”My best friend and I were just send silly faces as you do on Snapchat. But then the most recent one she sent I immediately noticed what was in her bathroom doorway. She had just recently moved in and only lives with her father. She said that so one was with her in her house so of course I start freaking out as she does too. 

We both strongly believe in the paranormal and she’s had a lot of experiences that have happened in her life and considering she lives nearby a huge wooded park that have had its counts of drownings, we immediately think ‘it’s a ghost’. It freaked us both out but it was also pretty cool to have gotten a picture of it, and afterwards we had put a lighter filter on the second picture to try and make the figure more apparent and easier to see.”

By: @witch-bab

[If you can’t see what the story is referring to, look in the bottom left corner.]