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because Chance has won over my heart…

OK BANGTAN TRB CONCERT FANACCOUNT (more later if i can recall ^^)

(I’ll try my best)

-They didn’t have a translator so they all spoke English and i was actually pleasantly surprised ^^ although they weren’t really fluent, their pronunciation is pretty good (thanks namjoon)

- Jungkook looked at me for most parts of one chorus of HiphopLover after seeing my sign since i was at the nice seating near to the extended stage fkrifking he l l i couldnt believe it amd i stared into his eyes to make sure and then i was like OH SHIT IM sURE FML KOOK
i was weak in the legs for like 15mins afterwards

- Jhope has AMAZING stage presence his happiness and rapper side shines through so bright im happy

- they all poured water onto an unsuspecting Kook at Attack on Bts (poor kook) and then i think jimin patted him on the back cuz kook was like ._.

-yoongi just held up his mic for us to rap the I Need U intro lmao


- during boy in luv they kinda kicked Tae out of the formation at one point idek how and then tae was trying to take revenge but it was Hobi’s turn to rap so he couldn’t do much

- during Kook and Rapmon’s bday event they brought out a cake. but idk if it was a real cake tbh cuz it was really difficult to cut, Jhope said it was “stone cake” xDDD

- Jimin took advantage of “helping” namjoon translate korean to english. and from my understanding namjoon said something related to concerts (not related to jimin)
and jimin translated it to “I LOVE JIMIN! :D”

such cutie pies :“)

SHINee is SHINee precisely because of these five men. Their weaknesses alone are made stronger through each other. Sure, not every member is as good a singer, actor, rapper, dancer, entertainer, as the next, but that’s what makes them SHINee. If they all had six star voices, they would not be SHINee; if they all acted charismatically, they would not be SHINee. Their weaknesses become their strong points to produce the irreplaceable SHINee. Each member is as important as the next. Simply changing one member or one skill set will produce another sound; another effect; another group that is not our lovable SHINee.

So don’t compare members within the group. Value and cherish each for their own personal colour. 

SHINee would not be SHINee without these five shining men.


[ Trans] The part of Minho’s little  incident ! @ GQ live

(last part only voices they were scolding Minho)

J: Ya~~ K: Did you lose ur mind? what to doo 

T:Your ears turned red hyung awhile ago.. 

K: 존잘,졸귀 you can’t use these

vid cr: 토끼풀

trans Cr: @fantaemsie


Look at this beauty!!!! Just look at him!! He makes me so happy and he makes me so proud. I don’t understand how people can say he dosen’t do anything in the band but he works just as hard as the others. Fuck… I love him so much…❤️

Interviewer: We’re here with cotemporary R&B grop SHINee! They are composed of vocalists Onew and Jonghyun, rappers Key and Minho, and d-

Jonghyun: yes um excuse me im a rapper too :)

other members: oh fucking hell

Interviewer: …what?

Jonghyun: have u not heard my chart topping song deja boo from my first solo album base? the song where i not only scat with zion.t but rap as well? what about my self composed single 2:34am from my second album the collection story op. 1 that was completely self composed? i rapped in that one as well so yes, i am now the main and lead rapper of shinee. i guess key and minho do high notes now but i am the rapper :)