shinga plays mass effect

I’ll Never Play Mass Effect 2 Again

It crashed the second I put Miranda and Jacob into position near the warehouse door in Freedom’s Progress. Every. Fucking. Time. Last time I could play was June of 2016.

I uninstalled and reinstalled.

I’ve repaired.

I’ve uninstalled various DLCs to see if one was somehow to blame (nope).

I installed it ON AN ENTIRELY DIFFERENT COMPUTER. Still crashes.

I thought maybe somehow my Origin account was fucked. So some one one got me a copy on Steam.

Nope, crashes on Steam too.

I’ve put in tickets to EA, they almost IMMEDIATELY close the tickets and never get back to me.

This is one of my favorite games in the world and I miss it and I’m fucking livid.



So thanks, EA or Bioware or whatever, for ruining this for me and probably again for never ever bothering to fix it. Thanks a lot.



So  hang the fuck on

The ONLY WAY to not accidentally romance Kaiden is to be a DICK to him. If I’m nice suddenly THAT’S FLIRTING? Who wrote this and can I officially call Nice Guy Bullshit?

Also Liara romancing creeps me out too. It’s shoved at you way too much and she’s all super young (for her species) and naive and shy and virginal and all that crap and WHYYYY DO SO MANY MEN GET OFF ON THAT.



so I am curious about Joker… does the ME universe not have sufficient mobility assistance? He mentions crutches but if his bones are in that bad of shape you’d think this universe would have some kind of hovering wheelchair or some cool shit like that. xD

(… sometimes I fantasize about having a hovering chair. It would make things like stairs and being at eye level during conversation SO MUCH FUCKING EASIER)