shinee as super heroes

Will You Let Me? (One Shot/Scenario/Request)

Summary: She has this way of making him feel like a child, protecting his most precious thing.

Original Scan: ©

Y/N has this way of making him feel too much.

He doesn’t know what it is, but when she looks at him he feels like a treasure, golden and shining. When she cheers him on he really thinks he is a super hero who can save the world. Sometimes when she smiles he wants to protect her and keep her all to himself. There are times when she talks about the important things, making him wonder, question and learn. She makes him want to have all the answers, to even the most superfluous of questions like the time she asked him, ‘How do you make sweet potato ice cream? What about pancakes? Can we make them?”

Y/N makes him feel too much. Sometimes he loves it because it makes him feel alive and invincible.

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The other day, my blog hit 700 followers! I know, it's not a 
giant deal, but due to the fact that ehhh, I'm bored, I haven't done this yet, and that I want to show some of my favorite
blogs on here, I decided to finally do some work and make myfirst follow
First though, I figured I'd put some cheesy foreword or something:
Before I joined tumblr last October, I was just kind of... I don't
know -bored with everything I guess? I didn't have too many
friends with the same interests or anything, so I only felt really comfortable and happy with one or two of them... But when I
joined tumblr, I learned that really, I wasn't that odd, and I
even made some really good friends on here! Also, I've
learned so much from everyone on here about understanding other people and stuff like that. So, as I much as I may say
that I hate tumblr or how it's a waste of time, I'm still happy I ended up joining and getting to know some of you. Also, even though I don't know anything about a lot of you, I seem to
have memorized a lot of your URLs, so... I guess that
just shows how much I enjoy all of your all's posts!
Well, enough of that nasty, cliche crap.
Italics - Ultimate Faves
Bold - Friend
1in1k-today 5hawol allhailthepenguinking asiaobsessedjess 
baekkummie blingmints boomboompowpew closetblinger
dubuhyunnie dubuluvr dubuwaffle dream-guuurl effelunt
fandomruck flamingmin frostyjjong fuckingjjonghyun
gaarawantcookie hotjapanesebutts ilovemyblueworld
it-has-to-15e-kpop jjongbling jojo525 jongasaurusrex jong-bum
jonghyun-ah jonghyunar jonghyungry jonghyunismyhusband
jongkey9191 jongkittae jongtaetho jjongaholic jjongasarus
jjongbling jjongers jjongie-pongie jjongkim
journeysheffield kaseum key-goon keyppalocket keyzeejahnezze
kimhyoyeon-snsd kimjonghyunsucks kimeunhwa kimkeylyde
kissmeinspirit23 kittybummie kooreum ktshinee kwibom
le-twinkle----------twinkle minhoclosethedoor
missblinger18 missbummie myjonghyuncondition my-shinee-world
ninthwish nipplesxoxo ohmilkey on-ho pokieemoo randomhplover
shawolastic shawolistic shin33ee shinee-as-super-heroes shininghime
soojunqa spawnofsataem squishybummie symptoms-ee tae-baby
taekey taemeow taemajesty taepyoo taetastic taetasticc taohunmania
the-artist-alliance the-lesser-penises-of-shinee themilliontherin
tostaeda turn-over-onew-leaf unbiaseddotcom
valekim wizziebean wow-fantasticbabe
xxshiningheartxx zgsayshi

Hey guys! I’ve decided to make a follow forever to mark my 300+ followers and my 6 months since joining tumblr! Last year had it’s up and downs, but one of the best things that happened is that I joined this community, where I’ve met so many great people, learned so many new things, and have made a lot of awesome, fantastic friends. Everyone here is so amazing; you guys are hilarious, kind, and always caring to me and for that I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you guys for making me smile on my worst days and I hope all of you have a splendid rest of the year and that 2015 treats you all well!!

Here’s some of my favorite blogs on here who brighten up my dashboard! Thank you!! (And I still love you even if I didn’t mention you here~)

Love, Rachel 

Bold = mutuals

Italics = friends who I love talking to 



aegyo-shinee  -  awildblackkpopperappears  -  bakafirefly  -  blingblingpuppysaur  -  blingblues  -  blingerish  bottaem  -  caliyah  -  catchmeinthedrift  -  cherubiofficial  -  chocolatecoveredchocolate  -  chocolatexpuppy  -  choi-minhot  -  choiminhonoona  -  church-of-minho


dalgi-shinee  -  datbankai  -  deja-roo  -  dubutokii  -  everyone-loves-jinki  -  excusemehotchocolate  -  fakeaegyosal  -  flamingpuppy  -  fluffyjinki  -  frost-muffins  -  frostyjjong  -  fuckingkimkibum  -  happyshawol  -  heartsoulbeats96  -  helluuthere  -  herewegobebe  -  hiswhiskeyisthelucifer  -  hitchhikingbaby  -  holyshmeesus


jae-keybeom  -  jeronnamo  -  jink-ee  -  jinkidubu  -  jinkiminkiki  -  jinkis-noona  -  jinkissweatyballs  -  jinkismanpurse  -  jjongs-lubricants  -  jjongsta  -  jonghyun-is-ok  -  jonghyun-u-mofo  -  jonghyunnyhoney  -  jonghyuns-flat-ass  -  jongtaeist  -  keybummed   -  keycifer  - keys-yeobo  -  keytomybum  -  kibum-san  - kibummys  -  kimjimwoo  -  kimkeylyde  -  kimkibottom  -  kingleejinki  -  kittybummie  -  kkeybo  -  kpopgotnochill  -  ktshinee


loyal-jinki  -  mal-pas  - minbunnie -  minflame  -  minho-hyung-shinee  - minhoandthebabes  -  minhoclosethedoor  -  minhoisfuckingtaemin  -  minholicc minhomakesme - minhoskitty - minhotpocket -minhovaltine  -  minkisschu  -  minprinceho  -  minshiningirl  -  mintaeyuu  -  miracleminho-shi  myfreakeydorkey  -  notallarmins  notmyllama  -  o-r-g-e-l  - officialminho  -  on-ho  -  ondubutokki  -  onlyminhoe


pbminho  sailorkibum  saintchoiminho  -  seobunnie  -  sexynaughtybitchykey  -  sirjinki -  shawol-noona  -  sheepflake  -  shinee-as-super-heroes  -  shineenote   -  sluttyjinki  -  sluttyramen  -  snowjjong  - starsshineebright  -  taemajesty  -  taemeow  - taeminope  -  taemintnchocochips  -  taengouls  -  taesdays  -  taesty-taemin  -  taetastic  -  the-artist-alliance  -  the1907  -  touchthe-flame  -  turn-over-onew-leaf


wetforjinki  -  wildafrican-spirit  -  winkijinki  -  wtfjonghyun  -  xiuxiubee  -  yinyao  -  youobviouslyloveonew  -  youresoprofessional  -  zarzarthebear


 Hi my babies!!  I want to tell to change my URL Ive been here for two years almost to be here whit my old url twominshipperforever and every day Im more happy to see all the  amount of people who liked my blog and the people I’ve met are just always so sweet is why today I just want you to know that I’m thankful with all of you for bringing me joy in these difficult days and putting a smile on my face with your posts, with your edits or gifs or a message making my dashboard such a nice place to be, you are all beautiful and amazing people and even tho i barely talk to any of you i consider all of you my friends, you made memorable  my experience in tumblr, always make happy see you on my dash, also thanks for follow me and thanks for sharing with me his love for SHINee!  

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy new year!

I do not follow many blogs, so you can be sure That every one in the list is absolutely quality and I highly recommend them all of them are my sempais and  the most beautiful people I’ve met here <3 and my tumblr crush  i really love them!!

 Bold-Mutuals favorite blogs and my friends i love you !!

 Italic- favorite blogs 

 A - D

aegyo-shinee~ amigonew~aquaeverything~beepbeepshinee~ blingblingpuppysaur~ blingerish~ choiminhho~ cin2min~dakiutwahida~ dearmyfairyboy~ delikey~ dinobummie~dubuwaffle~ duwbu

E - I

exo-love-in-my-shineeworld~flameflakes~ flamingflamint ~ flamingmin~ flamingpuppy~ froggie-mushroom~ fukumin99~ geenzou~ goomiho~herewegobebe~inblueroom~

J - L

jagiyajinkibells~ jinki-and-his-bitches~jinki-bunny~ jinkiminkiki ~ jinqki~ jjongbling~

jjongs-key ~ jong-bum~ jonghyunar~ jonghyungry ~ jonghyuns-flat-ass~ jonqfi~
kegu~ key-is-my-wife-k~ keybuman~ keyvictim~
kibum-san~ kibuns~
kim-byulroo~kimjongloser~ kingleejinki~laemint~ leetaememe~ lovermin~

M - S

majingki~ minbunnie~mingmints~ minhal-x~
minho-goon~ minhonnie~minhoskey~ minjup~ minlys~ minsam2~ minshiningirl~ mintyramen~ mintytaemin~mintokkies~ miracleminhoshi~mrkimm~namhuns~nipplesxoxo~
omynew~ onew-lets-have-sex~  onewjk2min~
on-ho~onho-lovers~pbminho~ person-ish~ pikasquad~shawollet ~shawoltaeminho~
shine-as-super-heroes~ shineebrothers~ shineelove5~ shineemoon~ shineesque~shineestar5~ sluttyramen~ spicylollipop~ squishkey~ squishybummie~sugki~ sunfourwer~ supemacky~

T – Y

taebbam~ taelighted~ taemalice~ taemajesty~ taemeow~ taeminsdicksuckinglips~ taemisu ~ taemout~ taerickster~ taesdays~ taeshineegirl~ taetastic~ thatfuckingcoolcat~
the-artist-alliance~  themisconceptionofme~ tsu-key~ tteonajimara~ valekim~wetforjinki ~yinyao ~ yon-hye~ yasumiyassy~

Thanks  my baby for helping me with this i love you <3

To  each of my followers thanks for your cute send me messages that always make me happy !! whether I have talked with you or not, your presence is important in my life thank you very for following my blog every day I hope you to continue enjoying it!

thanks my cutes !!.~ -love Valesca

yaaay! extra late and extra lame follow forever, yaay! /throws confetti all over the place/ with a terrible like 5-minute-edit yaaaay!

omg so finally, I had the time to get my non existent butt to work on this! I wanted to do my follow forever since I reached my follower goal a couple months ago and I really did! it was totally done! but the file disappeared and I kinda gave up on it for a few months… whoopsies~
also life and college got in the way so I couldn’t really work on it earlier but you know what people say, Better late than never (is it even this way? omg)

So I am really thankful to all of you who have taken the time to check out my super lame ass blog and decided to follow~ also this is my first year where I stayed constantly on tumblr ahah so freaking obsessed man. . So to all of you my dear followers, thank you so much cuties, you really are a bunch of sweethearts ♡ and I also want to thank all the wonderful blogs I follow that keep my dash as funny and active as always, I would’ve been long gone if it wasn’t for all of you.

after all the babbling i just did lol shall we start with the actual follow forever? yes we shall~
(as I lost my list, if i’m missing someone please let me know! I really don’t wanna miss anybody)

  • Bold - My cuties
  • ✩ - forever loving your blog / url*
  • ♡ - Special sweethearts*

*after url.

# ↣ b

174cents aigooshinee♡ aisakaluka-san alittlekpopforyourlife and-the-bands-start-to-sing♡ arigataou babaybubblez♡ baekfabulousbaekhyun92 baekhyun-ahbaekhyun-fied baekingkai baekisgay✩ baek-me-a-cake✩  baek-obsessed baekshine baeksthickthighs baektastic baekyeoloving baekyeoloverdose baek-yu baixain bangtansuckmyass baozis-filling be-the-kkab-to-my-song bo-bo-bobby boku-no-exo brightbaekbunchofkkaebsongs byunbaekcum♡ 

↣ d

candybaekscaramel-cream-kaichangsha-prince chanyeolismysexualfantasy chenstellation cherrykais♡ chunjis-boobs dazzlingkaidbsk-come-back-as-five dj-put-it-baek-onds-kpopper dyoruuruu

e↣ f

exoawhexobaozi-xoxo exo-be-creepin exoeternally exo-healing-unicorn-lay exolutely♡ exorablexiuexotheliferuinersexotictrap flawlesskimjonginflowerboyhun fluffy-taohun

g ↣ h

galaxynope gayyaoibl getlayd handsomeprince93 happiness-for-exo h-and-the-12-cutieshealing–unicorn heichou-youareso-pretty hello-again-mysecretuniverse hexoxogon hitchhikingbaby hohohohsebootylicious honugirl huang-shit-tao

i↣ j

iamnotuglyiamexotic ienjoythemayo  i-need-a-luhandjobinimxiuixminiintoxicated-exultant iridescent-bambiiridescentbaekjinglingkaisballsjonginisoo joonmyunsnoodlejounghoseok  judgmentaltrolldaejungcookramen junglebellshoseoksmells justbaekthings

k↣ l

kaiskisses kaisoosbabies kaisooslut kawaiikiyoshi k-beoumkissmeexo kkaebsongplzk-oreaaakpopmayo kpopontop krismehard krispybaek kungfupandaabstylebadass kunhoe kyung-baek kyung-to-your-cumber kyuungboob kyungsensualkyunghs kyungsoosbumhole lilexotic lionbaekloveyoukawaii lue-han luhan-overflowers luhan-ye 

m ↣ p

mallangsoo miss-cynical mmmexomydeerest-luhan ninjachipsnoodle-suho notyeol nuichingu ohluhanspimp♡ park-dobii p-i-k-a-i-c-h-u ♡ pyro-owl

s↣ t

seduce-me-with-satoorisehunahbby sehunffchen sehuninlove  sehun-ismystylesehuns-luscious-pink-penis-hairsehunsjinglebells  sehuntingdatassseouldier sexologywithbaekhyun sexualorientation-exo shinee-as-super-heroes squishy-kyung♡ suhorrifiedsuhotly supersmtownbiasthings symptoms-ee taoshipsdontlietaokrisp teateateateahoney the-angel-lu thebaekfastclubthuhunhan tohoshinkids tops-bare-chest trendnim twerking-xiumintwinkle-tao two-chenz 

w↣ z

wuyifancyxing-xing-the-high-unicornxiuhanee xiuharem-for-christmas♡ x-xiuminxiuminsbutttho xiuminsdreamsxiuminshipsdontliexmadisonlewisx yeollovemebaek yixingmedown yixingsfatgirlfriendy0ur-oppayofaceu zitaos-penis-hair

aaaah so there it goes~ Also guys I am always willing to talk to anyone that comes into my humble ask, so don’t be afraid to come talk to me if you are in this or not~ , I promise I don’t bite~ (but i do cuddle and hug a lot so you have been warned) and if we talked even once we are tots friends in my book lol soooo

minny out~ (●´□`)♡

Taeminenotatypo’s First Annual Follow Forever Thingie!!!

  Said in the creepiest way possible. Hence the creepy gif.

This is my first follow forever thingie so excuse the massive amount of suckage. I’ve wanted to do this forever but between work and being an utterly lazy individual during my off time, it’s never come to fruition. Ramblings aside, let the accolades begin…


attackoncreative , alixatrix, archedbanana, alyssumaimatia, addictedtotaemin, aconfusedseoul anobserveroftheuniverse, all-hail-the-yunconda, aegyo-shinee,  acetaeminnie, addictedtotaemin, allmybiasareperfect, angellic0, ask-leetaemin  briseus, bumkeyks-little-freak, bubblestotherescue,  bumkangsung, bubble-pop-princess, baebytae, beepbeepshinee, battaery, baabymaot18, baebytae, b00bae, be-the-kkab-to-my-song, bammbem, barbare22, cactuusruudo, chailattesnshit, cloarreciife, choiseolri2, constellation-k,  carolphantomhive, choimajo, church-of-minho, church-of-taemin, charming401, canyouhearthescreamsofthebroken, climax—climax,  christopherrobin24, coffeinmyblood creepin-on-idols , cutieyixingdimples,chairish24, chochoa1, devonnoona,  divulgedxecret, defeat-the-hun, dontkpopmybubble, dieyrah, chainstraps


elfamint, fluffyshawolkittens, fakeaegyosal, freakey-ace0718, fandoms-2014, franzithebookworm, frizettte, flashlights1004, feelthedouche, frost-muffins, farahayunni, finger-me-gently-zitao, finebonechina, fuzzyfandom, flower-in-bloom, froggie-mushroom-princess-69, fairytael-prince, fraumyun, fuck-me-im-a-bunny, fuckmepleasetaem, goshyes, gypsytaemuse, gaiakey, geovanna-marques, gullicantexplain, gestaltshouts, gabyhenecia-shawol, giu-martins, gg1810, gracehuang1994, han—beanie, heavenleetaemin, hey-im-mr-simpur, holyshmeesus, hotaru97, holiday091, hongtaeteukhae, 


iwishtodayitwillrainallday, illuminataem, ixtaemin, isaysexualthingsaboutleetaemin, itsagifluvsu, its-sammygirl, 
itaemin0718, ishabera, ihateyouleefuckingtaemin, ivanashawol0525, i-feel-shinee, idreamofkpop, idreamofkyungsoo, iwanttobeyouronlyace, imyourdebboy, jinchongjin, kawaiiibetch, lelumato, love-chopper00, kuraimin, kileritzaali, letterstojonghyun, lukieliu, libertasxphoenix, jbabarintos, kingdom-of-fandomasia, leeyadiira, lilybunnys, koreanlov, jinkifreak13, jink-ee, kpopandseoul, justanothertaemint, lalalafool, lay-baek-on-crackyeol, late-nite-blogger, lalalafool, lutmarita-us, kyungsmash, linafortuna, kookie-smile, kalifaland, leextm, juliaopheliac, je-jin, kkaebbakabezarious, kpopfrenzy, lixana, justrunawaylovers, jozah16, leextae, let-me-be-your-only-ace, joonmother, lexicat20, keybomme, leeanataemaniatic, keybum-iee, keekaboo00, kingdomofyourheart, jojo-lkp, k1l2m, kpop4lifemuddafukka kimxjonghyuniel, jjongsmeat, lee-taemints, jongkittae, lullylace, jungkookie13, losteraable


megahopelessshawollove, parkeunhyun, makimaki0527, melyjong, progredi-in-vitam, onew-up-on-you, pearlescentblue-polar, marjcupcakes, missleeeunji, natapnkm, maajorbitch, nonayobo, need-i-remind-you, naudanfilee, manlybabytaeminmoonpengu, nikki100900, nereidah, mymarthik, minabrilglez, negrabella2000, memz50, meninavanilla, mintaeyuu, my-angel-of-moonlight, minprinceho, mytaelover, minflame, meta-shawol, myfriendshop, mayitha199, oh-no-she-betta-do-not, oohsehunnie, naeliya, pieugne-ontae-kluski, phundredl, misschristinemarie, mary96world, mrstaeminlee, prettyprincesstaemin, manlytaebong, piccolamacchia, meninavanilla,mykpopuniverse, minabrilglez


ryan-rossruinedmylife, sou-chan52, shaxwol, themagicalsprinkles, the-girl-who-daydreams, themuffinterrorist, swimminghottubfan, taemkitten, taeunique, taeminismybias, theconfuzzledcuttlefish, sataensfollower, shawolt, sojuberry, shawollet, shakeshakeshakefakefakefake, sn-zumy, shiningstar-gk, taem-me-jongin, sonyeondangerous, taeminhaskilledme, sugarsweetsimplicity, supastareden, samiithamiauu, taemin-istri, shineesque, shinee-as-super-heroes, taesgimleteyes, taementoss, taemistrz, tiffanysnsdblr, tae-yeol, taemsur, rayne81, theshelteronthesea, taeminie-shroom, taeminie-babyandmr-precious, the-taempon, shawolforever0t5, twinkitae, seoprettae, taetastic, taesty-taemin, taeroto, smile-this-is-life, shinieish, shineegirl18s, shin33ee, smbiased9394, taeminyouvetornyourdress, taemeri, taemaaann, shineebrightlikeaminho thevinylhouse, theskyinmylife, taelif, shin-taeho, trouble-sungjoon, shineedaydream, shiningshawolpanda, sinful-ohsehun-archive, taeminniedream, susymin, serezade-89, sweetaelate, sockstochicken, sproutingplant, skarah325, taemchou, tnwls8919, simplymyself1997, shineemedusa, tsukimin, slsove, taemylee, smallandeverthinning, strippingtaemin, taeminnichkhunminho, taeminsphiltrum, taeminsdicksuckinglips, taeminnie-and-mickey, suledadduk, themoonaskedthecr0w, taekey, taerrorize, taerickster, shineelove5


we-felt-young-in-a-good-way, valleys-of-tormented-souls, xoxoshineefxbeastxoxo, wendyzeng, weareonenationlivinginsmtown, zicosaegyo, yankeesyogi, xhcosanma, wannuranis, your-whisper-is-the-lucifer, yoitstaedamn


9snsd5shinee, 20mariel, 2lazy2upd8, 329-718, 106281yuri

I think I got everybody. And I hope you guys can feel the love that went into this list. It was seriously one of the most tedious posts I have every done.If I forgot anyone. It wasn’t personal. Blame tumblr. I’ll add as I go (Thanks a bunch tumblr. Way to not put followers in alphabetical order, dicks! )

For those of you who have continued to follow me throughout the various levels of my crazy, I appreciate you guys. For those of you who don’t follow me, I’ll still follow you forever because your posts are reblog-worthy so no hard feelings. Yet;)

Hey guys!! Welcome to my very first follow forever!!! *throws cheap confetti* yaayyy :D

In celebration of reaching my next hundred followers, and for my baby blog turning 1 year next month, I thought it’d be nice time to shout all my fave blogs out! (both mutual and non-mutual)  :)) I really want to thank all of you from the bottom of my heart, you’ve really made my time here the best and I’m grateful to all of you. If I forgot you, please let me know! I most likely love you too!

bold - the coolest mutuals eveerrr

#-F G

1in1k-today - 5hawol - aegyo-shinee - aegyoshawol - alwayshineelove - amigonew - amimrsleejinkiyet - babojinki - battaery - beauty-and-kpop - beepbeepshinee - blacknoonajade - blingblingpuppysaur - blingerish - blingerous - bumkeyks-little-freak - buttkeyk - cankle-porn - chocolatecoveredchocolatechurch-of-minho - dangerousfx - dinobummie - domino-fx - fanserviced - fantaesies - femaleidol - flamingpuppy - frostyjjong - fukumin99


happyshawol - herewegobebe - hipthrust - hitchhikingbaby - hopelesstomatofairy - idolbunny - im-a-shawol-whats-your-excuse - jcngkey - jeronnamo - jink-ee - jinkiminkiki - jinkis-noonajinkisspookyballs - jjongrexual - jonghyun-u-mofo - jonghyunar - jonghyunismyhusband - jonghyunlookslikesexsexsexsex - jonghyuns-bootygogi - jonghyuns-flat-ass - jongkittae - jongsandwich - jonqhyun - just2wings - keellllii - key-is-my-wife-k - keycifer - keyissoshinee - keytomybum - kibum-san  - kibummys - kimjongloser - kimkibottomkingleejinkikkeybo - ktshinee - littleshinee - mindblowinglyawesome - minhal-x - minho-doe - minshiningirl - misconceptionsof


niqels - o-r-g-e-l - officialsm - parklunatic - playmyheartbeat - pre-debut-shinee - pumpkinspicedlattaes - seoprettae - seoulmates3 - shawolinaaa - shinee-as-super-heroes - shineepineeshinee - sluttyramen - soojungy - spicylollipop - taemeow - taesdays - taeshineegirl - teenobcessions - the-artist-alliance - the1907 - themisconceptionofme - theshineelover - turn-over-onew-leaf - ultrakdramamama - under-the-stairwell - violraptaer - why-so-serious-blinger - youobviouslyloveonew - yurioppa

sorry my graphic isn’t the best i’m not that good at stuff like this hehehe.

Thanks again!!! <333 *hugs you all*

Since it’s the end of the year I thought what better time to thank some people for making my Tumblr experience so freaking Shinee and awesome! (no flashy banners I am working with the bare minimum at the moment) but anyway let’s get to it:

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Thanks again I hope to get to know more of with the New Year!


Well I’ve finally reached my first tumblr “goal.” It’s been about 4 months. Here’s to the great people I call my “tumblr mutuals” or my “tumblr friends.” THANK YOU FOR MAKING THIS ADDICTING PLACE “FUN.” If I forgot you, I’M SUPER SOWWY. PLES MESSAGE ME SO I’LL PUT YOU ON HERE. I tried to remember everyone~ 

Alright the heart to your RIGHT -nonono not left, RIGHT, click on it for your special message. <3 (It’s usually 2-3 sentences because I was too lazy to write novels). And if you’re on mobile and you can’t see it, send an ask and I’ll send it to you. (: I suck at complimenting people. I wrote this at like probably 12 AM-3AM so please be happy. ;-;

I tried putting it in alphabetical order… ;; I tried. OTL And I haven’t been on Tumblr, I’m sorry. I’ll try to put up a queue. I have projects to do. T_T You guys probably got spammed with the “READ MORE.” I’m so sowwy. ;-; It took so long to do this. I didn’t get enough sleep because of it. ;; BUT THANK YOU FOR NOT UNFOLLOWING MY BLOG. <3


BTW, I can’t gif. So this is horrible. LOL 

x x 


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Tumblr famous people who I love following. <3 

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People I know in real life who surprisingly didn’t unfollow me yet. .o.

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Hello guys. Has been a long time since I made my last follow forever. And has been a long time since I opened my blog two year ago. I thought that I’d have deleted my blog before two year, but I’m still here, I was wrong.

I would like to say thanks to all my followers, thanks for follow me and thanks to enjoy my simple blog. I don’t talk with a lot of people here (and it’s because i’m so shy and my english is a shit), but I have a appreciation for the blogs I follow. 

Well… I don’t have more to say, I’m not good with words. I’m sorry if I forgot someone. I love you, guys ♥

Merry christmas and happy new year. Have health, guys. Bye bye. 

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