Why SHINee’s debut interview is their best interview

These forced smiles

This not-so-sync but perfect bow

Onew forgot to greet

Onew  stammered 

Taemin trying to smile and talk at the same time

Their eyeliner free and makeup less faces

They were so cute I loved every second of it

SHINee confuses me man

Because its like

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Also Onew

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Also Key

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Still Jonghyun

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Smiling Minho

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Sexy Minho

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Sunshine and Rainbows Taemin

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Dark Sexual Fantasy Taemin

The magical black hat of Kpop

Youngjae of Got7 looks adorable

Rap Monster and J-Hope both majestically rock them in BTS

VIXX’s leader, N, looks chic

Suho and Chanyeol of EXO make them classy

And then there is SHINee….

SHINee As Broken Social Norms
  • Jonghyun:(walking down super wide hallway) *walks right beside you*
  • Key:(in line at store waiting at checkout aisle) can you hold this for me? *gives you his bag while he takes a long sip of his latte, sighing and looking around, then keeps waiting*
  • Onew:*at restaurant, sitting near your table* can you smell this for me, I think it's rotten *shoves his food under your nose*
  • Minho:*wears Crocs*
  • Taemin:*holds up line while he looks for a single coupon that could save him ten cents*