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Synopsis: Jughead has a run in with a very powerful member of the Serpents his first week of school, you.

Pairings: Jugheadxreader

Warnings: Swearing, lots of dialogue

A/N: I know I’ve already posted today but I quite like this idea of mine, let me know what you think kittens!


Jughead POV

“Well are you going to sit with us?” Sweet Peas tone was testing. I’m a loner, I’m not meant to make friends here, isolation is protection right?

“Yeah Id rather not sit you people”

“What’s that supposed to mean Jones?” Fangs Fogarty half barked at me.

“Problem?” A new voice from the shadows behind Sweet Pea echoed, the whole cafeteria, Ghoulies and all, silenced. This somehow does not feel like it’s going to end well…for me. Sweet Peas smirk grew before he raised an eyebrow.

“Umm no oh great omniscient being?” Sweet Pea instantly jumped to his feet in defense to my snarky comments.

“Easy SP, don’t damage the precious cargo” the laugh, I assumed from a girl, still stayed shielded in the dimly lit hellhole. A silhouette then emerge on top of a lunch bench, the light shining behind it like in a super hero film.

“Oh thanks for sparing me your Highness” I fake bowed but on returning to my original stance, the towering being that is Sweet Pea almost shoulder to shoulder with me….well his shoulders are far past mine but you get the idea.

“Watch it Jones” Sweet Peas forearm jostled me back slightly. The silhouette lightly chuckling behind him.

“Huh, cute” then emerged the most beautiful girl I have ever seen in my entire life, Y/C/H flowing with green streaks, okay seriously who is the Southside’s hairdresser. She adorned the infamous Serpent jacket and a slight scar on her cheek, she could easily be a Bond villain…or a Bond girl.

“I hate to interrupt your and Sweet Peas flirting Jones but you either sit or go make some other

friends” she gestured to the still silent Ghoulies, eyes fixed on the Serpent’s green haired queen. Why though?

“And you are?” I tried to sound as blasé as possible even though I was kind of very terrified.

“I said watch it Jones! Show some respect!” Sweet Pea caught my shirt this time. He could possibly be worse than Reggie…She rolled her eyes and sighed, I assume at Sweet Peas defense of her.

“Maybe if I knew who I was respecting?” Pushing his buttons is too easy

“YN YLN” her voice came, clear as a bell before Sweet Pea could threaten me again. Nothing but confidence from the beauty. Sweet Pea raising an eyebrow. Ugh, hate him already.

“And….” Okay I was really chancing my luck, I heard Sweet Pea practically growl and Toni, sitting down behind him, shook her head at me warningly. I could feel the whole cafeteria glance between each other

“Oh my oh my, aren’t we brazen our first week? Legacy or not, you need to watch your mouth” she stepped closer towards me, she really was beautiful….and totally intimidating.

“Especially around me” she practically bit.

“What’s a legacy” the whole cafeteria started laughing then, she left smirking.

“It’s what you are, Bonehead is it?” The cafeteria snickered at her mockery of me, time to play their game.

“Names Jughead, it’s the name you’ll be screaming out loud in bed later” this time Sweet Pea pushed me back forcefully into the wall before catching me tightly by the collar of my shirt and producing a switch blade, the cafeteria returning to silence.

“I’m not going to warn you again Jones!” Okay two things 1) Where are all the teachers, if you sharpen your pencil too much in Riverdale High it’s confiscated and you get detention and 2) I clearly do not understand the rules of their game. My eyes met YNs as she smirked before running her tongue over her teeth before she stepped much closer to me.

The bell rang, saving my ass but then again this isn’t Riverdale High so no one moved. We’re not in Kansas anymore.

“so clever Bonehead” she caught my face in one hand, I didn’t move for fear of being lacerated by Sweet Pea.

“The clever ones are always so fun to break” she then let go of my face with a jerk and strutted off, Sweet Pea giving me a warning look before relieving the pressure he held over me.

“You better watch yourself Jones, Legacy or not, you’re still fresh meat and the Ghoulies are starving”

Toni caught my arm and pulled me through the ever crowded halls and into the newspaper room.



“ONLY AFTER YOU DISSED US SO THEREFORE YOU WENT FOR HER FIRST!” I rubbed my hand down my face slowly, oh God I’ve made a right mess.

“Okay okay maybe I can fix it” she looked at me like I had three heads. I feel like I know nothing about this new world.

“What’s a legacy?”

“You are”

“Oh really I would have never gathered that from all of you saying it” she punched me into the arm for my sarcasm.

“Your dad was in the Serpent’s, your mom wasn’t but irregardless of that, you were still born from some portion of Serpent blood, you were always going to be Serpent, never had to fight for it but-”

“Yeah but your mom is a Serpent and no one is calling you a Legacy” I interrupted

“Well if you had let me finish”


“Anywaaaay, you’re only a Legacy if your serpent parent is of a high enough rank, the rest of us have to prove ourselves so currently the only Serpent Legacies in this school are you and-”

“What about yn, is she a legacy?” She laughed at my question, thankfully not hitting me for interrupting her again.

“YN YLN’ great great great grandfather started the Serpents” she smiled at the shock etched on my face.

“Yup, YN YLN is Serpent Royalty, 100% pure blood and she’s the next leader and thankfully she’s deserving of it” I nodded slowly, now even more terrified of yn. This is some mafia shit.

“She’s a fair leader and knows all the ins and outs of the Serpents, she’s proved herself to be invaluable already and strong in every aspect of the word and so we are fiercely loyal. I wouldn’t cross her Jughead, she might find your snarkiness cute for now but don’t get on her nerves, it’ll be hell for all of us” her eyes were honest and I knew while she respected YN, she also feared her, I think they all did.

“Oh and if you haven’t already guessed, Sweet Pea is her second. Dude follows her around like a puppy so if you’re planning to bash our beloved leader, don’t do it around him” she laughed but it didn’t ease my nerves.

“Actually, just don’t.” Her tone was harsher then.

“Ghoulies seem to be afraid of her?”

“Yeah of course they are are! The amount of them who have attempted to take her down as a way of earning the stripes is ridiculous, she’s never been beaten though. Did you miss the part where I said she’s Serpent Royalty?” She sighed, I was clearly an exhausting student.

“Most adults are afraid of her so please Jughead, just stay under her radar”

“I think we’re gone past flying under the radar Toni” I just thought she was a wanna be, my ego has taken a right bashing but yn, yn was an enigma wrapped in a mystery.


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SHINee 5 Superhero AU

Onew- Healing

Jonghyun- Wolf shapeshifter

Key- Electricity generation

Minho- Elastic man

Taemin- “Makes Portals” Aka: I rip the fabric of space-time to warp distances

Inspired by: This post.

Thanks to @shineethinks for thinking up this AU!! I hope you don’t mind me doing this!

Will You Let Me? (One Shot/Scenario/Request)

Summary: She has this way of making him feel like a child, protecting his most precious thing.

Original Scan: ©

Y/N has this way of making him feel too much.

He doesn’t know what it is, but when she looks at him he feels like a treasure, golden and shining. When she cheers him on he really thinks he is a super hero who can save the world. Sometimes when she smiles he wants to protect her and keep her all to himself. There are times when she talks about the important things, making him wonder, question and learn. She makes him want to have all the answers, to even the most superfluous of questions like the time she asked him, ‘How do you make sweet potato ice cream? What about pancakes? Can we make them?”

Y/N makes him feel too much. Sometimes he loves it because it makes him feel alive and invincible.

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The other day, my blog hit 700 followers! I know, it's not a 
giant deal, but due to the fact that ehhh, I'm bored, I haven't done this yet, and that I want to show some of my favorite
blogs on here, I decided to finally do some work and make myfirst follow
First though, I figured I'd put some cheesy foreword or something:
Before I joined tumblr last October, I was just kind of... I don't
know -bored with everything I guess? I didn't have too many
friends with the same interests or anything, so I only felt really comfortable and happy with one or two of them... But when I
joined tumblr, I learned that really, I wasn't that odd, and I
even made some really good friends on here! Also, I've
learned so much from everyone on here about understanding other people and stuff like that. So, as I much as I may say
that I hate tumblr or how it's a waste of time, I'm still happy I ended up joining and getting to know some of you. Also, even though I don't know anything about a lot of you, I seem to
have memorized a lot of your URLs, so... I guess that
just shows how much I enjoy all of your all's posts!
Well, enough of that nasty, cliche crap.
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Hey guys! I’ve decided to make a follow forever to mark my 300+ followers and my 6 months since joining tumblr! Last year had it’s up and downs, but one of the best things that happened is that I joined this community, where I’ve met so many great people, learned so many new things, and have made a lot of awesome, fantastic friends. Everyone here is so amazing; you guys are hilarious, kind, and always caring to me and for that I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you guys for making me smile on my worst days and I hope all of you have a splendid rest of the year and that 2015 treats you all well!!

Here’s some of my favorite blogs on here who brighten up my dashboard! Thank you!! (And I still love you even if I didn’t mention you here~)

Love, Rachel 

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 Hi my babies!!  I want to tell to change my URL Ive been here for two years almost to be here whit my old url twominshipperforever and every day Im more happy to see all the  amount of people who liked my blog and the people I’ve met are just always so sweet is why today I just want you to know that I’m thankful with all of you for bringing me joy in these difficult days and putting a smile on my face with your posts, with your edits or gifs or a message making my dashboard such a nice place to be, you are all beautiful and amazing people and even tho i barely talk to any of you i consider all of you my friends, you made memorable  my experience in tumblr, always make happy see you on my dash, also thanks for follow me and thanks for sharing with me his love for SHINee!  

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy new year!

I do not follow many blogs, so you can be sure That every one in the list is absolutely quality and I highly recommend them all of them are my sempais and  the most beautiful people I’ve met here <3 and my tumblr crush  i really love them!!

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To  each of my followers thanks for your cute send me messages that always make me happy !! whether I have talked with you or not, your presence is important in my life thank you very for following my blog every day I hope you to continue enjoying it!

thanks my cutes !!.~ -love Valesca

yaaay! extra late and extra lame follow forever, yaay! /throws confetti all over the place/ with a terrible like 5-minute-edit yaaaay!

omg so finally, I had the time to get my non existent butt to work on this! I wanted to do my follow forever since I reached my follower goal a couple months ago and I really did! it was totally done! but the file disappeared and I kinda gave up on it for a few months… whoopsies~
also life and college got in the way so I couldn’t really work on it earlier but you know what people say, Better late than never (is it even this way? omg)

So I am really thankful to all of you who have taken the time to check out my super lame ass blog and decided to follow~ also this is my first year where I stayed constantly on tumblr ahah so freaking obsessed man. . So to all of you my dear followers, thank you so much cuties, you really are a bunch of sweethearts ♡ and I also want to thank all the wonderful blogs I follow that keep my dash as funny and active as always, I would’ve been long gone if it wasn’t for all of you.

after all the babbling i just did lol shall we start with the actual follow forever? yes we shall~
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Taeminenotatypo’s First Annual Follow Forever Thingie!!!

  Said in the creepiest way possible. Hence the creepy gif.

This is my first follow forever thingie so excuse the massive amount of suckage. I’ve wanted to do this forever but between work and being an utterly lazy individual during my off time, it’s never come to fruition. Ramblings aside, let the accolades begin…


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I think I got everybody. And I hope you guys can feel the love that went into this list. It was seriously one of the most tedious posts I have every done.If I forgot anyone. It wasn’t personal. Blame tumblr. I’ll add as I go (Thanks a bunch tumblr. Way to not put followers in alphabetical order, dicks! )

For those of you who have continued to follow me throughout the various levels of my crazy, I appreciate you guys. For those of you who don’t follow me, I’ll still follow you forever because your posts are reblog-worthy so no hard feelings. Yet;)

Hey guys!! Welcome to my very first follow forever!!! *throws cheap confetti* yaayyy :D

In celebration of reaching my next hundred followers, and for my baby blog turning 1 year next month, I thought it’d be nice time to shout all my fave blogs out! (both mutual and non-mutual)  :)) I really want to thank all of you from the bottom of my heart, you’ve really made my time here the best and I’m grateful to all of you. If I forgot you, please let me know! I most likely love you too!

bold - the coolest mutuals eveerrr

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sorry my graphic isn’t the best i’m not that good at stuff like this hehehe.

Thanks again!!! <333 *hugs you all*