jmpcrk  asked:

i'm super new to bigbang and i don't know what basic material i need to view. can u help me please omg

Hey there! :D Ive inally got time to reply to you ~ 

first of all: welcome to the fandom and our 5 prescious donuts!

When I first got to know BigBang back in 2011 I luckily did not know how to properly use my time and spent loads of nights watching their videos

I’ll try to link evrything I an remember 

and here is an archive of different subbed shows etc, there used to more i think maybe some got deleted

so NO 1 is a must the BIGBANG documentary it is the survival show which formed them and prepare yourself for a lot of tears

then also BigBang Idol world 

Intimate Note 

Secret Garden Parody

Coffee Prince Parody

Virus drama Parody

Shine A Light Concert Parody

Sonagi (Seungri’s Musical)

YG TV please note the nyongtory <3

BigBang on Come to Play

BigBang on Go show

Running Man ep 84 + 85

the Strong Heart YG Family Special  there are also BB Strong Heart episodes :D

Jiyong as a guest for Sarang on Superman Returns it’s super cute

BigBang on Happy Together

Jiyong’s IG live

Taeyang on I Live Alone


Their lives on v app 

Seungri as a juddge for Girls Fighting

Seungri on Flower Crew

Running Man ep 250 

Run BIGBANG Scout!

Weekly Idol part 1 + part 2

BigBang on MBC Radio Star (this is a must okay trust me watch iit)

BigBang on Sketchbook

GDYB on Please Take Care Of My Refrigerator

GDYB Infinity Challenge

BigBang MOMM

and that’s all I could find rn :) I hope it helped you <3


Me studying for exams



LEO (July 23 - August 22)

You’ll know if you’re a Leo, we’re the natural shining stars,
People want to be us, but there’s a key to who we are:
Vibrancy, beauty, talent and grace seen from afar,
With a lion’s leap and a bigger roar, we do nothing sub par

That includes the yelling, the drama, out shining all around,
We can’t stand to be the dimmer one in any sized crowd,
To be a Leo, you need vanity, no modesty allowed,
Only the softest mane and the sharpest claws shall do us lions proud.

-April (@astrolofae)

Tell me what to do || Lee Taemin

Pairing: Lee Taemin x reader
Genre: violence, drama, a bit fluff
Words: 1769
Note: inspiration from the tell me what to do mv.

You were about to go back to your apartment when you suddenly got a call.

“(Y/N)! You have to come here. Otherwise, i don’t know if Taemin will survive this.”, Key screamed on the other side.

Without hesitation, you made your way to the abandoned building where the boys and you are meeting every time. It was illegal to enter the area, but that didn’t matter to the gang, who did worse than that.
You ran as fast as you could up there, recognizing  the sound of breaking glasses and a fight. In your mind you thought the  worst, thought about the reason why all this had to happen. Why now? And why flipped Taemin out when he was actually so calm and sweet?

The old building seemed collapsing back upon itself every time you came here. But the reason why the boys didn’t move out was that they lived here. They have known this place since they were 12 or something and Minho said once:“I’ll go away from here, when the police drag me out of here.”  You were scared when you heard these hard words from his mouth because  you couldn’t imagine how important this place was to him.

You got  in the third floor as the sounds of smashing things and the fight got  louder. When you thought about it again, you asked yourself how you  could help in a situation like this. Of course, you were a friend of  them, who got closer to everyone in the last months, but you were just a  girl. Just a girl, who secretly admired your best friend. It was all fucked up and you knew that. You knew that you wouldn’t have a chance to get even closer to Taemin.

And why all that? Because he was in love with someone else. The reddish hair appeared in front of you, in the corner of the room. This red hair which followed you till you might die. On the other side were Minho and Taemin fighting, smashing their heads against the wall, while Key screamed, they should stop. Onew wasn’t here, maybe calling for help or something.

You  stood there, shook and being petrified with horror, not knowing how to  handle the situation. The boys had often romped, as normal boys do, but  this was way more serious. With one final hit, Taemin sank to the floor. You ran to him, screaming at Minho to stop.

“What the hell you two thinking to do here? Fighting without thinking about the consequences, huh? Because, Minho, I’ll beat your ass out of here.”,  you shouted blinded by rage. In reality, you knew you couldn’t even hit  him once because one, he was way too strong and two, he was still your  friend.

You looked at Taemin, horribly  beaten up, his nose began to bleed as you tried to cool the other  injuries down with a cold beer in your hand; the only thing that you  could find here. In that time, Minho  tried to explain the reason, why all this mess happened, but you  couldn’t listen. Not to the one who dared to touch his best friend like  this. “You could have solved it in another way, how you always do, but I think you just get more childish.”, you simply said, as you stood up to get some patches and bandages.

Key  sat there quietly, which was weird to you, but you thought that he  might take some time for himself after this happened. And the red evil?  Well, as expected she just sat there, smiled on her own as she watched  the scene. Soon as possible, she would disappear as she came here, you thought. Hope was the only thing that you made you stay here.

Ye-jin.  Suddenly, came up with Key that one day, and never was away from the  moment she was here. She was pretty, as expected, so she caught  everyone’s attention. Unfortunately, Taemins  too. But you knew girls like her, who did everything for a little  adventure and then just go away, as nothing happened. The horrible thing  is that, she would let two heart broken boys behind her.

The time flew by while you took care of Taemin, Key ordered food for everyone and Ye-jin  went to another room to take a call. That was the time when I was ready  to listen to the story Minho wanted to tell me. But this time Key spoke  up.

“They argued about something, I don’t want to bring up. Minho got angry and hit Taemin, but they weren’t willed to stop.”, he told me, while Taemin slept on the dirty mattress.
“Sorry, Key, but this tells me nothing. About what they argued about?”, I asked a bit pissed off. Secrets were never good and especially not in a gang like this, where you never know what would come next.

“I think I am not in the position to tell you”,  he said deviant, while the sun went down and disappeared at the  horizon. When he was so convinced that he can’t tell me, then you would  ask another member. While searching for Minho, you still asked yourself where Onew  was. Normally when he was so late, he texted anyone of us, but this was  not the case. And now Minho and Ye-Jin weren’t here too. In anxiety,  you went downstairs to the courtyard, searching for any sign of your  friends, except for Ye-Jin.

“Minho! Onew!”,  you called them, while your whole body began to tremble. You weren’t  ready for losing people, who were important to you again. Then you would  be lost again, in a swirl of sadness and depression. You suddenly heard  footsteps behind you, before you turned around and found the only  person you didn’t search for.

Ye-Jin stood there with smudgy make-up and ripped open clothes. “Where the hell have you been?”, you screamed, shocked because you never saw her in that condition.
“You have to come with me, now!”, she shouted, walking backwards and began to run while you followed her.
Oddly  enough that she told you to take a seat in the car she was starting,   but you was to afraid and anxious to think in this moment. All you   wanted, was finding your friends. She drove out of the city in a   direction, you didn’t know. There were fields around you as well as no   car in sight.

The car turned in a country way, when you began to realize that there was something wrong. Completely wrong. She parked at a grass field and let you alone, without saying anything. Then the doors were suddenly locked. Fear spread through your veins as you tried to open the doors, but unfortunately nothing happened.

Ye-Jin was now in front of the car, looking at you with a smile on her face. “You thought, you could take Taemin or Minho away from me?! You aren’t good enough for them. They secretly hate you and you think, Minho loves you. Huh, what a bummer, that you are so stupid. Now, it’s the end, (Y/N). The boys will be mine and you can’t do anything against it.” With these words a lighter appeared in her hands, as she smiled like a psycho. “I had fun with you. Thanks for that.”

That  were the last words you heard from her before she threw the lighter in  the direction of the car. You screamed till your lungs hurt, didn’t know  what to do. Unfortunately, you hadn’t the strength to break the glass and you hadn’t your phone with you.
Actually, you had to have fear about your life, but the only thing you could think  about, was the fact that Ye-Jin would be with your friends. Such a  psycho would live with them, maybe destroy their friendship too.

And then you thought back to the fight Minho and Taemin had, how she smiled there. This all was planned.

Your lungs were filled with smoke and dust. Looking back you recognized the fire making his way to the front of the car. With all your power you tried to open the doors again, to break the glass  but nothing happened. You couldn’t do anything then sitting there and  coughing. You felt the heat from the back, making you to throw up.

All of the sudden,  a hammer battered in the windshield. You just saw outlines when you saw   the flames beside your seat. And then the glass split, Taemin  came in your sight and tried to take you out of the burning, and soon   exploding, car. You climbed over the engine hood, when you finally   inhaled fresh air and thought that you never felt better.

Without hesitation, Taemin took your hand and tried to run with you, but you felt so dizzy that you couldn’t control your legs. “Fuck”, you whispered, when you tried to stand up when Taemin suddenly knelled  down beside you and picked you up. He ran as fast as he could, you in  his arms, while the car began to burn behind you. After 100 meters, he   stopped and let you down. “Are you okay, (Y/N)? Did you get hurt?”, he said with a heavy breathing, but still caring about your health while you thought he would collapse in one second.

“I’m okay, but Ye-Jin-”-“We already called the police. How could we have known that she is such a psycho, who caged Onew and tries to eliminate you.”, he said with a sad expression. Even if she did that, he still loved her kind of, you thought. Realizing something that fucked up isn’t that easy. “She caged up Onew?”, you asked confused. That would be explaining the non-existence of him today and that he didn’t messaged us. “It’s all a mess, but she will be stay in a prison for a long time for things like this.”

“And Minho? I didn’t find him either.”, you noticed. “He   was on a run, so she didn’t do anything to him, but tricking him. You   know the fight we had? It was because I saw them kissing and as you   know…I had kinda feelings for her, which was more than stupid. But anyway. We fought because of that. It was all planned, which surprises me if I admit it. She seemed more like the stupid friend.”

And   with a loud bang the car exploded behind us, while his lips found   suddenly mine. You didn’t hesitate to kiss him back, fall for it and   love him even more.
“You could have died today if I wasn’t fast enough to locate you. It was all planned, but she forgot to switch off the GPS.”, he said smoothly, while a light smile came on his face.

“I can’t help it, (Y/N).

Tell me what to do, when I fall in love with you.”