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(170624) bumkeyk: we were taking a boomerang but our manager hyung just snapped without saying “1, 2, 3”. kim kibum pupil earthquake. (source: minhole)

shinee 9th anniversary party shinee day postcard messages

onew: i’m happy! 9th anniversary! needless to say it has been a long time! by your support! it’s the 9th anniversary. i love you! yahoo! that’s right it’s the 9th anniversary.

jonghyun: to. friends~ ! 9 years passed and we’re meeting again like this, i love you.

key: shin99~ i can’t believe it’s the 9th anniversary already!! time passes pretty fast.. we’ll let you hear more news, let’s see each other for an even longer time. love u!

minho: shinee world!! i can’t believe it’s already the 9th anniversary… i mean…. time goes by so fast….. thank you for staying by our side without change during those 9 years, i always say this but, i really think shawols are the best… i sincerely love you, and love you. till the day it’s the 99th anniversary……

taemin: it’s the 9th anniversary~ and now in another year… please give 9-year-old shinee lots of love~~

translated by romanceboys

(170518) sum cafe anniversary photo card

O: i’m happy because we could be happy together for 9 years.

J: in these 9 years, there was not one moment you weren’t there.

T:  let’s always be together just like now

K: looking forward to see how much bigger the number 9 can get.

M: believe that we will also be together in the future.

trans cr. minhole, pic cr. fairy0525

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This blog is my reason to live!๐Ÿ˜ Could you do what each member would do/be like if they were left alone for a while? (I'd imagine Taemin would almost burn the place down haha!) ty mum๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿ˜˜

hi baby! make sure to also drink water, bc alas we cannot survive off mere memes just yet 

(this would be when they’re in the shinee dorm together but one at a time) 


  • opens the fridge, stares at food, closes it again
  • “i’m not hungry my mouth is just bored” opens fridge again
  • settles for a glass of milk eventually 
  • found an old math workbook, does… math????? jinki the internet exists why are you doing calculus 
  • falls asleep in the massage chair with it still on, open bag of shrimp chips by his side (key: BY MY SIDE) 


  • watches kimi no na wa again 
  • ugly cries very loudly 
  • rolls around on the floor, maybe eats an orange 
  • brings several large candles into the bathroom so he could take a bath with nice smells  
  • has reruns of one piece playing in the background while he reads ie watching it while holding a book in his hand  
  • did he just hear the floor creak??? but no one’s home??? someone’s here sos save jonghyun 


  • sipping on americano 
  • should he dye his hair?? he’s gonna dye his hair, no one’s here to stop him
  • has this face mask he’s been meaning to use 
  • oh god he looks like shrek 
  • cackling while uploading a selca on snapchat 
  • a lil wine drunk 
  • trying to diy while wine drunk was not the best idea….. his shorts are a bit too short but he’ll just rock it #fashion #key’sknowhow


  • misses the members and wonders what they’re doing 
  • sends them memes in the group chat / “stop texting us we’re together all the time” 
  • turns on fifa instead 
  • yells a lot and chucks the controller on the ground which makes a dent in the floor and he moves the table over it and hope no one notices it or moves the table ever 


  • keeps wandering in and out of the rooms bc he left his phone somewhere … maybe he’ll message kai to call him until he finds it 
  • still can’t find it
  • srsly the members joke about getting him one of those cellphone straps that you wear around your neck but he actually needs to use that………
  • goes into key’s room and touches all his stuff
  • is only allowed to use the microwave when no one else is home bc of a certain incident
  • he exploded a potato. he did that and the fire alarm went off and the entire building had to evacuate 

@ beautifulliepainfultruth this prompt was v similar to the one you sent in!


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(170607) @jonghyun.948: let’s work hard again! / working hard!

shinee hosts a delivery mukbang (eating broadcast)

the spread: yangnyeom (seasoned) chicken with fried dduk (korean rice cakes), fried chicken, jjajangmyun (black bean sauce noodles), extra spicy ddukboki (spicy rice cakes), fried rice, tangsuyuk (sweet and sour pork), soondae (korean blood sausage), jokbal (pig’s feet) 


  • O YA!!!!!!!!!!!!1!
  • totally his idea 
  • could not sleep the night before bc he was thinking about what they should order and from where and morning needs to come faster 
  • tbh he doesn’t really care that it’s a broadcast just that there’s piles of food in front of him and he’s so happy ^▽^
  • keeps blocking other members’ chopsticks with his own when they venture near the chicken (”pls hyung you are too old to be swordfighting like this” / key: “i s2g you only became like this after they named you the chicken maniac YOU HAVE NO ONE TO IMPRESS HERE”) 
  • it’s darwinism, if you want to eat chicken be faster than onew’s speeding chopsticks of doom 


  • lots of reactions while eating like gasping or humming 
  • teases the camera by saying things like “doesn’t this look good~ it’s really good too bad you guys can’t taste it” 
  • looks like a chipmunk bc his cheeks get really full as he just shovels food into his mouth 
  • takes forever to chew whatever’s in his mouth so when he talks it’s mostly incoherent 
  • stashed green tea ice cream in the freezer for dessert 


  • mcing the event
  • reading out comments while he’s eating so not eating at a superhuman pace like the others
  • actually chews his food????
  • stabbed minho’s hand with a chopstick bc he was trying to take the last soondae off his plate 
  • makes lettuce wraps with jokbal and feeds the other members 
  • almost had to do the heimlich on taemin bc he was literally inhaling his food 


  • completely focused on eating the entire time ㅍ_ㅍ 
  • is this a mukbang or a competitive eating contest?? lmk minho??
  • when there’s no more food he’s like ????? who ate it all and blames the other members 
  • well it’s a good thing in the middle of the mukbang he ORDERED MORE FOOD OH YEAH 
  • ddukboki isn’t spicy at all, he feels no pain 
  • it’s fire, he’s fire boi 
  • he does chug a very large glass of water after which does NOT help  


  • plucking and eating all the dduk from the yangnyeom chicken bc honestly it’s the best part (manages to bypass onew’s blockade somehow) 
  • finished two bowls of jjajangmyun like nbd and still calmly eating with no intention of stopping 
  • also pretty much ate all the tangsuyuk by himself (a lot more lowkey about food hoarding than onew is but he’s claimed certain foods as his bc they’re all “subtly” in his corner)
  • smiling v brightly at the camera like he’s not eating his body weight in food 
  • viewers’ comments: woah….. attractive….. terrifying … humanly?? possibly??


  • why do they all eat like they’ve never put food in their mouths before 
  • sm wtf

170524 key mentioned minho during his intagram live

fan: please tell minho that I love him! 
key: please tell minho that you love him, ok? 

we already had a party at my own home it was really fun but it was a disaster.i still don’t understand why minho took a picture of me when i was sleeping with my digital camera it was really creepy. of course i was drunk and he was drunk. everyone was drunk. 

credit: @bumjinki @theroyalsprout

(170409) shinee world japan plus staff blog update

jonghyun’s birthday!!

everyone in shinee world, good evening!
jonghyun approached his 27th birthday on april 8th. on the same day, we had a live performance in osaka for ‘shinee world 2017 ~five~’. everyone congratulated him during the performance!! this time it proceeded like this: after the encore, the intro for the second song suddenly turned into the happy birthday tune for celebration!

we believe that all the people who had come to the venue must have thought “what’s with this timing?!” the fact is… the staff thought that since there had already been a surprise in nagoya for their 100th performance, maybe jonghyun would have thought that he’d be congratulated during the emcee segment. wanting to surprise him even just a little bit, the next song after emceeing started, they made him think that there wouldn’t have been anything! just as they thought, this was jonghyun’s reaction the moment the happy birthday song started (laugh)

he looked very surprised (laughs)
after this, he didn’t get the cake thrown onto his face like last year but everyone took a little bit of it with their fingers and smeared him. this time, the cake we prepared for him looked like this ♪

blowing out the candles, he wished health and happiness for himself, then the members, all the fans and the staff. everyone seemed really happy about the wishes! of course, all the celebratory feelings from everyone who had come to the venue and all the fans were conveyed to jonghyun.

during the last emcee ment, key expressed these beautiful words: “ jonghyun, happy birthday again. thank you for being born!” which onew developed into “being born = being a horse*”, making a pun. not being an effective congratulation, he began running around like a horse (laugh)

jonghyun, really, happy birthday to you!
may it be an amazing year for you ✩

* – part of the verb “to be born” and the word “horse” are read the same way in japanese

translated by romanceboys — take out with full credit