shinee the boys meet u


congratulations to shinee for taking multiple positions on the amazon japan realtime asian pop album chart! as can be seen above:

1) winter wonderland - first press limited edition (card sticker)
2) winter wonderland - first press limited edition (no sticker)
3) winter wonderland - normal edition (card sticker)
5) 1and1 (korean edition)

along with the above, other albums that ranked (and are currently stick ranking on the chart) include:

51) 1of1 (korean / normal edition)
55) everybody
56) winter wonderland - normal edition
61) married to the music
66) saynora hitori - first press limited edition (taemin)
68) shinee world in iii in seoul - concert dvd
78) boys meet u - first press limited edition
91) 1and1 - first press limited edition
96) 2017 season’s greetings (korean edition)
97) d×d×d - first press limited edition (ver. a)


hey guys,, i am trying to sell quite a few of my kpop albums! i really need this money to purchase a laptop for college,, please message me if you are interested or if you have any questions! i will only be shipping to the US (scratchouts will be things already purchased)

  • Astro Summer Vibes (folded poster+3 photocards+ postcard+ freebies)
  • CLC First Love (photocard + freebies)
  • EXO Miracles in December Korean version (snowglobe +freebies)
  • Infinite Destiny (photocard + polaroid freebies)
  • Infinite Reality (photocard + postcard + freebies)
  • Orange Caramel Copycat (postcard + freebies)
  • Shinee Misconceptions of Us (photocard + freebies)
  • Shinee Boys Meet U Limited CD+DVD edition (postcards + freebies)
  • Shinee I’m Your Boy Limited CD+DVD edition (photocard + freebies)
  • Taemin Ace (photocard + freebies)
  • Toppdogg Dogg’s Out (freebies)
  • Toppdogg Arario Special Album (photocard +freebies)
  • Toppdogg Annie (photocard + freebies)
  • Vixx Error (photocard + postcard + insert + freebies)

「visual music by shinee」 ♡ jacket shooting / mv bts
dazzling girl / 1000年、ずっとそばにいて / boys meet u