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Who is your faves in tumblr??

not to b fake deep but there are a lot of mutuals im thankful to have some i talk to often n others who i dont yet still adore and am comfortable with just because theyve always been beautiful n kind people soooo ya i really love
@shesoblu @browtint @1of1grl @sadspicychili @frozenbysabrinaclaudio @4wxlls @wekimeki @160109 @a1yu @1tianxin @breadloaf @moon4am @chiveburger @sment @haseuls @dukseon @demo01 @dewyjimin @dimplegf @gfhoney @softblush @cocktailbyjjong @ibigtit @7oongi @loveclub @7nech @taegis @taehyungsbff @1mina @platniclove @cherryblossomkook @1oveful @kayonennka @shinee1 @gothhoney @yuras @softmisk @hermosavida @1lovemotel @kissology @honeycitrus @yftae @lovgal
that may have been 2 much and i know there are more but thinking about url changes is making me dizzy n some of u i admire from afar… anyways!!! know that i love u all tank u for being with me even if only for lil bits at a time i hope u have a good weekend 🍚♥️

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when you find some good shinee blogs let us know pls! im a new fan and its been hard trying to find good blogs that arent 😬

yes of course i will! aah i know why is it so hard 😪

but if you’re a new fan i’ll rec you some i already love to get you started! you might already follow these people but: @romanceboys @sataeminism @leejinklies @herewegobebe @ashawol @fytaem @fyminho @fyeahjinki @fyjjong @fyfreakey @acebytaemin @may25th2008 @jjonghyung @jjonghyun @deer-tokki @shineemoon @jinkir @jinkis @lqshinee @tofnew @choiminoh @peridoxxx

my treasured shawol mutuals 💖💎

@sheis @kjh @borntoshine @choisminho @shineesavedkpop @shinee1 @oonew 

wow check out that fancy graphic friends!! i reached 400 followers :”)) which is something i never thought i would ever achieve and i am so grateful for each and every one of you, u make tumblr such a happy fun place for me to be and are so kind to me always! so i wanted to make sure i sent some love back your way too. ♡♡♡ 

bolded are favs/friends/ppl i want to get to kno better!

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dont ask why th sun is out @ nite…. !! or why he’s Ripped….. ???? amazin’ graphic tho amirite..

ANYWAYS !! i hit another milestone a WHILE back !! and since then ive jst been getting so many followers (why…) but !!! recently i hit 1.2k!!!!!!! im so amazed what th Hck!!!

but yea !!!! dis is my second evr follow forever ,,,, ive been planning on making it for months but… whoops…. but yea !!! i jst rly wanna take time out 2 appreciate m'friends nd m'fav mutuals on dis Hell Site !!!!! i rly lov spending my time w/ all of u and its been a few cr*zy months since i started dis blog (about 8 i think!!!!) So !!! i couldnt b happier w/ th time i’ve wasted on dis blog !!!!! i lov evry single one of u so sos SO much ,,,,, im so thankful for u all…

and u can ALWAYS talk 2 me if u evr hav a problem !!!!! i promise ill always b there 4 all of u!!!!!! <333 nfsjovnds anyways!!!! on 2 th actual ff……

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so its that time of the year where everyone is happy so i wanted to share appreciation to all of my lovely mutuals (id die for yall) !! i also reached a goal and wanted to share my happiness w you guys. just know that ily !!! sm !! and that every single one of u has a special place in my heart 💖💖💖 i hope everyone has a safe holiday and enjoys the end of the year. this is also really rushed so im sorry if i miss anyone !!  💕 💕 💕

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How to Fix your Phone with SHINee

1.  Have Jonghyun’s man cleavage nearby (dont ask why)


3. Done ;)

this is actually my third follow forever, but the first one as imjacksonsgf, which it’s cute ٩(๑❛ᴗ❛๑)۶ i just hit 1k and honestly? i’m shook. i never thought i would get this many in such a short time, like, really, i can’t even express how much i’m thankful to all of you. also, you’re welcome for my amazing graphic.

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Through URL changes and me venturing into new fandoms, a lot has changed. Therefore, I have decided to do a follow forever for those mutuals that have stuck with me and those other blogs that I love from afar and have made my dash a happy place to come to. Please let me know if I forgot you! (sorry in advance for whom ever this decides to alert over and over again)


@-starrynight, @abbyskane, @agcntbarnes, @agreeste, @alec-izzy, @alecgranger, @aleclightwqqd, @aleclliqhtwood @allecliightwood, @alectightwood@alphaclarke, @alyciadcarey, @amidahlas, @amyskhaleesi, @anakitty, @anaklin, @andrewminyardi, @andrewmnyard, @angelmonty, @aprohdites, @arkstation, @avenqer, @babykillianjones, @badgrounders, @baeleia, @bbellamyblake, @bcnparish, @belamygrifin, @beliarke, @bellamyblake, @bellamyblakeish, @bellamyblakesrifle, @bellamyblzke, @bellamysgirl, @bellamysking, @bellamyyclarke, @bellarkeparadise, @bellblaks, @belleark, @belleliqhtwood, @bellsqueen, @bensolcs, @bilexualclarke, @biparrish, @bipoedamnron, @bisexualfrays, @bisexualsclarke, @blakexsiblings, @bloodyhellmurphy, @bobmorleyisking, @boyegaz, @boyegcs, @boyeuga, @brave-clarke, @brayvenlarke, @brisaeis, @cahrliecox, @camerongooodkin, @captainpoe, @captn-phasma, @carolineforbvs, @castledfranks, @castlesfrank, @cbeck25, @clarkes-murphy, @clarkescrown, @clarkeslight, @clarkxblake, @clarysizabelle, @clexark, @clexasblake, @commanderraven, @confuundo, @cosimaneihauss, @cvspian, @czernyandlynch, @dameronfinn, @damiienthorn, @danascylly, @dareedvil, @darthvcder@deanaerys, @deanswinchster, @dhameronpoe@dicapraeo, @doryldixon@dracopotter, @dropshipp, @eggsysunwin, @elderwand, @elisebaumn, @elodieynug, @empercr, @evanwalkr, @evrlarkian


@fallenfromtheark, @fcrtyseven, @featherleviosa, @feel-like-im-fading, @fellcrys, @finnickeodair, @flirtypoe, @foundmyhome, @foxrmulder, @foxsdana, @franciskastle, @frankcastlr, @frankecastle, @franksasstle, @freckledrebelking, @fredwesley, @fromdusks, @fyeahjohnmurphy@gadots, @gandalfslightsaber, @givemehopeandtea@griffinandblake, @griifinclarke, @grynffidor, @gyllenhols, @hawk-canary, @haydnromerx, @hedasclexa, @hedaslexa, @helleska, @hoebiwancannoli, @hookslovelyswan@howardstrx, @hugvvarts, @hustlepuff, @hvfflepvfff, @i-mthebadguy, @jaceswayland, @jackshephrd, @jasperjordan, @jenlaurences, @jennifergarner, @jiubilee, @john-murphys, @johnnvdepp, @jonswno, @jynerso, @jynlukerey


@kaarencastle, @kastled, @killjoyjohnny, @kimidakewooooo, @kingroans, @kiraslightning, @kissalightwood, @knightbellamys, @kqstle, @kylorenvevo, @ladygriffins, @leaderblake, @lexa-kissed-clarke, @liamduxbar, @lightwoodsiblings, @likcoln, @lindseymorgan, @lindseymorqan, @lydsmsrtin, @m-rphy, @malcolmducasse, @malfxoys, @mareenatitanos, @margaerytherose, @maryjwatsons@matthewsdadario, @maximoffchildren, @maximoffpietro, @maximoffwanda, @maximcffwanda,  @mayvvemeetagain, @melaniemartienz, @milphy, @montygrcen, @moorelivs, @morganapendragons, @morganlindseys, @murddockz, @murphysblake, @natashaswidow, @neilrninyard, @neotericke, @nightblooded, @nymphadoura, @obivwankenobi, @octaviablakes, @ocataviablake, @oftheskyepeople, @oktevia, @oreiun


@padmeamdalas, @perksofbeingafanboy, @petermaximoff@poedameorns, @poedamxron, @poees, @primriose, @princessgriffn, @prvngs, @puveblood, @pvedameron, @pvreblooded, @quakesass, @queenofthequarter, @queens-clarke, @radvenclaw, @raevnclaw, @ravenclow, @ravenreyese, @ravenreyses, @rcvenreyes, @remiuslupin, @remusstar, @renuslupins, @reysykewalker, @richardharmxn, @ricky-whittle, @rileswolfgang, @rogeredbarnes, @ronahld, @rownanlynch, @runbellamyrun@ryanrneyolds​, @salvatoredamon​, @sansaswinter​, @saralanxe, @sassymurphy, @shinee1, @shutupmurphy, @skyvwalker​, @skywalkars​, @skywalkqrs​, @skywalkrs​, @slqtherin, @slythrjn​, @spaceraven​, @star-spangled-ass, @starksren​, @starqued​, @stefasalvatore​, @storm-ie, @suchaweasley, @thegirlwhowaited411​, @therealsassyclh​, @thornbathu@tomshardy​, @tough-lass@traeken​, @twetnyonepilotss


@umbrellamy​, @vikingbellamy​, @wadwilsn​, @warriorctavia​, @warriordean, @wellsyaha, @whitecanarv​, @wintuersoldier, @wolfbangkala​, @xbellavia​,@xoxogossipgrumpy​, @yukimurua

hi friends its rachel !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i reached a follower goal n i wanted 2 make one of these bc i love all of u so so so much nd interacting with u all makes me rly happie so i wanna show u all that i appreciate u !!!!!!!!!!! so this is basically a mutual appreciation post i guess ok cool !!!!!!!!!!!!

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