shingakkou spoilers

August is fucked up heres a list why:

- is actually as old as Father Lazarus
- has delusions of grandeur so bad he believes he’s Lucifer for real up until Michael breaks that delusion
- was in WWII as a pastor soldier
- was shot in the head and miraculously survived
- does not age at all because of this bullet lodged into his head
- worked for years to become able to walk again
- is extremely depressed after that and idealizes death
- met Michael as a kid and asked him if he’d kill him, but Michael replied he’d become a pastor and banish August’s demons
- tells Michael he doesn’t want to commit suicide because it’s lonely
- is a manipulator to the extreme
- does a ton of really really REALLY bad stuff to Michael
- gets Michael to commit double suicide with him but doesn’t give Michael a lethal dose of poison
- somehow still unfortunately survives that poison but becomes extremely disabled to the point where he can’t move or talk or recognize anyone for 5 years
- dies a slow and painful death
- has ability to manipulate memories, time and all that and call upon demons but that’s never explained

All in all he’s tragic

Shingakkou : The Gift - Neil extras

Like other BL games, Shingakkou has an extra special game - in it it has the main extra game - The Gift, and an April Fool’s game. I worked my way through most of Neil’s things. I may have more to obtain (unsure at this point) for Neil, but  I’m positive I’ve gotten a good portion of it.

Before this review gets going, I want to say that no, i did not liveblog this(at least not to the extent of the actual game and only comments on my main blog were given) The Gift is just a minigame and tbh, any extra story(aside from the main game’s story i think) would be a spoiler. So here we go -

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blackstrawberrybang replied to your post: “blackstrawberrybang a réagi à votre billet :blackstrawberrybang…”:

i momentarily forgot, excuse me,but then u said lucifer and i was like ‘bruh’

hes lucifer, heres a pic of him dying in one of the routes, michael at the time even commented on how the flames looked like 6 wings 

the REVEAL pic… where michael is like HOLY FUCK! he hasnt AGED AT ALL 

i thought i took a pic of him in his bird mask but i guess i didnt, here he is after revealing hes lucifer in a different route at a black mass