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in black ink (my lust may still shine bright)

Pairing: Yoongi/Jimin
Author: Untested_Waters
Genre: Tattoo Parlor!AU, Coffee Shop!AU, Smut, Friends To Lovers
Rating: NC17

It’s another Tuesday morning in the cafe when Jimin first sees him. It takes him off guard, really. It’s not that Jimin stereotypes him or something like that. It’s just…well, their usual crowd is a bunch of hipsters in fake glasses, ordering macchiatos and writing poetry on laptops covered in dorky stickers. Min Yoongi walks into his coffee shop and completely shatters the monotony of his work life.

(or, Jimin is extremely turned on by Yoongi’s tattoos and Yoongi thinks Jimin is cute)

Admin Notes: this was soo hot, and the banter and dialogue were great. i lov the idea of tattoo artist!yoongi

Link: AO3

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  • someone talking about taemin and jimin: did you enjoy 2min's special stage at gayo daechukje?
  • me: i'm sorry, i have no idea what you're talking about. 2min, the pairing of shinee's taemin and shinee's minho, did not have a special stage at gay daechukjae. there isn't any other 2min. they're the only 2min. you aren't making sense. what the hell are you talking about
White Blossoms | Warren Worthington III

Title: Flowers and Wings
Author: Clara
Character: Warren Worthington
Warnings: None
Prompt: link here “reader has the power to control plants and flowers so they grow small white flowers over warren’s wings to make them fluffy and white again”
Note: thanks to @kurtwxgners I am now Warren trash (thANKS KARLEY!!!) 

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The signs and their kpop hubbies

Aries: B-Bomb (Block B)

Taurus: Siwoo (C-clown)

Gemini: Ravi (VIXX)

Cancer: C.A.P (Teen Top)

Leo: Bang Youngguk (BAP)

Virgo: Kiseop (U-KISS)

Libra: JR (Nu'est)

Scorpio: Taemin (SHINee)

Sagittarius: 5zic (MIB)

Capricorn: Baro (B1A4)

Aquarius: Jimin (BTS)

Pisces: Peniel (BTOB)

Sun Is Shining Bright

Pairing: Cas x reader

Prompt: Sunbathing

Words: 2715 (Well this got longer than expected!)

Warnings: smut, fingering, oral (male receiving), public sex (in a field next to the bunker), unprotected sex (wrap it up folks!)

A/N: This is my entry for Kitten’s Summer Lovin’ Challenge by @kittenofdoomage. Hope y’all enjoy!

Originally posted by multi----fandoms

You wanted to enjoy the first warm, sunny day of the year, announcing that summer was coming. With a blanket tugged under your arm, your sunglasses pushed back in your hair and a bottle of sunscreen in your left hand, you opened the heavy front door of the bunker. The sun immediately hit the features of your face, making you stand still for a while, enjoying the comforting warmth surrounding you before stepping outside. 

The door fell closed behind you as you let go of the handle and moved towards the open field next to the bunker. You placed the pair of sunglasses on your nose, blocking some of the intense light. Unfolding the blanket you placed it on the ground and dropped your bottle of sunscreen next to it. A soft breeze flowed around you, making shivers run over your body because of the cold contrast to the hot sun rays.

“What are you doing?” a gravelly voice startled you. You jumped slightly at the words, turning around and facing the angel in front of you. Even though the sun was burning down on him, he still was fully clothed, his 5 layers draped over his body without any sign of sweat breaking out.

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Shine [Oneshot]

Pairing : Victuri / Victori / Vikturi [Yuri!!! On Ice]
Genre : Romance, Love, Fluff, Love Confessions
Rating :
Words : 1837
A/n: yall omg i couldn’t help myself again and wrote another vikturi fic!! and yes, it’s literally 3am right now why am i like this lmao. this is also up on AO3! my username on ao3 is unsaidesires. Thank you for the support for my first Vikturi fic! I really appreciate it. Please enjoy.

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Heartbeat (4/?)

Title: Heartbeat
Fandom: SHINee
Pairings: (eventual) Jongtae; Minkey; OnKai
Chapter Wordcount: ~3.5k
Rating: R (Some chapters will be NC-17; these will be marked.)
Summary: In which not every problem needs to be fixed and not every person needs to be saved; sometimes you just need support.

1 , 2 , 3

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come on star boy, we can shine together

Pairing: Yoongi/Hoseok
Rated: T
Author: bulletsfrank
Length: 17k

yoongi works at a library, keeping to himself basically his entire life. hoseok wants to skip the friendship stage because he swears he saw yoongi in his dreams, collecting stars and putting them in a jar. there’s one little thing, though: yoongi can’t speak.

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