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  • Me: oh wow! I just had a great idea for a fan fiction. I'm definitely going to write this! This time though it's only going to be about a thousand words. I have another fic I need to write.
  • Me: *three days later and five thousand words in and nowhere near finished* DAMMIT
When he wants a cuddle

the ace edition

author notes: i don’t normally do shinee so here’s a special treat

*its mid-summer and the heat is oppressive… you and taemin are sat indoors trying to battle the heat*

[TM] …hey Jagi… wanna cuddle? *wiggles eyebrows*

[Y/N] it’s far too hot for cuddling right now pabo… later

[TM] …we could take our clothes off? 

[Y/N] *laughing* why do you try and strip at every opportunity? 

[TM] oh come on… just a quick cuddle…  how can you resist this?

[Y/N] NO… i’m dying from the heat right now *sweating*

[TM] pleaseeee <3 come here… ^3^ *cute*

[Y/N] *smacks hands away* stop trying to be cute Lee Taemin… 

[TN] fine… i’m just going to lay my head… right here

*shoving him off*

[Y/N] *laughing* why are you being so needy?

[TM] because I love you Jagi… *sulky*

[Y/N] *sigh* fine… come here *opens arms*

[TM] really? <3 *let the snuggles commence*

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Blank Space - Chapter 3

Part 2.


Gwiboon put the last plate on the table before taking off the apron. It’s already the time of the month she stayed home. She snatched her mug and heading to the stairs.

“Wake your brother and tell him to get some meals.”

Her mother stops her while she gave the last touch to their brunch.

“What?! I already cooked and now I need to drag him down? Do you know how hard to wake that dino monster up, Mom?”

“Just go upstairs before I throw away your creepy mannequin.”

Gwiboon tighten her fist inevitably by her side, “You’re not fair.”

“So is life.”

She made last stomp to the ground before Gwiboon finally comply her mother’s request.

“Kim Jonghyun!! Get your ass down!!” she already shouting before she reached her brother’s door, “Wake up you, dino!”

Why is he home anyway? When did he arrive? She kept knocking on the door but the owner seemed simply ignoring his sister. Getting impatience, she slammed the door with her fist, “Kim Jonghyun! I swear to God, if you’re not getting your door in three, I’ll kick it open! One.. two..”

Before ‘three’, the door swung opened, but instead her brother, it was someone else with smile brighter than sunshine outside and warmer than summer.

“Ugh, hi! Jonghyun’s in the shower.”

Gwiboon’s mouth hung opened, gasping for air, eyes incredulously staring straight to the fallen angel facing her right now. How did..? When did..?

“I’ll tell him once he’s done.”


“Your brother? He’s in the shower.”

“Ugh, yeah. Make sure he knows the brunch is ready. You should go down too and have some.”

“Oh, I will. Thank you, Jonghyun’s sister!”

He blasted his generously wide smile and Gwiboon’s turned her heels right away before her feet turned into seaweed and betray her.

“Hey, wait.”

Gwiboon takes a deep breath before facing the dazzling face on the door frame, “Yeah?”

Jinki stunned by the soft voice reached his ears. Far from the icy image plastered on her based on Taemin’s gossipy mouth, the figure before him is closer to virtuous lady. Her dark brown hair pulled into pony tail, some fade green streaks are here and there, failed to make into the tail but looked like placed there intentionally and that’s more than perfect.

“Are you done?”

Flustered by his own action, Jinki’s face went pale and red by turns, afraid she caught him looking at the perfect skin showed by her big white shirt that fell off her shoulder.

“Ugh, sorry. Just wondering, the last time we saw each other I ended up seeing you cried.”

Gwiboon wanted to hide her face so bad.

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Should We Running Away?

I said Babe
well, aren’t we a little bit old now for this crazy game?
Is it safe now that winter’s gone?
But I think we could use a little memory to add to the database.
I saved a little bit of money
I put it in a vault hidden behind the face on the red room wall.
I took everything I wanted
I took everything I need
all in a day
or maybe they just want me to leave.
– All of the People (Panama Wedding)


When her mother got married to a doctor with a son 22 years ago, 6 years old Eunsook was really happy for finally she can sleep at night peacefully knowing that her mother wouldn’t be alone again on her chilly bed. It was around two years after her father left and neglected their family, forgetting all his responsibility as the head of family.

Moreover, she was excited to have a step brother, a sibling she could share everything, even tiny secret she didn’t want her mother to figure out. The first time they met, he was elated as much as her and easily getting along despite their different interest on stuff and play.

Minho is indeed a great brother. His father taught him well for him growing up as a very reliable man. He loves Eunsook and respects her mother as if they’re blood related. Though sometimes there are bad circumstances and pretty tight arguments, he took care Eunsook very well.

One thing that she never expected was Minho revealed to be an overprotective brother on years later. Since at very young age, Eunsook has been a very smart girl. Due to her amazing capability, she made it into acceleration program in middle school which led her to enter high school one year earlier than she supposed to be. Her middle school was an all-girl private school, so she asked her parents to send her study in public school.

Heard her sister were going to attend the same school with him, Minho started his engine to cut out every single boy who tried to make a direct approach to her. Minho who spent his adolescent years hanging around with his pact which more than half of the members are boys, somehow realized that some people put more attention to Eunsook who grew into a beautiful lady. Since then, Minho volunteered himself not only to be a brother in need but also a bodyguard.

Normally, high school is the time when a teenage girl develops her feeling toward her opposite sex. That’s what Eunsook thought when finally she got to her new school. But thanks to Minho, the further boy she could make a relationship are his gang members. They’re people he trusted the most and they would never hurt her, he said. Minho’s perfectly fine whenever Eunsook hanging out with girl friends, but would started panicking when she said she’s going out with a boy.

Minho intrudes Eunsook’s love life too much it’s getting on her nerves. That’s why she didn’t tell him at all when she started going out with Kibum, his very best friend.

Their platonic relationship grows into something more when Kibum is the only one she knew to be asked into their grandmother’s birthday a year ago. It was Kibum, so Minho gave her his green light. What Minho didn’t know was they liked each other back in high school but too scared to move into the following step for the sake of Choi Minho. And that moment was their turning point to a hide and seek game with Minho who up until this day still got his flaming eyes on her to personally check her schedule and the worse, which guy she allowed to get acquaintance with. A great toll to ruin an amazing morning dew drop like Eunsook.

“I think I made a right decision when I agreed to be your date for your Nana’s birthday.”

Kibum rolled out his thought on Eunsook’s lips in between kisses.

“Oh, really? Then who did sound so annoyed when I asked him a favor back then?”

Kibum cracks but then pulls Eunsook closer to his chest, “Honey, that’s before I saw you with that killing dress. Besides, Minho would kick my shin if I was seen too excited.”

“Better put that dress in a secret fault for preservation just in case you ran away for some glamorous bitches.”

“Never in million years.”

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New Father- Jonghyun

Here it is, guys! I’m so sorry to the one who requested this for it taking me so long to write it! Anyways, thank you for being patient! Enjoy daddy Jjong! 


The high-pitched wailing coming from the nursery echoes through the baby monitor, and you groan as you peel your eyes open. It’s only been two days since you and Jonghyun brought the baby home, but it feels like you haven’t slept in months, years even. You slowly begin to rise from your bed so you can comfort your sobbing infant.

“I got it, sweetie.” Jjong pats your shoulder softly and gets out of bed. You lower yourself back onto the bed as he exits the bedroom. Just as your brain begins to relax and drift off to sleep, something snaps within you. A million concerns begin to plague your mind. ‘What if Jjong doesn’t know what the baby wants? What if she needs a diaper change and he doesn’t know how? He knows how. Does he know how? Does he remember how to pick up the baby properly while supporting her head?’ You know you’re being irrational, but you feel it’s probably best to just go check on him. You slip out of bed and creep down the hallway towards the nursery. When you finally reach it, you slowly peek around the doorway. Immediately, you are completely surprised at the sight before you:

Your husband is holding your crying newborn daughter in his arms as he gently rocks back and forth in the rocking chair next to her crib. He doesn’t notice you, and you are suddenly intrigued by the scene occurring in front of you, so you decide to observe for a moment.

“Shh, Melody…” He softly coos to your baby as she begins to settle a bit, “Calm down, sweetie. Now that we’ve established that you don’t need a diaper change, how about we try and eat, huh?” He reaches over to the counter where he has a bottle already prepared. He continues to amaze you with how perfect he is at this fathering thing. Your daughter takes the bottle and gazes at her daddy with wide eyes as she drinks. A grin appears on Jonghyun’s face as he gazes back at his brand-new baby girl. “You’re perfect. Absolutely perfect. I promise I’ll always be here for you, and I’ll always protect you. I just… really want you to know that,” He chuckles a bit at his one-sided conversation, “and I know you won’t remember me saying this, of course, but I’m going to make sure that you know it as you grow up. I will. Okay, Princess?” You shake your head as your husband puts an enormous amount of pressure on himself once again. He does this in every aspect of his life: his career, his relationship, and now his parenting. At least you can help with this part and take some of the pressure off of him. Hopefully. “You look just like your mother, you know that?” He asks as Melody finishes her bottle. Your ears perk up at his words. He hoists the baby up to his shoulder and begins to gently pat her on the back. “That’s a good thing, by the way,” he explains, “because honestly, your mother is the most beautiful woman in the WHOLE world.”

“Thank you, but that’s definitely not true.” You giggle as you step into the nursery. Jjong looks surprised at your entrance.

He laughs as you come closer. “What are you doing up, sweetheart? You’re supposed to be getting some sleep.”

“Yeah, well. I wanted to check on you.” You suddenly feel embarrassed for not having the confidence that your husband could handle calming the baby in the middle of the night. He may be new at this, but you know that he’s perfectly capable of performing fatherly tasks. You begin to explain why you thought you should come check on him, in fear of him feeling discouraged from your seeming lack of confidence in him as a dad. “I mean, obviously I know that you totally got this, and I had total confidence in you-”

“Shhhhhhhh. It’s okay. I understand. You were making sure I could handle this.”

“Well, yeah, but not because I didn’t think you could, I just-”

“I know.” Jjong states reassuringly.

You look up just in time to see Jjong gently placing Melody back in her crib. Once he lays her back down, he turns and approaches you. As per usual, you lightly blush as Jjong locks eyes with you. You mentally curse yourself for getting butterflies in your stomach when he simply looks at you. Jjong smiles warmly at you and places a soft kiss to your lips. “Now, do you want to stay in here while I sing her a lullaby?”

You grin widely and give him a quick kiss on the cheek before happily responding, “Absolutely!”

Newsfeed #81 March 24, 2016 (24 Súlimë)

It almost Ring Day and Lee Pace’s Birthday: Serendipity

I would have been here sooner (as so much has happened dealing with the story) but I had to deal with a rumor that is the biggest lie in the history of lies on a place like Tumblr and also hate mail and notes on my pages. It is a shame people can hurt someone they never met or even had a conversation without any provocation of truth whatsoever. It hurt me–which was the point–but it did not defeat me. My love for my work outweighs the pettiness of others.

So horrible the near suicidal outcome of it all, I changed the dedication of the entire trilogy. It is now dedicated to J.R.R. Tolkien (not my idea but the thought of the Mythopoeic Society) This makes my story a very small part of the Tolkien universe. Still unofficial (no, the rumor that Christopher Tolkien has approved it is false–nicer rumor than I steal fan art to tell my story, which I NEVER have and whenever I speak of artists–those that don’t steal the work of the photographers on the set of the films and change them and say it theirs, but really talented artist that draw their own thing–I ALWAYS give credit.).

So what would have been a weekend of celebrating the completion of Book II has been extended after spending hours of harassment and feeling hurt by so called “friends” I thought were my friends but friends don’t believe rumors–they ask and they never did. I had to move on because Thranduil–my little story–has turned the corner every authors dream of in a world that near impossible to become a part legitimately–The Tolkien Universe.

I do have to give at least one of my muses a gift–Lee Pace. Especially his birthday is the official “Ring Day” of Middle Earth. The day Sam, Frodo and Gollum destroyed the One Ring at Mount Doom. Thranduil and Celeborn were able to bring down Dol Guldur and ironically, the delays actually made if possible for me to be right on that event on the day of Ring Day and Lee Pace’s birthday. Sometimes, not everything bad is bad–at least this time. But I’m very proud of Thranduil. He’s brought his kingdom beyond literary obscurity and into the spotlight mainstream media that has the strong possibility of doing things I never thought possible.–J.

Images: ©2012, 2013, 2014. Warner Brothers Pictures. The Hobbit: The Unexpected Journey, The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug, The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies. All Rights Reserved.

I’m lifting the ban for artists submit to Book I: The Epic of Eryn Galen. Mostly because a known Tolkien artist is interested in me using their work (gee, asking me if I would do it–knows I use film stills–how unusual for some to do research rather than accuse). I’m doing that because now I’m going to have to move the books eventually to a website (and several designers have come up along with, interestingly, cover artists wanting me to use their work). Not anytime soon, so I wouldn’t worry. Moving 10 blogs to a website is time consuming and somewhat expensive and everything is revolving around Thranduil at the moment–reason for the move. I see “official” blogs, Facebook and Twitter pages soon. Seems the “accusations” about me had the opposite effect. On the contrary. It actually helped. The downside is now everyone wants the book published–including those close to Tolkien’s children and the Estate. I think some of that is excitement over Haldir’s recent return and the return of The King.

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Pairing: Minho/Key
Rating: PG
Length: 1.2k
Warnings: super crack-ish, attempts at humor. But no real warnings. 

Summary: Jonghyun is hell-bent on getting Minho and Key together.

“What if we push them under the mistletoe?” Jonghyun asked quietly. He, along with Jinki and Taemin, was watching how Minho and Kibum talked intimately in a corner of the apartment. The two of them were so meant to be, it was no longer funny how frustratingly obvious it was.

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[PG] No Superlatives // minkey

Wordcount: 703
Pairing: Minho x Key
Rating: PG
Summary: Bandfic. Kibum is grumpy and it’s slightly, maybe, a little bit Minho’s fault — but he’s not worried.

There are things about Kibum that are so like a cat, Minho thinks. Physical aspects, certainly, like the sharpness of his eyes, the delicate but undeniable strength of his physique, but more than that is in the way he acts, thinks—prefers things. The way he enjoys his cleanliness, to spend precious time tending to his looks; the way he even grooms those he cares about. Like the ever-forgetful Taemin, or the hard-working Jinki. It is in the way he prefers to be honest to the point some might call it too much, yet knows how to tempt with honey. The way he moves with a casual grace and the way he likes to claim independence, to be that strong individual without need of others.

There is a stubbornness and individuality to Kibum that is unique, and that, Minho thinks, is admirable. It is nothing he expresses often, no, their relationship is not one of superlatives and exclamation marks, but it is there. It is a fact to him the way it is a fact that the leaves are starting to take  on the early coats of autumn. The way the dorm smells of warm coffee and the team he is cheering on is losing the pre-recorded soccer game he has playing on the television, now that he has the time. He probably would have been more agitated with that if his attention had not already been wavering, more often flickering to the figure of Kibum in a morning robe, his face bared of make-up, just like his.

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Shine On You Crazy Diamond CH 10. Perfect Blue Buildings

A/N: This chapter is dedicated to user Pingly187 who I would like to thank for the song recommendation: Perfect Blue Buildings by Counting Crows. You can find the whole story here.

Perfect Blue Buildings

Gray’s morning started out like any other. He awoke to the shrill beeping of his alarm in a mangled nest of fabrics: his comforter spilling off the bed and onto the floor and his sheets woven around his limbs, proof of the time he fought to get away from the coverage during the night. Why he still bothered to use blankets was a mystery. After untangling himself from his sheets, his bare legs instinctively found their way to the bathroom to do his business. Stop number two was the kitchen. One pale, callous hand found it’s grip on the preset, fresh-made coffee while the other landed on a clean mug drying by the sink. No time was wasted as he filled the ceramic vessel and downed the steaming contents, careful not to spill the dark liquid on his naked chest. Soon, his coffee was paired with a bowl of cereal to form the drummer’s breakfast.

Finally caffeinated, Gray returned to his bedroom to don a pair of shorts and sneakers, prepared to head out on a run. He enjoyed this activity daily as a way to reset his mind for things to come. His phone hung heavy in one pocket, keys in another, as his headphones trailed across his chest to his ears. Locking the door behind him, he set his soles to the pavement with abandon.

Just down the street from your hotel, baby,

I stay at home with my disease.

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