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Sometimes we may feel broken because of life’s ups and downs, and toxic people in our lives. Sometimes we feel so broken that we feel we may never heal. But you know what? Some of the most loving, inspiring, and beautiful people I have met often have a difficult past. And that made me to believe that it’s okay to have these cracks in us, because that’s where the light shines through from within you. #ShineOn

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chand "moon"

let me tell you about the moon
close your eyes,

darker than the black night
lips wth curves, as if it were an bow
and when she speaks, a voice sings,
smooth as an arrow leaving its string
we soar threw the sky

depths deeper than the ocean
as i look into her eyes i see a light
twinkling threw the night
and when she smiles, a sight unseen
a soul of pure
lets find a cure, a fool am i
and yet i try
for you are are moon, and you must shine
maybe some day when the time is rite and the planets intune
within a glance we shall dance

“I survived because the fire inside me burned brighter than the fire around me.”

Long and rough day today. But yknow what, with a positive and loving mind, everything *will* be okay. #ShineOn

Your life is in your hands. Your health is in your hands. How you treat your body is in your hands. Yes there are many people out there including myself that would love to help you get to where you want to be.. but you have to 100% WANT to change, for the better. To shine & be the best version of yourself you can possibly be. WHY? Because when you FEEL good about yourself, you soul shines. & when your soul shines, you light up other people’s lives. & this world NEEDS more light. #shineon #betrue #beyou #lovelovelove #happiness #takecare 💚

Just be happy. And let go. Surrender and appreciate the goodness and blessings in this life. ✨

There are just 2 options in life: Good and great. No experience in life can truly ever be bad. Even though they may seem that way while they are raw. After the storm has passed, choose to see with new eyes and a wider lens. At the worst our experiences can be our best teacher. At best, a joyous celebration. Stay in your heart. Keep choosing love, compassion and kindness. You can only win. ♥️✨♦️

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