Taemin’s hair tho….


(∩▂∩)  God, I love when he does this…

SHINee as Parents: “There’s a monster under my bed!”

Onew: I’ll check and make sure nothing’s there, but if you’re still scared you can just sleep with me.

Jonghyun: *starts crying* That monster has been displaced by an unjust society who has stolen its land and its home. We need to try and understand it. Let it get back on its feet and it’ll be okay!

Key: Yes there is and the monster is that shitty fashion sense you have. Polyester pajamas? Really, bitch? Where’s the silk ones I bought you? They keep making you slip off of the bed? BITCH FASHION IS PAIN

Minho: First try to be friends with the monster, but if it doesn’t want to then just ask it to leave. Be polite okay? We’ll both ask!

Taemin: Don’t worry, the clown in the attic already ate the monster :) Do you feel better? Why are you crying?