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Male K-Pop Idols Who Have Beautiful Handwriting: SHINee’s Choi Minho ❤

Everyone has their own distinct style when it comes to penmanship. K-pop idols are no exception and are known to have diverse handwriting styles within their respective groups. Check out some male idols who have been noted for their beautiful handwriting!

SHINee’s Choi Minho  💕

SHINee 5th anniversary special party - photocard message MINHO

(pic cr: MrMinho, via  almightykeybeom)

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This article gives me little look back on Minho’s handwriting which I always adore………. Minho always has a very good handwriting, since debut we see his neat, clean, font like handwriting, some says A person’s handwriting is as unique as their personality  ….here are some examples of Minho’s handwriting 

1) Minho’s letter to his dad with Eng trans TTTTTTT  (cr: thatcoolcatmeow )

2) 140525 SHINee SPECIAL MESSAGE - Minho “6th Anniversary!!

3) Minho’s letter to his fan in show “ Last 48 hours” (op: @911209mh)

4) [TRANS] 160702 #SHINee - 8th Anniversary - Minho’s handwritten letter  

(cr. oddeye080525)  

5) The letter he wrote to the noona from  “ SHINee Yunhanam” in 2008

6) Minho’s “Thanksgiving message’ in behalf of ‘Medical Top Team’

Minho has a beautiful handwriting , beautiful face, beautiful body, beautiful tender-heart & beautiful nature too ….hw can one person have all these beautiful features ??….for me he is inside out a beautiful human being :)

anonymous asked:

hello! Do you know what the name may be of the vid's of SHINee in japan when they hard to do the charades? Like when minho poiinted to Onew for chicken; as well as them having to be a suitcase or something lol. I wish I knew the name so I could search it; i don't even know if it's subbed.

Hello! It’s a game they played during the SHINee WORLD J OFFICIAL FANCLUB EVENT 2016~5th Anniversary Party~, featured on the FC Limited Edition of the FIVE DVD and which you can download raw here!


[ENG] 161123 SHINee WORLD J OFFICIAL FANCLUB EVENT 2016 -5th Anniversary Party- in Saitama - Fancams
Watch/Download: #1: GDYTTW | #2: GDYT ∙ TW: Part 1 + 2 | Credit: Mredwardsanders


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wow amazing *^*