How does one hold the sun?

How do you touch a person who holds the sun?
less in his hands and more in his veins,
the sun turned him golden and warm
his eyes the same as the lights through trees in the morning
nothing was bright enough to combat him
the coolness of winter too cold
his warmth reached out
but heat just pushes,
not so much love as obsession
his lovers fled with fear
not so much of love
but of his scorching passion
thats what he does
life was a series of passions for him
a song or poem or love affair

the moon is a different light than the sun.
it shimmers more than shines
her light was in her eyes,
in the gleam of arrows, antlers, and stars on water
skin like alabaster, hair like night
she could hold him like a lantern holds a flame
where he was golden, she shown silver
as the sun always comes to the moon
His affairs drove him back to her
her lovers were the woods, the slice of arrows in air
her music was thumping of feet against hard ground
the sound of her girls behind her
the moon has its followers like the sun does
but the moon sees the secrets the day does not
she knew the heartbreak her brother was blind to
she lost the lovers but kept herself

the sun was meant to warm the moon
like the moon was meant to cradle the sun
to chase, to support
to push up the yellow and drag the dark blues behind
no other star could lift the moon so high
nor another moon hold the sun so close
Born by and for each other
their duality is one for the ages