shinee 5 year anniversary

Anniversary Masterlist

Links last Checked April 11th, 2017

A Night In A&E - kittyxuchiha11

Summary: Dan wants to give Phil a treat for their anniversary, but somehow manages to sprain his wrist.

Anniversary - adayinthelifeofphan

Summary: Dan and Phil celebrate their one year anniversary.

A Special Occasion - whataphantasticworld

Summary: It’s Dan and Phil’s wedding anniversary. And Phil wants to make a surprise celebration for Dan.

A Very Good Day - jilliancares

Summary: Dan is sure that he’s having the worst day of his entire life when Phil forgets their anniversary and everything that can go wrong does.

Chinese Food and Moulin Rouge! - thespianhowell

Summary: An unedited fluffy nonsense-y drabble in honour of Phanniversary.

Fortune Cookies - pasteldanhowells

Summary: It’s Dan and Phil’s fifth year anniversary of being together, so they spend the whole day celebrating together and ending with a nice dinner at home. Dan wants to propose, and Phil is a little surprised when he gets a little more than just a fortune cookie.

I Only Have Eyes For You - phangirlingforphan

Summary: On the eve of their 5 year meeting anniversary, everything is set for a perfect proposal. However, fate intervenes and suddenly Dan finds himself questioning whether they’ll ever get engaged at all.

Oh, Hello Mum - phangirlingforphan

Summary: On the evening of their anniversary, Dan and Phil engage in much needed congratulatory sex, unaware that they’re about to have a surprise visitor….

Phantesers (ao3) - midnightecho

Summary: It’s their six-month anniversary, and Phil has something special planned involving Dan’s favourite sweet treat.

Presenting; Me & You - birdyhowell

Summary: It’s the 5 year anniversary of Dan and Phil meeting first the first time, and while at the Teen Awards, they decide to do something about it.

You’re Starting To Shine - dantiloquent

Summary: 5 year phanniversary.