shinee concert in tokyo


in celebration of shinee’s upcoming concerts at kyocera dome and tokyo dome in september: universal music japan has released a small highlight reel of select performances from shinee world 2017. watch above and enjoy!


Oh my god the last gif kills me everytime. The look on Kibum’s face is half happiness because he’s in the comfort of Jonghyun and also I feel like it’s also sadness because it was the last day of Tokyo Dome. It almost looks like that Key didn’t want him to let go of the hug but he knew he had to because it was the end of the concert. Jongkey is the sweetest😍😭❤️

[kahn] shinee rekindles and leads the korean wave in japan

translation: pyhforshinee

it’s known that boa, tvxq, and big bang are korean artists who began the road and maintained their status in (the) japanese market. they developed this new market, spread the korean wave, and created the genre: k-pop. following these artists, who can we count on to lead the next generation of k-pop? five member group, shinee, is in the lead. shinee, a part of sm entertainment, will restart interest in this year’s korean wave. the top singers with the most fan activities in japan, tvxq, are currently enlisted and even big bang is starting to enlist this year. so, everyone is gathering anticipation to see what presence shinee will have in this recently emptied k-pop space.

something worthy of showing this presence, objectively, is their appearance last year on japan’s representative end of the year music program, fuji tv’s fns music festival. this festival, together with nhk’s kohaku uta gassen, are japan’s most important end of the year programs. at the peak of the korean wave, up until 2012, there were many korean guests like tvxq, girls generation, and big bang on these end of the year programs, but then, for awhile, you could not see korean artists. last year’s program finally changed with boa and shinee as the only two korean artist guests on fns.

shinee has already began an arena tour which started last month. the arena’s seating scales are 15,000 - 20,000 seats per auditorium. their arena tour last year drew more than 400,000 fans. the tour this year, lasting until april, plans to go to tokyo, osaka, shizuoka, nagoya, kobe, and more. up to twenty arenas with five more potentially added on, this could increase to twenty five arenas. even though the schedule after may isn’t decided, following the current fervor of the public, there is a high possibility of adding 50,000 seat capacity domes to their tour. the past two years shinee have succeeded with both tokyo dome and osaka dome concerts.

though many korean artists advance into the japanese market and are active, shinee’s success has a different meaning. after boa and tvxq’s success the popularity of k-pop spiked and japanese fans would flock around as soon as they heard the word. like a dream, groups like super junior, girls generation and kara all successfully carried out tokyo dome concerts, and even groups that had only just debuted would have hundreds or thousands of fans show up at fan meetings and concerts. but, when political relations between the two nations deteriorated and an anti-korean sentiment grew around 2012, the interest in the korean wave weakened substantially. when shinee debuted in japan in 2011 the mood of society and the press had completely changed. as they met these difficulties from the start the method they chose to overcome it was to focus their attention on growing close local fans. instead of big events or advertising they held smaller concerts in small cities and districts to create bonds with locals. aside from tvxq, who had a clear path from the beginning, no other top korean artist had used this method to connect with japanese fans. in 2015, shinee finally had their first tokyo dome concert after four years of activities in japan. a marketer of universal music said: “their attitude for a famous singer from a large company yet consistently shown has opened japanese fans’ hearts, and it seems like their fandom has grown strong and distinguished.”

shinee has released a total of fourteen single albums and four full albums in japan, maintaining an emphasis on high quality local activities. after their september 2014 release of their third full album, i’m your boy, they reached first place on oricon’s weekly album chart, and last year’s fourth full album, d×d×d, naturally also rose to first place on the weekly chart. they plan to release their fifth full album, five, on the 22nd of this month. in this new album they will have a quite different concept and mood, especially in their title track, “get the treasure”, which will be darker and more powerful than their usual image.

popular music critic hwang sun eup says: “the thing that differentiates shinee from other idol groups is they’re always creating new results and consistently pursuing perfection in high quality work. by maintaining the balance of a long relationship with their fandom shinee will continue to occupy a larger role at sm entertainment.”

So I’ve been watching SHINee World IV and their concert in Tokyo Dome
and watched Onew tap dance. It makes me think about how special he is within the kpop industry. Not many, if any, idols can tap dance. Most “special talents” within kpop are imitating other people or sounds, acting cute, or weird little quirks. Don’t get me wrong, those talents are adorable, but there’s something about Onew’s talent that’s so amazing it dwarfs everyone else. His “specials talents” are really professional. Onew tap dances extremely well; poised and elegant, yet with so much charisma the entire stadium is focused on him. I can’t say any other idol has tap danced in Tokyo Dome under the eyes of over 55,000 people. SHINee never ceases to amaze me.


[ENG] 150701 SHINee WORLD 2014~I’m Your Boy~ Special Edition in TOKYO DOME DVD

Ment Compilation (#1-6)
SHINee WORLD 2014~I’m Your Boy~ Special Edition in TOKYO DOME LIVE Sketch
SHINee WORLD 2014~I’m Your Boy~ TOUR Sketch
    → Watch here

(Credit: BornToSHINeeSubs)