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Being Subtle is The Idea

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“You look pretty hot in plaid.”

Gwiboon found herself spluttered her mind in front of Jinki, on a ridiculous party Taemin made on Wednesday night. She gulped the beer nervously after she realized it has been said out loud instead of staying in her head.

“Come again?”

The latter put down his glass and decided to pay more attention to the girl in a navy dress.

“I said, you look hot in plaid?”

“What is plaid?”

Gwiboon almost cry as if she had the biggest face palm ever. But unlike the other day, she just laughed. And she blames the alcohol for making her heart became softer.

“That thing. The one you’re wearing now. It’s called plaid, Honey.”

“Oh, this?” Jinki checked himself with pouted lips making Gwiboon gripped her beer can tighter by such a view, “Minjung makes me wear this. She said my black or white t-shirts are boring. So she shoved this shirt on my face. Whatever, I need something to wear, so yeah.”

Gwiboon only nods, and smile, and regretting her decision to approach him because clearly he already had a girl help him to dress. And Minjung, everyone in this room knows that she is a goddess.

“And where’s Minjung now? I don’t see her around.”

“Have no idea, last time I saw that dino excessively hugged her and then I left for number 1, when I came back she’s not here anymore.”

Listened to his story, Gwiboon found him a little bit off. Who left his girl unaccompanied in such a poor party like this?

“And you’re okay with your girlfriend hanging out with other people while you’re here sipping God knows what in your glass?”

Jinki’s eyes turned twice bigger and the next second he bursts into huge laughter, “Why wouldn’t I be okay if she’s with her boyfriend?”

“Minjung is not your girlfriend?”

Jinki shakes his head so hard his eyes still squished by his cheeks.

“But I saw both of you came out the same car several times.”

At this point, Gwiboon already doesn’t care if he found out she’d been stalking him for the past two months ever since they met on Taemin’s studio.

“Of course we came out from the same car. Isn’t it normal for siblings to share ride?”

“Minjung is your sister?! But she..”

“Doesn’t look like me? Yeah, she got all good genes. Big eyes, tan skin, long neck, and everything, you tell me.”

“I like tiny eyes better.”

“Really?” Jinki’s kind of surprised because it doesn’t seem suit her appearance.

And she just nods sincerely.

“Are you saying the truth or you just want to flirt with me?”

The smirk in his face loosens up all the tight muscles clenched on Gwiboon’s tummy.


He chuckles and approves her guts, “That makes everything easier now.”

“What do you mean?” She asked nervously, getting to understand their situation.

“Well, that I know you think I’m hot, I’m not afraid to ask you leaving this shit. I need some air.”

“Hmm. Interesting.”

He sipped his drink once again, “I know, right?”

“But what are we going to do?”

Gwiboon tried as subtle as possible to put her ‘game’ face on so she doesn’t look like a desperate teenager in front of her crush.

“I’m sorry to disappoint you, but tonight we will just eating. I’m starving to death. I saw McDonalds on the way here. Shall we?”

She snorts right away, “You just drink. I’m not gonna jeopardize myself sharing a ride with you.”

He looks disbelief how she did her push and pull trick on him easily. Which he’s not mad about it, though.

“I’ve been drinking shitty fruit punch since an hour ago,” Gwiboon didn’t believe him right away so he handed her his glass, “So, are you in or not?”

“Cheese burger won’t hurt.”

“That’s the spirit!”

Jinki jumped off the stool he’s on, fingers busy tapping on the phone to let his sister knows that her advice works out.

“I cannot believe I leave a party for junk food.”

Jinki diminished their distance and whispered to her ear, vanilla perfume seeping through his respiration system, he almost forget what he’s about to say.

“Don’t worry, this weekend we can do whatever you want to do.”

She got a goosebumps all over her neck but Gwiboon actually cannot hide her excitement.

“Is this a date invitation or what?”

Jinki doesn’t answer to that. Instead, he just smiled and slipped his hand on Gwiboon’s shoulder, leaving the girl beside him breathless for a moment before she leaned closer.


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Restless Nights

@missemthings : SHINee Minho x reader! And I don’t have a specific request but your guys work is always amazing so I’ll be happy with whatever!

Author: Admin M

Character(s): Minho (SHINee)/Reader

Word Count: 660

Summary: Minho can’t really sleep.

I groan as I roll over in the bed. I felt arms pull me back to their hot chest. I whine again and try to pull away. I hear a husky voice chuckle. I felt some kisses on my neck.

“Stay still babe.” I hear Minho say.

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do i wanna know (daddy issues ch. 6)

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isaac and naomi finally tell each other how they feel. jackson makes a pass at naomi. (warning: unwanted sexual contact, rape attempt)

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  • Me: oh wow! I just had a great idea for a fan fiction. I'm definitely going to write this! This time though it's only going to be about a thousand words. I have another fic I need to write.
  • Me: *three days later and five thousand words in and nowhere near finished* DAMMIT

This one is for my anon who requested #10. Very quick scribble. Hope you like it :))

Prompt is from this list


“If you use up all the hot water again, I swear to God! You’re on the couch for a month!!”

Jinki is shouting to the mirror in their bathroom but it darted to Gwiboon who’s reading peacefully as if nothing happened.

“Chill, Babe. It’s not like a world war or something.”

“Chill you said?” His hand hung on the air, paused drying his hair, in disbelief what he just heard, “I came back home after long day in the office, wondering how great it would to be refreshed under hot shower. But when I got home?! Not even one drop! Thank you very much!”

She casually flipped the next page, “If you’re talking about refresh, the cold water is so much better!”

“Not when all my muscle tangled tightly one to another!” Jinki continue to dry his hair, now in such angry speed.

“It’s Wednesday. I thought you’re gonna be at the gym.”

Jinki sighed when he remember what happened exactly 30 minutes before the hours finished, “Minho ditched me when the new interior designer said yes to have dinner with him.”

“Oh, my poor man.”

He then brushed his teeth furiously when he realized nothing’s changed from Gwiboon’s tone.

“Wfvhuat ar yue deuin tu spen ol de hot wutah?”

“What? I couldn’t get you, Honey.”

“Ye know wfvhat ai muent.”

Gwiboon curses silently, five years of relationship made Jinki knew her too well up until the part of advancing in understanding each other’s alien language.

“You know that last week both of us were too busy, right?”


“I was too tired to take the babies to the pet shop on Saturday, so I washed them by myself just now. And who has heart to use the cold water on them?” 

By the babies, Jinki knows that it means their dogs Comme Des and Garçon. They’re very handful indeed, but he didn’t think their apartment system will finish the hot water supply just for them.

“Don’t trick me. Our babies won’t spend much water. Tell me what you have done.”

He stepped out the bathroom, towel covering only his lower part, makes Gwiboon writes a mental note to thank Minho later for egging him to always go to the gym at least twice a week, because he looks so damn hot even though Jinki’s very upset now she needs to cover her crime. 

“I wash the grey bed cover today.”

He rolled his eyes immediately when she revealed it. Gwiboon has a thing with the said bed cover. It was made of perfect mixture of cotton and silk which is Jinki himself has no doubt that it’s indeed very comfortable. Because it’s somehow too delicate, she never washed it in the washing machine let alone sent it to the laundry place in their building.

“But you can do that on weekend, babe! When I don’t even need shower! I just want to relax and it was fuckin’ cold!”

He yelled in front of the wardrobe, somehow unable to keep nagging to her girlfriend.

“I’m sorry, Jinx, I just don’t want to ruin it for letting it laid inside the laundry bag for too long.”

She slipped her arms around his waist and rests her cheek on his bare skin, tried to calm him down.

“Try not to do that on weekdays, uh?” No matter what, Jinki is always soften by Gwiboon’s back hug, he moved his hand to caress her locked hands on his torso, “And let’s just take the babies to the pet shop in the morning before we go to work and pick them up when we got home in the evening when we just too busy. I just can’t stand the cold.”

“Speaking of the cold,” Gwiboon roams her hands up and down, grazing his built up abs from behind, “Let me warm you up, babe.”

Gwiboon reached out the knot of the towel and let it drop to floor. Then she started peppering his shoulder with soft kisses, palms resting on his chest.

“Now we’re talking.”


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Goblin kdrama fan fiction: A Night to Remember

Synopsis: What really happened after that hot make out between Shin and Eun-tak when they returned to Canada. An unforgettable hot night shared between two lovers who reunited and defied age, time, and the gods. 

  • Pairing: Kim Shin x Ji Eun-Tak
  • Word Count: 2,568
  • Genre/Triggers: Mature, NSFW, Uhhh what else do I say??? lol

Disclaimer: Please do not redistribute or repost my works without my permission.

Story under the cut incase for those who are sensitive to this genre ^^

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Newsfeed #84 May 20, 2017 (20 Lótessë)

Book II: The Saga of Thranduil: It is done, but not over.

On May 19, 2017, The Kingdom of the Woodland Realm Trilogy’s first book, The Saga of Thranduil was completed. The first draft was sent to two trusted individuals first (one in Canada and one in California).

The full volume (currently and subject to change) is 497 pages and 30 chapters long. The 31st Chapter will be in the Epilogue of Book III: The Last Tale of Legolas Lasgalen. What comes next is Book I: The Epic of Eryn Galen and doing work on the extend version of Book II: The Saga of Thranduil.

Now, for the icing on the cake, I suppose: Can you read the book?

From May 20-May 27, the first draft will be available to the public. Remember, it is the first draft and is subject to change (Tolkien did the same thing with The Hobbit, ironically). It is by no stretch of the imagination the final product (mostly because of the extended versions of Book II and Book III). I will say it is cleaner than online (somewhat). It is a work in progress. In its final version, it will be between Book I and Book III as part of the “Trilogy”. Translation: it’s 1/3 of an entire book and depending on what happens in Book I/Book III, some changes might be made and slightly change events in the book.

This is the first completed book about the life and times of Thranduil, one of Tolkien’s most elusive characters and his story is based on Middle-Earth History as given by J.R.R. Tolkien. The story is 100% original (no, Tolkien didn’t write it and neither did Peter Jackson). There are events inside that take place in The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings, but they are told from the perspective of Thranduil. In Book I, the story will be from the perspective of his ancestors and Book III will be told from the perspective of Legolas.

I completed this book for my father (who is sick and I miss him terribly) and was done in 17 months. I’m just proud of that because I was playing beat the clock not knowing if I could finish such a feat before my father passed away. He’s still here and I completed the draft (for the second time). This will be the final chronicle of the life and times of Thranduil in book form, meaning any changes will come from the extended versions at the moment unless otherwise stated.

Where it goes from here has begun today. The future belongs to Thranduil.–J.

Images: ©2012, 2013, 2014. Warner Brothers Pictures. The Hobbit: The Unexpected Journey, The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug, The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies. All Rights Reserved.

When he wants a cuddle

the ace edition

author notes: i don’t normally do shinee so here’s a special treat

*its mid-summer and the heat is oppressive… you and taemin are sat indoors trying to battle the heat*

[TM] …hey Jagi… wanna cuddle? *wiggles eyebrows*

[Y/N] it’s far too hot for cuddling right now pabo… later

[TM] …we could take our clothes off? 

[Y/N] *laughing* why do you try and strip at every opportunity? 

[TM] oh come on… just a quick cuddle…  how can you resist this?

[Y/N] NO… i’m dying from the heat right now *sweating*

[TM] pleaseeee <3 come here… ^3^ *cute*

[Y/N] *smacks hands away* stop trying to be cute Lee Taemin… 

[TN] fine… i’m just going to lay my head… right here

*shoving him off*

[Y/N] *laughing* why are you being so needy?

[TM] because I love you Jagi… *sulky*

[Y/N] *sigh* fine… come here *opens arms*

[TM] really? <3 *let the snuggles commence*

[CREDIT to the gif owners - i do not own these gifs]

My fave thing in books is when the guy falls for the girl and talks about her smile and laugh like Kaz in Six of Crows or Rishi in When Dimple Met Rishi omg it is so wholesome and pure their love for the person 😩😩😩👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽💖💖💖

Thank You So Much For 800!!

So last night I hit 800 followers!! Thank you so much! It means a lot to me to have 800 people following or like what I post/mostly reblog. Thank you, I don’t know if I can say it enough. Thank you so much. 

To celebrate Admin Liv and I are doing drabble prompts. They’re all angst though. If you want a non-angsty one put the prompt in the ask, as well as the genre you want it to be and your bias. 

Public Announcement, we are now doing NCT. You can see everything we do in our masterlist, and if there is no link on the group/show it’s because we haven’t gotten any requests or work done for them.

Once again thank you so much! They’ll be open all week!

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~ Admin Brooklyn and Admin Live

1. Yellow Paint (Underground)

Chapter 1

Prologue || Chapter 1 || -

Type: Underground Music AU

Pairing: Varies x Dahye

Genre: ☔️ | 💙 | 🦋 | 🌻 | 🌈 | 👽

Word Count:  5,601

Summary: This is a slow burn story, where Heize will go through various periods of self-descovery, betrayal, love, and life.

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Monday, July 25, 2011

It was a warm, late afternoon.

The light filtering through my closed eyelids felt warm against my skin, filling my body with comfortable warmth, leaving my mind in a sort of limbo between the real and sleeping world. The resting area was completely silent apart from the soft piano key notes filtering through my subconscious, bringing me back fully to the real world as a soft smile started forming on my lips when I recognized the tune being played. Swinging my legs that were tossed over the arm of the couch, I tucked them in under myself as I willed my body to fully rid itself of the final vestiges of sleep, raising myself up to throw my arms over the back of the couch. Groggily blinking my eyes, I realized the scene hadn’t changed much from when I had laid down a few minutes earlier.

Jin-Ah was still fully concentrated on the piano, bent over it while trying her best to play the classical songs she had taught herself by ear to play. Watching as she furrowed her eyebrows in concentration, I sighed. It had been a few days since we had had any free time like this; any downtime to just relax and enjoy each other’s company. Having met her less than two months ago when we both became trainees at the same agency, she was quickly becoming an indispensable friend in my life. Frowning, I realized that that was the wrong term to really label her with. I had two best friends. I loved them to death and back. But this was different. My feelings felt jumbled up whenever I was around her, filling me with happiness and giddiness—she was a very special person in my life.

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New Father- Jonghyun

Here it is, guys! I’m so sorry to the one who requested this for it taking me so long to write it! Anyways, thank you for being patient! Enjoy daddy Jjong! 


The high-pitched wailing coming from the nursery echoes through the baby monitor, and you groan as you peel your eyes open. It’s only been two days since you and Jonghyun brought the baby home, but it feels like you haven’t slept in months, years even. You slowly begin to rise from your bed so you can comfort your sobbing infant.

“I got it, sweetie.” Jjong pats your shoulder softly and gets out of bed. You lower yourself back onto the bed as he exits the bedroom. Just as your brain begins to relax and drift off to sleep, something snaps within you. A million concerns begin to plague your mind. ‘What if Jjong doesn’t know what the baby wants? What if she needs a diaper change and he doesn’t know how? He knows how. Does he know how? Does he remember how to pick up the baby properly while supporting her head?’ You know you’re being irrational, but you feel it’s probably best to just go check on him. You slip out of bed and creep down the hallway towards the nursery. When you finally reach it, you slowly peek around the doorway. Immediately, you are completely surprised at the sight before you:

Your husband is holding your crying newborn daughter in his arms as he gently rocks back and forth in the rocking chair next to her crib. He doesn’t notice you, and you are suddenly intrigued by the scene occurring in front of you, so you decide to observe for a moment.

“Shh, Melody…” He softly coos to your baby as she begins to settle a bit, “Calm down, sweetie. Now that we’ve established that you don’t need a diaper change, how about we try and eat, huh?” He reaches over to the counter where he has a bottle already prepared. He continues to amaze you with how perfect he is at this fathering thing. Your daughter takes the bottle and gazes at her daddy with wide eyes as she drinks. A grin appears on Jonghyun’s face as he gazes back at his brand-new baby girl. “You’re perfect. Absolutely perfect. I promise I’ll always be here for you, and I’ll always protect you. I just… really want you to know that,” He chuckles a bit at his one-sided conversation, “and I know you won’t remember me saying this, of course, but I’m going to make sure that you know it as you grow up. I will. Okay, Princess?” You shake your head as your husband puts an enormous amount of pressure on himself once again. He does this in every aspect of his life: his career, his relationship, and now his parenting. At least you can help with this part and take some of the pressure off of him. Hopefully. “You look just like your mother, you know that?” He asks as Melody finishes her bottle. Your ears perk up at his words. He hoists the baby up to his shoulder and begins to gently pat her on the back. “That’s a good thing, by the way,” he explains, “because honestly, your mother is the most beautiful woman in the WHOLE world.”

“Thank you, but that’s definitely not true.” You giggle as you step into the nursery. Jjong looks surprised at your entrance.

He laughs as you come closer. “What are you doing up, sweetheart? You’re supposed to be getting some sleep.”

“Yeah, well. I wanted to check on you.” You suddenly feel embarrassed for not having the confidence that your husband could handle calming the baby in the middle of the night. He may be new at this, but you know that he’s perfectly capable of performing fatherly tasks. You begin to explain why you thought you should come check on him, in fear of him feeling discouraged from your seeming lack of confidence in him as a dad. “I mean, obviously I know that you totally got this, and I had total confidence in you-”

“Shhhhhhhh. It’s okay. I understand. You were making sure I could handle this.”

“Well, yeah, but not because I didn’t think you could, I just-”

“I know.” Jjong states reassuringly.

You look up just in time to see Jjong gently placing Melody back in her crib. Once he lays her back down, he turns and approaches you. As per usual, you lightly blush as Jjong locks eyes with you. You mentally curse yourself for getting butterflies in your stomach when he simply looks at you. Jjong smiles warmly at you and places a soft kiss to your lips. “Now, do you want to stay in here while I sing her a lullaby?”

You grin widely and give him a quick kiss on the cheek before happily responding, “Absolutely!”