in the end Germany was the one who fix everything. He made Japan eat England’s scones and bring fainted Japan home.

I hope I will have humor like aphtexts do soon bcoz I really like her blog but no worries I’m no yandere :D

the ships I put in the text (in order)

1. 2min (minho x taemin) - SHINee

2. HunHan (Sehun x Luhan) - EXO

3. JongKey (Jonghyun x Key) - SHINee

4. YunJae (Yunho x Jaejoong) - TVXQ & JYJ (I wish I just have to put DBSK here…)

5. WooGyu (Woohyun x Sunggyu) - Infinite

6. KaiSoo (Kai x D.O) - EXO

BTS: On & Off

Jungkook: On

Jungkook: Off

Namjoon: On

Namjoon: Off

J-Hope: On

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J-Hope: Off

Jin: On

Jin: Off

Suga: On

Suga: Off

V: On

V: Off

Jimin : On

Jimin :Off

*gifs not mine, this is just for fun* 

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