The Signs in the Morning

Aries: Alright. Let’s get this day over with so I be back in bed again

Taurus: I AM READY (they slept at 9 pm)

Gemini: Nooonononono *breaks alarm clock* UghhHhhgGHH

Cancer: Mm… Five more minutes *time fucks with them* wHAT ITS 2 PM?

Leo: I’d say I hate waking up butttt I get to look at myself while getting ready so (;

Virgo: I have been awake since 3 am doing HW fuck u ALL

Libra: *Falls asleep putting on a pair of pants*

Scorpio: Accepts mornings with quiet content. Cooks eggs in the morning and drinks coffee they brewed themselves

Sagittarius: I slept for 2 hrs. Talk to me and I will yell

Capricorn: Slept 10 hours but is still dead tired

Aquarius: SLEEP is for the WEAK



(170120) @anan_mag: 【shineee×anan shooting (end)】 shinee who started chattering playfully when two or more of them are together. lastly, we introduce a few behind the scenes shots of such. the group photo is of when the five couldn’t stop laughing for awhile because taemin-san’s remark: “family photo!” had really hit the spot for them. (source: mredwardsanders)

SHINee Reaction: when they hear you snoring/talking in your sleep.

Of course you can! Sorry it took so long pretty-jonghyun! Hope you like it :)

Here is GOT7!


Jonghyun: *did she just say Minho’s name? Oh hell no!*

Key: “Yah! Wake up! You are snoring … Yes you do snore. Then why in the hell did I wake you up?”

Minho: *he finally laid down and realized that you were snoring*

Onew: *he went and got food and set on the chair next to the bed and listened in on your dream*

Taemin: “If I can’t sleep then you won’t! I’ll go make the breakfast!”