Covers by Kpop artist that you should listen
  • (Kard) Jiwoo ft JSeph: Bitch better have my money
  • (Ladies Code) Sojung: Chandelier, Don't be shy
  • Lee Hi ft 2000won: Love the way you lie
  • Kim JaeJoong: Glamorous Sky
  • Ladies Code: All that jazz
  • Spica: Men came down like the rain
  • Ailee: I will always love you
  • Dreamcatcher: Lucky Strike
  • Day6: Nobody, Stop and Stare
  • (Exo) Chen: Imagine
  • (Shinee) Jonghyun: Y si fuera ella
  • Nam Taehyun: Creep

“What is fair in men does not last. Nothing is more fleeting than the years of a man’s life. But this is not true of art. The joy of understanding. That is the most noble of pleasures. Feathers will lift men as they do birds up to heaven.

I must stop now, my soup’s getting cold.”

– Leonardo da Vinci, disciple of experience.


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I-Magazine Fashion Face Award Year 2016 - Asian Male 

#1 Lee Gikwang (Korean actor/idol)

#2 Jackson Wang (Korean/Chinese idol/entertainer)

#3 Park Chan Yeol (Korean idol/actor)

#4 Daren Wang (Taiwanese actor)

#5 Choi Seung Hyun  (Korean idol/actor)

#6 William Chan (Chinese actor)

#7 Keisuko Asano (Japanese model)

#8 Mario Maurer (Thai model)

#9 Lee Dong Wook (Korean actor)

#10 Mong Jong Hyun (Korean actor)

#11 Dylan Kuo  (Taiwanese actor)

#12 Hwang Zitao (Chinese singer)

#13 Ray Ma (Chinese actor)

#14 Choi Min Ho  (Korean idol/entertainer)

#15 Ka Chen Tung (Taiwanese actor)

#16 Choi Si won (Korean idol)

#17 Lee Soo Hyuk (Korean actor)

#18 Soo Kang Joon (Korean actor)

#19 Park Bo Gum (Korean actor)