clean to satisfy Levi. “Lucky.”

A crease formed in between the young man’s eyebrows as he turned to the girl beside him. As he did, Mikasa in turn met his gaze with a twinkle in her eyes. And Levi swore, in that moment, he saw fireworks.

Embarrassed, he quickly turns away and mumbles, “You missed a spot.” before making his way to the back of the room, picking whatever trash he passed. 

“Where are you going?” Mikasa called after him with a chuckle in her voice, teasing. 

“Garbage!” He raised his hand filled with some random crumpled paper Mikasa swore freshly came from his own schoolbag. 

With a smile on her red lips, the girl shook her head as she hid her chuckle behind a gloved hand; thinking that, for a guy who was as crass and headstrong as Levi, he frightened easily with a little flirting. 

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AND A BONUS, CAUSE I KNOW WE ALL WANT IT or maybe its just me:

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( at long last here is a whole bunch of one-shots to my ouran/snk crossover! i hope you remembered all the episode references! also if you haven’t seen this before and want some more of this au, you can click here for a couple more i’ve done. thanks for reading! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ )


To celebrate two great happenings today (the start of SNK Season 2 and @sookashira‘s birthday…go follow her because she’s pretty cool), I’m launching my SNK High School AU project wiiiiiith Annie because both Gabby and I love her very much.

One day when I complete the project (or maybe even before then), I’ll sell these as stickers or keychains (or both).  Who would you like to see next?