explanation of jonghyun’s “never. the. less” tattoo: [a quick note that this is something that he said in the past, re: the saying, not something that he’s said since he got the tattoo.]

jonghyun: “nevertheless” - this is something that i say in real life, you know? it’s a saying my friend group, including myself, uses a lot. it shows you’re acknowledging that the situation isn’t good. i think i say: “nevertheless, i have to do [x]” in order to turn it into a positive situation. (source: sullaem)

the collection [story op. 2] ♡ essay ver.
on … “blinking game” / source: sullaem

shall we talk about something dirty?

guess what i think is the most explicit type of skinship?

answer: it’s eye contact!

then guess what i think is the sexist genre of music?

answer: it’s jazz!

a meeting of the two, full of power struggle and playfulness. it’s so erotic that i can’t listen to this song anymore. i’m embarrassed.

[translator’s note: the word he used to say “explicit” means something in the sense of being frank, open and direct. it doesn’t necessarily refer to something sexual, but it can (and does, in this case). the lyrics to “blinking game” can be read here.]