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Red | Park Jimin

Genre: Fluff | Soulmate AU
Word count: 3,709
Requested by: @ceruleanbubble
Member: Park Jimin
Summary: In a world where everyone is born with a soulmate, around your wrist is tied a light blue bracelet that changes colors as soon as you come into contact with whoever is your other half— but you have to find them within the time you’re given, and your time is running out.

So I love you because the entire universe conspired to help me find you

Park Jimin reads the numbers aloud again, feeling the weight of each one as the sound leaves his lips, almost as if condemning him to a death sentence. 

Three hundred and sixty four days, twelve hours, forty-two minutes and six seconds left, the first set of zeros engraved into his skin in a haunting pitch black tone, warning him, reminding him as he ran his fingers over them, his pulse beating rapidly against the skin and he couldn’t look away, the numbers changing rapidly every second; he could almost hear the clock ringing inside his ears.

Tick. Tack. Time waits for no one, and it certainly wasn’t waiting for him.

Carefully, he wraps the light blue bracelet over his wrist again, convering the counter but not masking its presence— it was still there, it was always there and he desperatly wishes it wasn’t.

He has less than year, he has to find her.

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i was like, spot the minho, and realised that he’s always 10 😂

football!minho is my ultimate weakness, tbh 💕💕💕

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Gifted episode two

Lance was again on his room bouncing his ball when the door got open “Lance you wanna go to the playground” Jessica ask Lance shook his head “Lance you need to get some sun you’re gonna get sick c'mom baby” Jessica said pulling Lance up from his arms and taking him to the playground he sit down in he floor and bounce his ball against the floor he looked up totally artificial sky it was obvious even the youngest of the CRSC could know that Lance let out a sigh when some kids of his age came to sit down with him “hi” a girl said “hi” Lance answered “I’m Lana what’s your name?” The girl ask “Lance” he answered “so what’s your ability? I’m Tomas by the way” A kid ask Lance only looked at the kid in the eyes ^I don’t know exactly what is it but the doctors call it Telepathy^ “wow” Tomas said “what?” Lana ask “I can hear him in my mind” Tomas said “really?! My turn my turn” Lana said Lance looked at her and use his gift ^so Lana right? What is your ability?^ “amazing how do you do that?” Lana ask “I…don’t know I just born knowing how to do it” Lance answered “oh and answering your question levitation” Lana answer “you levitate thing?” Lance ask Lana nod “Tomas can also do something with his mind” Lana said “the doctors call it Memorial I can go into your brain and watch your memories but at the same time I do you see the memory I choose to watch too” Tomas said “wow” Lance said “so can you do anything else beside the telepathy?” Tomas ask “well I can give some strong headaches the doctors called them mental strokes” Lance said “oh…you’re so cool” Tomas said “heh you two are cooler than me” Lance said, Tomas Lance and Lana turn into close friends in no time.

They will comfort each other in the playground after one had a test Lance and Tomas normally had to put a helmet on and bite the silicone thing while Lana had to push her ability to the edge like lifting objects visibly heavier than her while she was connect to a bunch of cables that produce electricity, when Lance talked to people with his ability it wasn’t like he was normally talking it came with echo which was funny for Lance he could annoy the doctors this way ^making me suffer again doc?^ Lance let that into the doctor mind as he walk into the room “Lance do not use your ability on me unless you’re ask to do so” the doctor said “oh c'mom leave him he’s a teen he’s just having fun” Jessica said the helmet came down to Lance head “alright Lance I’m gonna need you to give this lady right here a mental stroke when this machine start alright?” Jessica said when a lady on a wheel chair came in “who is she?” Lance ask “oh no one important honey just do it ok” Jessica said “umm ok” Lance said “ok everything ready…and…go” the doctor said and Lance stared to give he woman the mental strokes “keep going Lance” Jessica said “fascinating it’s not just the mind the pulse of the victim raise and everything contract inside of her…amazing” the doctor said “c-can I stop?” Lance ask “no Lance keep doing it” Jessica said “also look at Lance mental strength it’s going higher so is his blood pressure” Jessica said Lance nose start to bleed “so there’s only an amount of power you can use huh?” Jessica said “Lance can you do a harder mental stroke?” Jessica ask “no! It hurt!!” Lance said but he was force to keep going until he screamed.

The days past and the test start turning more and more merciless every time less kids where playing they all where just….resting like they’ve never done it Lana was resting her head on Lance shoulder while Tomas throw his ball at the air “Lance you have a bruise here” Lana said “where?” Lance and without looking at her “in you collar bone” Lana said and before Lance could check a man in a black suit spoke “alright children listen up today we are going to select 20 kids that are going to go to the garrison installations to study for being pilots this is obligatory the test on you will keep going and they shall can interfiere with your classes you will rest depending the damage so lets stared” the man called 20 kids none of them was Lance, Lana or Tomas today Lance bracelet shine “a visit?” Lance said a guard came into the room and took him to the visit room unlucky for him that day he just finish a mental stroke test those always let him weak and visibly hurt it was his mom and dad “mama papa” Lance said “hi honey how are-oh my god” Lance mom cover her mouth “baby you look terrible” Lance mom said “see Max lo tenemos que sacar de aquí” Lance mom said wow Lance hasn’t hear Spanish in a long time.

His parents talk to him for a long time “Lance you wanna go back home baby?” Lance mom ask Lance turn at his dad ^are you still afraid of me Papá?^ Lance dad flinch at the voice in his head “papa is afraid of me I think I’m better here” Lance said and stand up “Lance mijo” Lance dad say “you know this is for the best right?” Lance dad said “what?!” Lance mom looked at him “if you said so” Lance shrug the guard called the kids and Lance leave ^I love you mama^ Lance mom looked at him “I LOVE YOU TOO MIJO!!” She yelled Lance was not going home anytime soon.

Six years pass Lance and Tomas lose Lana on a test she tried to lift a scholar bus and couldn’t she suffer a heart attack for the pressure of her own power today the man of the garrison came “hello children you know how this work 20 kids will come with me to turn into pilots this is not optional” the man say and start naming kids “Lana White” the man said ^She’s dead^ Lance told him with his power “alright then Lance McClain” Lance got shook where they calling him? No it couldn’t be “Tomas kill me” Lance said “Lance…oh god no” Tomas said “C'mon Lance you have to go” Jessica said “I…I don’t want to” Lance said “Lance McClain” he got called again Lance stand up and walk to the man Lance for took the garrison where he got a dorm and a roommate but he still wore his bracelet and it still beep when he was going to have test he slowly liked the garrison he wanted to be a fighter pilot but looks like nothing ever goes to Lance favor he was always compare to this other pilot Keith his roommate hunk was a nice guy but really curious he will always ask why his bracelet beep and where he always go when it did or why he looked so sick he time keep passing and the routine trap Lance once again it was fighter simulator problems with Iverson test pain sleep repeat.

But for the first time something different happen and Lance end up in space with his two friends Pidge and hunk his ‘rival’ or that’s how Lance called him and his hero Shiro on this gigantic blue lion Lance pass to be a defender of the universe he kept his ability as a secret tho it wouldn’t be convenient if his team knew what if Allura and coran wanted to experiment on him Noel it wouldn’t happen nu-uh.

Eventually the homesickness hit the castle everyone was sad specially Lance he missed his mom his siblings his Abuela he missed Tomas and he always missed Lana she was the soul of his little group and when she die she took a piece of Lance with her the team was arguing Lance didn’t know why or for what so he remain silence at a point listening at his teammates fight “I say we form voltron and end Zarkon for once!” Keith yelled “and then what?! We get capture and fucked up?!” Pidge yelled “Pidge control your language that’s the your third curse” shiro said “oh fuck of shiro” Pidge said “guys! None of us is thinking clear” hunk said “oh shut up hunk you haven’t done anything beside fail in every mission! You don’t even want to be here!!” Keith yelled “Keith control your anger!! This is ridiculous” shiro yelled Lance was getting mad “guys relax this is out of control” Lance said “oh you wanna talk about control then why don’t you control your stupid jokes and dumb flirting and do something useful for once huh?” Pidge said Lance knew he had to stop his team so he stand up looked at his team and ^ENOUGH!^ his voice made echo inside everyone’s mind but not in the castle his team turn at him and got amazed by what they saw ^You all should stop fighting like some kindergarten kids!! We are out of control and if we have this trouble being friends then we suck at being paladins nOW SHUT THE FUCK UP!^ the team was amazed Lance just said all of that without moving his mouth and only the paladins heard him Allura and coran didn’t.

“Wow Lance how did you calm them?” Allura ask “you didn’t hear what he said?” Shiro ask “he didn’t said anything” Allura answered “Lance how did you?” Pidge say and stare at Lance “I…I gotta go” Lance rush to his room and lock the door “fuck fuck fuck damn it fuck!” Lance said his team already out of his door “Lance i think we all need to talk” shiro said Lance was so fucking screw he had to use his gift didn’t he?


First Time

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Request: “Hi! I have a request for a newt x reader where newt is showing her his creatures for the first time and as they go around to all the exhibits he’s nervous about what she’ll think and all the fluffiness!!! Also could there be a cute Bowtruckle ambush?”

Authors Note: Thank you  @oakdragon253 ​ for requesting!!! I’m not sure how I feel about this one, really messy, not as fluffy as I had hoped for but oh well!! P.S thank you so so much for almost 400 followers uMmm???? You are all absolute legends 

Word Count: 1492

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Gifted episode one

Lance was gifted that’s what his family always called him but his gift was different some kids had super minds with a huge intelligence others had photographic memory and others where amazing in technology but Lance wasn’t any of those things he could communicate with you without opening his mouth just with his thoughts he was a psychic Lance could also make people feel huge headaches so people normally didn’t piss him off his family discover this when he was 4 one day his mom was busy and he house was too loud Lance was hungry and suddenly “yes on a second Lance” Lance mom said and the house got quiet “mom….Lance hasn’t say anything” Lance older sister said “What? Honey don’t be ridiculous he just told me he’s hungry” Lance mom said picking him up “Babe he didn’t say a thing I swear” Lance dad said that’s when everything stared.

When Lance was 10 things at school things got pretty bad this kid was bulling Lance “what’s the matter freak?” The kid say “leave me alone!” Lance yelled “or what? You’re gonna cry?” The kid say pushing Lance to the ground “cry baby” the kid said Lance just stare at him with a killer look “what? Do you think you scare….ahh…ahhhhHHH!!” The kid drop to the floor grabbing his head the kids where scare as they looked at Lance standing up staring at the bully a teacher broke Lance concentration “He’s a monster!!” The kid said as he was took away his family slowly got scare of Lance except his grandma “Abuela am I scary?” Lance ask “oh no, no no no no mijo you’re not you’re just different special and people normally get scare of things they don’t understand there’s nothing wrong with you mijo” Lance abuela was his angle Lance savior Lance pass to be homeschooled away from everyone and when he was 11 someone knock at the McClain house door.

The garrison was outside “hello what can I help you with” Lance mom ask “we are here to pick up Lance McClain miss” one of the mans spoke Lance mom was horrify as she let the mans in “I-I think there’s a mistake I-we didn’t call” Lance mom got interrupted “I called them” Lance dad spoke “Lance go pack your stuffs” Lance dad order he just stared at him “Now. Lance!” Lance step away from the living room “Lance McClain don’t you dare to give a single step into your room” Lance mom said “Max you did not give your son away” Lance mom raise her voice at Lance dad “Lance go.pack.your stuffs” Lance dad demanded which make Lance walk away “Lance sTAY RIGHT THERE!” Lance flinch at her mother scream and stay still “Grace this is insane” max said “WHAT IS INSANE?! the only thing insane here is you giving your son away like only because you’re scare!” Grace said.

“Of course I’m scare! you’ve seen what he can do it’ll be better for everyone in this family if he’s taken away he’ll be fine” Lance dad said “Take him” Max said looking at the mans from the Garrison who walk at Lance making Lance mother run at him but got stoped and picked up by his dad “Lance run!!” grace yelled Lance try to but the man took him “no!! Get your hands off him!!” Lance mother try everything to free herself so she could save her kid “Let me go!!” Lance try to free himself and start giving the guy that was holding him the headaches “agh!!! Put him under!!” The man yelled a women walk at Lance and inject him something that made Lance fell asleep immediately “LANCE!!!” Lance mother couldn’t feee herself from Lance dad “visits are allowed Monday Thursday and Sunday” the man said taking Lance away “go pick the kid stuffs” the women walk to Lance room and picked Lance clothes and some of his toys while the guys walked away Lance mom was crying still trying to reales herself to save her kid “you monster” was the last thing she said to her husband.

Lance woke up on a white room “mama” Lance mumble and he sit down in the bed he looked around it was a plain white room “Hello?” Lance called the door a window Lance could barely reach “Hello?!” Lance raise hi voice and the door sound he step back and a lady came in “oh hello sweetheart I see your awake” it was a lady dress in white with glasses and her named said “Jessica?” Lance said “yeah? Any question?” The women said “where am I?” Lance ask “oh that’s easy your on the control room for special children CRSC for short” the women answer “where’s my family?” Lance ask “oh well they will visit you visit are allowed and on this room you can decorate we can get you posters or toys what would you like?” The women answers “go home” Lance said “oh you can’t sweetheart this IS home now” the women said “well your blood test is today” the women said and grab Lance by his arm “c'mom” Lance followed her to a room with a lot of but like a lot needles Lance gulp “don’t be nervous the first test are the softest" she took some blood out of Lance “now put this on please” she said giving Lance some white clothes “you sure like white here huh?” Lance said and the home giggle “yeah we do” she answers once Lance was dresses “are you left handed or right?” The women asked “uhhh both?” Lance answers “oh that make things easier” Jessica said and put Lance a high tech bracelet “ok so when this little fella beep your door will open that means it’s your test time an if it shines it means you have visits you got it?” Jessica ask and Lance nodded.

The few days had been reflex test and some blood taking Lance also had a playground with other kids from the CRSC and today Lance had a visit it was his mom and grandma “mama abuela!” Lance was excited his mom hugged him so tight “baby I’m so sorry I’m so sorry have they done anything to you what hurts?” Lance mom asked “uhhh nothing it’s been reflex test and blood taking” Lance said showing his arms “your father is coward” Lance abuela said “hush mom don’t talk about him here” Lance mom said she sigh in relieve “my baby I can’t take you out your father sigh so only he can take you out I’m so sorry” Lance mom said at the edge of tears Lance hugged her they talk about Lance test and that every kid had an assign doctor Lance talked about how nice Jessica was “Visit time over kids back to your rooms” the guard said Lance hugged his mom and Abuela then leave “we’ll visit you this Thursday I promise!!” Lance mom said as he walked away.

Lance bracelet beep so he looked at the door and Jessica step in “Let’s go honey c'mon” Lance follow her to this room that looked different from the others “Lay down sweetheart” Jessica said taking his bracelet off Lance did they chained his writs and and ankles to the bed “what is that for?” Lance asked getting panicked then more doctors walked in and put something to sense his pulse on his finger “now Lance open your mouth” Lance did and they put some silicone thing on his mouth “ok Lance this is gonna hurt a little alright?” Jessica said Lance nodded scare the doctors pulled down a device on Lance head that produce a strong electroshock on Lance head he scream biting hard into the silicone molde “raising power” one doctor said and the shock was stronger this time “c'mom Lance your doing great” Jessica said “raising power one more time” the other doctor said Lance cry his hand getting hurt by the chains the pain continue for minutes for Lance it felt like an eternity but then he got realice and his bracelet was back on “there you go” Jessica said siting Lance on the bed “can you bring me a wheel chair” Lance threw up a nurse bring the wheel chair and Lance was going to his room “you did great I’m so proud of you” Jessica said Lance you barely assimilate what just happen “oh there’s your medicine they are painkillers” Jessica said and inject something to Lance that made him feel sleepy “now rest a little ok” Jessica said laying Lance down.

Then Lance got to a different room this time the doctors where in the other side of a crystal “Pain tolerance stared” a doctor said through the speakers and a little noise stared “leveling up” the doctor said and the sound turn higher and higher until it stated to hurt “ahhhh!!!!” Lance was screaming covering his ears then he use his ability and looked at Jessica through the crystal ^Help!^ “he’s communicating with me” Jessica said and the talk in the speakers “Lance you’re doing so good keep going” Lance called for help to everyone around…but no one came until Lance passed out from the pain.

It continue like this for day now Lance understood why some kids on the playground will be just sitting there some of them will not even be there some of them like now Lance rather stay in his room Lance notice that his family hasn’t visit in a while he was just sit there in his room bouncing a ball agains the white walls then his bracelet shine he got a visit a guard came and took him to the visit room his mother was there with his older brother “Lance honey I’m sorry we couldn’t visit things at home gas being crazy but look who’s here Carlos wanted to visit you” Lance mom said “hey little bro how’s it going?” Carlos ask smiling at his brother “good I guess” Lance say sitting down on the visit chair “Can we get a hug baby?” Lance mom ask Lance welcome he hug it felt nice to feel his family warm again it was sad that only two persons where allowed at the same time “bro your arms!” Carlos said “what?! What’s wrong with Lance arms” Lance mom check them there where burns shot marks bruises and now that she realice Lance looked pale eye bags under his blue lifeless eyes “what have they done to you?” Carlos ask “that’s it Carlos grab your brother we’re leaving this place” Lance mom said and when the guard hear that they grab Lance away “miss don’t make an scene unless you want to be banished from the visits” the guard warn placing himself in front of Lance “Fine” Lance mom sit down with his brother “Bro what are those marks” Carlos ask “oh some of them are from pain resistance test other from the chains of bed and chairs and the shot marks are some green thing they inject us” Lance answered he didn’t make it sound like ‘oh it’s normal’ but yes like ‘I’m used to’.

“Visit time over kids back to your rooms” the guard said and the kids stand up from their tables some of the parents where holding their kids so they wouldn’t walk away but the guards will pulled them back and when Lance walk into the corridor for his room his mom said to Carlos “next time I’m bringing your father he needs to take Lance out of this place” Lance mom said “I totally agree with you mom” Carlos say as they walked out.


(WOW this came out of nowhere but is here to stay I hope you enjoy it Lance will go to Voltron eventually but traumas are traumas and his power did not vanish)


Hyuk (@hsh0705):

특명 열심히 빛나는팔찌를 흔들어라 Fix you 라이브 🖒 #coldplay

Wave your shining bracelet especially hard Fix you Live 🖒 #coldplay

kiwisharku  asked:

Hello, this is my first time requesting a story so I hope I am doing this right. What about a story where classic Amy's hammer or the golden bracelets turn her into a magical girl (modern Amy) and Sonic's reaction to her sudden change?


Absolutely! this idea sounds fun and way engaging! It’s just the right amount of silly AU I like! haha. Feel free to ask for prompts many more times in the future ;) If ever you have an idea, that is~


“Sooniic!!” Classic Amy hollered from far across the field, seeing Sonic struggling with his hands locked under a boss robot’s wires, as Eggman laughed at the sight.

“Dunk him, Arm-bot!” He lifted an authoritative hand up, moving the eggpod he was hovering in at an angle to get the point across.

Arm-bot, a basic circle with limps of flamethrowing wire shook them gleefully, beeping and booping in response to the command before throwing Sonic back and forcing him into the water.

Under the water, he kicked and squirmed, holding his breath and reaching out for a nearby air bubble, smiling when he could just reach it with his nose.

“No, no, no! You fool! Away from the air bubbles! What even is that? That isn’t physics!” Eggman threw a mini-tantrum as Arm-Bot looked up to his master.

Seeing him displeased, he moved Sonic with a waddle of his legs over with him to another end of the water’s edge, now the countdown was starting and Sonic began to kick more frantically. The outskirts of the water sprayed up with his futile attempts.

“WHOHOHOOO!!” Eggman laughed, leaning his head back to make the hearty sound, before something shimmered and caught his eyes.

He blinked, “Hmmm..??” Eggman spun around only to see Amy’s arm up, rolling her gloves bunched up area downward to swipe a beautifully shining gold bracelet onto them.

“You’re gonna be sorry for hurting my Sonic!”

“Whose the kid?” Eggman bent his head down, squinting from the reflecting light.

Arm-bot rotated his head to see as well, his face covered in water from Sonic’s frantic splashing.

“Miracle~” Amy cried out, as the bracelet shone.

“Destined love~” she held the bracelet up as she got the other one just in time.

“…What in the-?..EEEE!” Eggman saw a flash of a glowing light, and the light even had Arm-bot sway Sonic up and out of the water.

He coughed a moment, still trapped, before glaring a second and then having his face smooth out in surprise. What was going on over there?

“Power up-u!”

The light was now covering the entire area, as little bubbles trailed down along it’s dome like edges and the three were encircled in it’s warm glow.

Amy jumped up, her body suddenly shifting into more into a ray of light herself, making her look much older like a 12 year old. Her quills bendt down with ribbons trailing throughout them in criss-crossing fashions. Only 2 ribbons managed to trail out to her sides, creating a cute appearance as a new, brighter red with laced white and pink designs trailed it, a skirt fluttered on as she spun and swayed her hand over it.

The other hand moved upwards, as she jumped side to side backwards and each time her feet landed the new boots with ribbons appeared, blooping on with the light bubbles as her face now had longer eyelashes, her smile sprayed with a light pink lipstick and her eyeshade the same.

Her headband transformed to a beautiful adornment with a large ribbon, and then she posed, spinning and jumping up like a ballerina before bowing with a curtsy.

“Here to save love and rings! It’s…~ Amy! Haha!”

Amy then summoned her hammer, “Hammer that paves the shining road!” she spun it around her, before lifting it high above. “Save true love!”

“… Really?” Eggman’s mustache twitched up with his upper lip as he raised an eyebrow, then turned and shook his head disappointingly at Sonic. “THIS… is the type of girls your into?”

Sonic sighed, his eyelids dropping before looking back at Eggman, almost as if he was saying, Those are the girls who like ME.

He did notice though… the slight shift in height and… is she.. more slender now?

He blinked his eyes, trying to see through the water he couldn’t wipe off his eyes and that kept dripping from his head. That, and the lights were bright on the water too, so that was hard.

But she looked… almost… radiant.

He stopped and stared a moment, before making a scrunched up face, not liking the idea of being saved by someone else!

He stuck his tongue out, opening his mouth to show his disgust at thinking that about her and the situation at hand.

“Prepare to make up for your sins against true love, Eggman!” Her squeaky voice made him lean back in his chair, looking exasperated.

“Ugh… kids these days and their anime girls and lousy cartoon shows…”

She then rotated her hammer out in front of her, “Purging of a thousand hearts!”

As fast as lightning, the hammer turned into a rotating light force around her hand, her not even touching it anymore, as she skillfully placed a hand on her bracelet, holding her other one flexed out as a thousand hammers came spiraling out from her hammer-space.

Eggman suddenly leaned forward, his being shaking in fright. “What!? Crazy fan girl!” he lifted his eggpod up, but Arm-bot got nailed with all the hammers, flying off and being blasted as Amy turned and cutely gave the peace sign as the explosion happened behind her.

Eggman came back down, “What a freak show… hmm?” He looked over before getting nailed himself by a hammer to the face, and rotating away.

“Curse you Amy Rose!!! Defender of lo-ov-ov-ove!!!” he spiraled out of existence in a ‘ding’ of a star~<3

Amy, in her modern and older looking body, stylishly landed to the ground.

She ran to Sonic’s side, him coughing from left over water, and shaking it off, making her laugh a moment at his silliness.

“Hehe, Sonic my love, are you alright?”

She turned back to her normal appearance, but still in the outfit again.

This sudden shift was obvious to Sonic though, as he was still trying to get his bearings a moment from being knocked out of Arm-bot’s grip.

He gave her a confused look, almost as if not sure how to respond to her statement, before getting up and stretching.

He looked to the destroyed robot, then back at her.

“Oh? How did I do that?” she blinked, reading his eyes.

“Well…” she turned away shyly, blushing, and holding a closed hand over her ‘playing coy’ expression. “Love can give us amazing powers!”

He flopped over, his leg twitching at how completely cheesy that sounded. He shook his head, getting up, and put his hands to his hips. He tapped his foot a few times, showing he was impatient to those kinda gimmicks.

“Alright, alright! The secret is… I found these bracelets, and they allow me to summon a hammer.” She held her wrists up, palm facing towards him.

He looked down at them, then back at her.

“…The outfit and lights were just a stage set up.” she sweat dropped, as suddenly a light fixture fell from a nearby tree, and Amy revealed the body suit she was wearing that had reflected the light.

Everything but the thousands of hammers she threw was just a performance, as she even showed the multiple ropes attached to her that helped get the clothes on as if she was flying in the air.

He gave her a deadpan look, face-palmed, dragged it down and then sighed.

He drooped his arms down and shook his head.

“What?” Amy blushed, now both hands over her open mouth. “You mean.. I don’t need all these theatrics to be a heroine?”

He nodded, folding his arms.

“But… I did save you… so… did you think I was pretty with the outfit? Or before?” she looked like she genuinely wanted to know.

He flinched back a moment, sweating as he realized this was a trap.

He thought a moment before giving her a thumbs up and a wink, then removing the ribbon from her headband and placing it back in her hands.

He smiled, charmingly, before rubbing off some of the over-done makeup and cutsy-wutsy added ribbons form her hair.

Once done, he tossed it all to the side, clapped his hands off to get the stuff off his gloves, and then helped her up to her feet.

Once up, she teared up, nodding in glee. “I see. You like the natural beauty of the world, not some cheap gimmick.”

He nodded, smiling.

“Right!” She looked determined, “Then I’ll be beautiful and everything you could ever dream of! With or without flare!” She waved her hand up, as he again looked uncomfortable by her words.

So she just wanted to impress him?

He did almost drown though… so there was that.

He sheepishly nodded, before unsuspecting her to hug him like so, making him flail a little but not push her away.

He really should have seen that coming…

“Emmm~ MMM~~~!!” she dug her cheek into his, making the white’s of his eyes more apparent as his eyes shrunk at the closeness of it all.

“I shall do my best to get some respect from you, Sonic! But until then, don’t ever leave my side!”

He panicked, and after seeing a loosening in her hug, he took the chance to whip a leg out, and then dash off.

She blinked, before fully opening her eyes and looking to see him completely out of her grasp. Blinking dashed-lines of his silhouette were the only proof he had been their at all.

“AH!” she gasped, looking ahead as she saw the blue blur disappearing from sight.

“SOONNIICC!!!” she cried out, throwing her arms forward and racing off after him, “WAIT FOR-! AHHH!” she tripped on the ribbon of her boots, and fell flat on her chin.

She growled, before swiping her head back and then attempting to rip the ribbon off.

“Offph! Stupid! Grr..!!! Rafh! Sonic was right. But what he doesn’t know.. is that all this wasn’t cheap at all!!!” she leaned her head up, whining out the sad truth of how many rings she paid for the fabric and sowing the dress herself.

Something Sonic probably didn’t suspect, or even think about really.


Sonic stopped a moment, remembering how much older she had looked before that final attack had shifted her back into the Amy he knew.

That other effect.. the older looking one…

He smiled a cheeky grin, his eyelids sliding down as he mused a muffled chuckle at the look.

Now she wasn’t so bad~ He wouldn’t mind being saved by a cutie like that!

Little would he know how ironic that thought would be…

(I thought this was funny and cute XD)

aka: jace and maia spent a week together and nobody can tell me otherwise
words: 1,300 approx.

Jace considered everything too quiet as he navigated the streets of New York. When he tried to think, all that came to mind was bassy music, neon lights and soft bedsheets; he remembered his body pressed against rough brick walls, arms pinned above his head, trying to find a reason to stop but coming up short.

Her mouth was warm against his skin, against his lips, but her hands were ice cold, the stark contrast making Jace’s head spin. Her voice was a challenge, hiding both honesty and lies, and it made Jace feel a kind of madness, so much so that replying seemed a useless gesture. He only saw her in that moment; all smiles and sarcasm and acquired confidence, somebody Jace could try to level with, but never could.

The thought of her was as common as the pulse under his skin.

Maia. Maia Roberts—

‘Don’t think this means anything—’

And Jace tried to convince himself that all of this was just a path leading to a dead end, that things were just getting better before they got worse, but he was a lost cause. As soon as their lips met, Jace knew he would follow her anywhere, if she asked.

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