shinee pokemon


One random winner gets a drawing of a character of their choice! It can be your OC, your favourite character from a show, etc. 


  • You have to REBLOG this post! You can like it aswell, because if do it will count as two entries!
  • Won’t draw NSFW. <this counts gore, etc. If you are not sure ask me!
  • If the character has a simple design (like Paras in the picture) i can make 2 if you want.
  • This giveaway ends on April 10!
  •  You do not have to follow me but i would be so happy if you did!

Good luck!!! ^^

ENDED!!!!!! Im going to choose the winner now!

Can you reblog if you post/like

I have never done one of this so why not, (you can delete it from your blog once i have followed you thanks)

  • Achievement Hunter 
  • Rooster Teeth 
  • Homestuck 
  • Steven Universe 
  • Pokemon 
  • Adventure Time 
  • Star Vs The Forces of Evil 
  • Bee & PuppyCat 
  • Percy Jackson 
  • Harry Potter 
  • Gravity Falls 
  • Over the Garden Wall
  • Game Theorist 
  • Dan and Phil 
  • K-pop (BTS, Exo, Super Junior, Shinee…etc) 
  • OFF 
  • Ib 
  • Welcome to Night Vale 
  • cats
  • if you draw any of the above 
  • if yOU DRAW, PLEASE. 

 **also if you like any of those and you wanna be friends ill be really happy to be your friend ;w; -also i will draw you like a character of any of those fandoms lol-

so serena and dawn totally start a youtube channel (or whatever the pokemon equivalent is) for beginning coordinators and performers. just consider it:

  • they break down the rules/judging process of the events
  • they explain basic techniques commonly used, and show how you can make even basic strategies work in a creative way
  • videos explaining their own personal mistakes and failures, and reassuring their audience that mistakes help you grow
  • budget friendly pokemon costume tutorials for performances, and grooming tricks to help your pokemon shine
  • diy videos showing how to make contest outfits and performance costumes easily and cheaply, using old clothes, because they know that many younger trainers don’t have the money to spend
  • easy basic makeup looks
  • resource videos (”what to do if your family doesn’t support your choice to perform”, for example)
  • advocating for male inclusion in performances, and encouraging young boys that their dreams of performing are valid
  • answering fan questions every week
  • raising money for charities across hoenn, sinnoh, and kalos
  • generally being great and kind to kids who had a dream like they did