shinee is really cool

(170206) red velvet’s wendy mentions shinee on “abnormal summit” 

shinee will always go to the gym after they finish their schedules even if they end at 5am. when they (shinee) see redvelvet they always ask them if they’re keeping a healthy diet and worry about them so wendy thinks “they’re really so cool”. 


The Houses in a Band

Gryffindor: Guitar. They have those cool solos where they really shine, and everyone love them. They stand out and just have a fun time with the riffs.

Hufflepuff: Drums (I don’t think it’s Gryffindor, because Hufflepuffs are the steady beat that keeps everyone together).

Slytherin: Bass guitar and backup vocals. You can’t always tell they’re there, but trust me–they are. They’re secretly making the band sound so much better. They’re sneaky.

Ravenclaw: Lead vocals. Not afraid to speak out when they need to. They are good with words and write lyrics with clever double meanings. They’re really passionate about whatever they feel.

Next Hit Rapper

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Yoongi x reader


1173 words

In which your boyfriend hears you spittin’ some mad fire and is impressed.

You came home from working out at the gym. You didn’t bother changing out of your sports bra and workout shorts and headed straight to your kitchen. You chugged a bottle of water, and fixed yourself a small snack.

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Breezango are going to be in a #1 contenders match on Smackdown!!!

I’m disappointed they didn’t use their new promo images for this graphic tbh

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When you act like the fakest of the fake, don't expect people to take you seriously, Kara. RIP Karamatsu's Good Intentions.

I still hold Kami’s ep close to my heart because we got a whole episode of Kara being cheeky, participating in conversations and all without being shot down, not once. Also guns, teasing Choro in the bathhouse and pyjama shades.
The proof is in the pudding, baby boi xD Be yourself and you’ll get somewhere.

Kami Kara was a really good Kara, it was a really GOOD side to him, so cheeky, so involved without needing to be a loud asshole to be heard. I really liked it, where did THAT development go, fr.

What K4 Members Say About Sakura

From members’ Google +

Fukagawa Maiko: “I think she’s really busy with work, but at least with HKT, I want her to relax. Sensei said she’s a bit cool and distant, but I love Sakura!!

Tanaka Yuka: “You might think I’m a maniac, but I love Sakuchan’s moves in the hook part of Shamu Neko! From now on, I want to learn as much as I can from her.”

Ueki Nao: “Both as a member, and as someone from the same age, I receive a lot of motivation for her, and she’s an important presence who I respect”

Imada Mina: “I really love Sakura. When we talk, she makes me smile a lot. I earn a lot of motivation from her, and I respect her, she’s really an amazing presence, an amazing same-gen member.”

Tomonaga Mio: “The Sakuchan that said ‘I will do my best for HKT’, was really cool. I learn a lot from Sakuchan’s performance. I’m glad with all my heart that I’m in the same team with Sakuchan. I receive a lot of motivation from her.

Shimono Yuki: “Sakura does her best for HKT more than anyone else, and from her figure working hard more than anyone else, I’ve received encouragement. She’s a same gen that I really respect.”

Motomura Aoi: “I know there are hard times where she feels lonely. We feel lonely without her too. When she meets the members, Sakuchan seems so happy and like she’s having fun, that even we who are watching get happy! I want to see her like that more.”

Murashige Anna: “I love love love her!!! I’m really glad I met her. I was happy when she said that I was a support to her, but Sakura supports Murashige a lot as well.”

Kumazawa Serina: “Sakuchan is someone who is loved by everyone, but she says she is negative and unconfident. But to me Sakura is a presence that I admire, and a member that I love!

Fuchigami Mai: “I receive a lot of motivation from her performance, and think that for sure, she is working hard a lot on her own. I have to do my best too!”

Tomiyoshi Asuka: “While Sakuratan was crying, every word she said was really cool, she shined brightly.”

Director Krennic -  Spaceman

Sometimes I hate scanning: in this case the stars and “moon” were done in a thick silver paint which I love because it shines in a really cool way.

He looks like he’s wearing one of those vintage sci-fi astronaut fishbowl helmets. Let’s let him bob along in zero gravity, cape swooshing in slow motion.

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"his week residency keeps getting better and better" umm it's like this writer is me. Honestly, Harry's charm is off the charts and it's so cool to see how his charisma really shines through on screen. I've watched every episode with my roommates who started off liking Harry's album but generally indifferent towards him personally and now they're totally falling in love 👍it's so funny to watch it happen 😂

Hellooooo apple anon pie 💖💚❤️🌈💞 Honestly he’s so endearing and charming and I’m happy that more and more people are starting to see it, as well!!! Converting Harries is truly the most satisfying thing lmao You get all these people who were so indifferent to him or just knew him from a few headlines or something, who are now hopelessly in love and it’s beautiful!!!! Not only is he talented and puts all the effort and work in everything he does, he’s also incredibly and naturally funny and engaging, when he has an audience especially. He simultaneously feels like the most unattainable superstar and your friendly neighbour who bakes you chocolate cupcakes with rainbow sprinkles on them on a sunday morning.

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Gally prompt: "Rise and shine, kitten! I got something really cool to show you!"

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You were sleeping incredibly well until muffled noises hit your ears and a pillow was pulled from over your head. With a groan you sat up looking for the source of the disturbance…

“Rise and shine, Kitten! I’ve got something cool to show you.” Gally was stood peering over you, probably the most excitable you’d seen him all week, but you weren’t really in the mood at all. You just wanted to sleep some more.

“Shuck off, Gal, it’s too early for this!” You groaned, rolling over and planting your face back down into your cot hoping that if you ignored him he’d go away and leave you in peace.

“Alright, you asked for it..” A pair of arms wrapped around your waist and you soon found yourself being lifted off of the ground and into a pair of arms, you beat against Gally’s shoulders protesting loudly as he started to carry you outside.

“Gal! Put me down!” Evidently you weren’t getting back to sleep any time soon. 

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what if sarumi took a trip to america together (you know like a couple thing) and made vlogs on it (i think it be both funny and cute)

Aw, so cute~ Maybe this is part of Yata’s whole competition thing, like he has to go to America for his skateboarding thing and then since he and Fushimi have just started dating he thinks it might be cool if they stayed for an extra week or so just checking out the whole country and going places and doing stuff. Yata decides to make all the plans in secret to surprise Fushimi with and when he does Fushimi’s kinda reluctant and claiming he can’t go because of work but Yata saw this coming and already cleared it with Munakata. Fushimi’s annoyed but he eventually agrees, especially once he sees how excited Yata is and how Yata’s already made all these plans and everything, Fushimi just can’t bring himself to disappoint him. Also Yata decides to buy like a cheap camera phone and decides that they should record the whole trip, Fushimi thinks that’s stupid and Yata’s like ‘well yeah but it’s out first trip as a couple, right?’ That whole ‘couple’ thing shuts Fushimi up and he mumbles a little about it but agrees.

So they end up making a whole bunch of videos throughout the whole trip and Yata makes Fushimi post them on Youtube or whatever because that way their friends can all track their progress. All the videos shot by Yata are extremely enthusiastic and Yata loves looking at cool stuff, like they go to the Grand Canyon and Yata’s practically leaning over the edge trying to get a good shot. Also Yata is totally into all those weird random bits of Americana that they drive by along the way to the big destinations, like 'look, Saruhiko the world’s largest baseball bat!’ 'Hey, look over there, it’s a house of cheese, let’s check out it out!’ He wants to stop everywhere and look at all the things. He also keeps trying to catch videos of Fushimi looking happy or cute, like they trade off driving and Yata likes to pull over at random drive thrus and take videos of Fushimi’s sleeping face with narration about how cute his stupid asshole boyfriend is. Fushimi’s vlogs are all long strings of complaints in perfect monotone, complaining about the bugs and the air and the greasy food and why the fuck are we stopping at our fourth cheese stand in six hours you don’t even like cheese that much Misaki. Also imagine Fushimi ends up with like a running series of videos on every motel they stay in, complaining and critiquing everything, this bed is too hard and Misaki look at the cracks in the ceiling there’s probably deadly mold in there let’s just sleep in the car. Though whenever Yata sees something really cool his eyes start shining and his face lights up and Fushimi always ends up focusing the camera on Yata the entire time instead of the thing they were supposed to be looking at. Yata complains about it later that Fushimi didn’t get any video of the cool stuff and Fushimi just snuggles a little closer as he mutters that he took video of the thing he was most interested in seeing, that’s all.

An Exclusive Interview with Kimberly Kreines, Ari Levitch, and Mel Li of the Magic Creative Team!

For my final interview, I sit down with creative designers and worldbuilders Kimberly Kreines, Ari Levitch, and Mel Li ( @etheriumsculptor ) to talk about the world of Kaladesh, its inhabitants, and creating people and stories to that make the Multiverse as spectacular as it is. Beneath the cut, we touch on everything from gremlins to story stakes, fan reactions, and panharmonicons!

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