I felt like bringing this old Paru draw up again ‘cause I still like it~ I’ve edited it quite a bit and its still a bit goofy in places but I didn’t want to do anything drastic. I made her eyes a bit closer, changed hair colour, plus some other things. I even gave her a nose! I think she looks more natural with one but its a teeny tiny nose, almost like a dot. I’ve been starting to prefer her with her ears higher up too hmm…maybe…

Things like this will be tagged #repost so just block that tag if that bugs you. Reposts of old work will certainly not be a regular thing though.

Finally, an art post! I’m the worst at keeping my word. Bleh…

 Anyway, I can’t wait till Pokemon X and Y come out so here’s a pixel sylveon I made several months ago. I anti aliased everything pixel by pixel to sorta ‘soften it up’ except for the outer lines so it may look a little more like a cel drawing than pixels but it still counts. (I hope??) I’ve been trying to give my pixel skills a big shove and learn more techniques through time.

As for sylveon itself, I fell in love with it and I want one. ♥ 

Made with Binary tool on Sai

Just cel-shaded over this quick since I thought it was cute. Plus I’m still having a hard time with my artblockkk. /sob But I’m trying to draw different things.

Anyway, from my fluff tutorial.

Gunna tag my art as shineyarts from now on since it feels a bit more protective. You can also track that tag if you want to keep on top of my stuff.

I’ll be tracking the tag heyshiney too soif you want to draw my attention to certain posts you can simply use that tag and I’ll see it. :3

Year fixed, LOL I’m such an idiot sometimes.

Hey, all. Lil update thingy to show I’m still around. I know, I suck. I was supposed to get back into things FOREVER AGO but I’ve still been feeling weird and doubtful about everything. It is fading away, though, gradually. Also, something pretty big has happened! My folks and I moved house last month and we’re still trying to settle in. The new area is lovely and lots better than the old place  but we haven’t really explored it properly ‘cause there’s still a lot of work to do. It’ll give me experience for when I finally fly the nest, though.

Anyway, here’s an oldish dumb doodle. I hope everyone’s doing really well and having a good time. I’m sorry I’ve still been keeping you all on hold for so long and that post is just more word vomit…


Quick thing just before I head to bed.

For some reason, I always thought that ‘Gobstopper’ would be a good name for a pony…but thats just me. :/

Anyway its been bothering me a lot so this thing came out. XD; I’ll probably tweak her some but I really wanted her out of my system. The pose on top is based from a real horse ref, still weird though. <XD!

Aww yeah, gobstoppers are 'jawbreakers’ to you. |D;