Sculptures by Jorge Mayet

As a Cuban exile living in Mallorca, Mayet’s photographic memory has allowed him to conceive realistic landscapes and natural forms based on visions of his homeland.


Next Generation Photometric Scanning

Infinite Realities discuss their improved system for producing highly realistic human 3D scans which can even capture intimate details of skin:

Over the last 2 years we’ve been busy drilling down on our new capture technique for scanning faces and busts of people. In the hope to try and improve the scanning process on from Photogrammetry. Inspired by the incredible research of Paul Debevec at USC ICT, Dr. Abhishek Dutta and William Smith based on the Photometric Scanning process. Our solution has a few extra features to add to the process. We use our own custom software application to generate normal maps, specular separated and multi light reference information. 

… IR’s scanning system can capture high resolution reference data for use in game and visual effects pipelines. The sort of data produced is perfect for real-time and offline rendering by comparing results in the view-port directly to measured scan data. We can capture synchronized RAW (.exr) multi-light data, non polarized and cross polarized from up to 50x angles of a subject very quickly.We are able to synchronize over 50 DSLR’s capturing RAW data over multiple PC’s using USB 3.1, reliably.The system is using a custom built mixed spherical gradient illumination lighting solution as well as separate flash heads. We can capture all the necessary lighting directions, cross and non polarized as well as hot flash shots for as many directions as required.

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