(161001) shinee.1of1 — shinee’s pick!「how is this song?」’feel good’ from key
key: hello this is shinee key! the song that you are listening to is a song from the album this time called feel good. we let you hear this during our concert as an album teaser. it is a song that i like. it seems like it’s been a while since we greeted you all through an album. i’d like it if shinee is seen with an evermore familiar appearance who want to get closer to everyone. also in order to show you new things we thought a lot about it; it would be great if this part is considered too. thank you!

I honestly think Its such a shame SM entertainment chooses to promote Taemin so much more than the rest of SHINee. It specially became visible this year with taemins “press it” promotions. Taemin is talented and the attention he gets is fully deserved, however it makes problems in their fandom, Taemin fans vs the rest, when it’s so painfully obvious that the other members don’t get the same attention and honestly it must be frustrating for the SHINee members too, even though they’re very good friends and support Taemin, to be overlooked like that in favor for band mate.


Taemin, did you screw up again😅Korea Sale Festival 160930 #shinee #taemin #key #taekey #jonghyun #musicbank

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