shine. glimmer

Destiny Class Exotics:
  • Warlocks: this helm was fashioned from the lost tech of a great scholar. built to contain the stars it shines with the glimmers of a thousand lost ghosts who whisper to me the wisdom of ages forgotten.
  • Titans: this armor was reinforced from the scalded hunks of metal salvaged from dead cabal commanders. it was rebuilt for the icy hot climate of space and reinforced against ammunition from the strongest fallen battleships so that none may ground me.
  • Hunters: imma slap this whole ass bug on my arm and it's gonna look dope as shit.

36) The Mouse King intends to punish the meddling human. Either mauling the weak boy to death or ripping him to shreds with magic works fine with the fiend.

37) The Nutcracker would have none of it.

38) Regaining his spirit, the Nutcracker sets the dear human free, intent on protecting him. The battle continues, resulting in the Mouse King being cast out of a window.

39) Worn from the battle, whatever little he did, Kankri is still in shock. The Nutcracker helps him up. “I knowv of just the place to patch you up”, he says, heading towards the toy castle little Nepeta would often play by. The two pass through the front gate and a small foyer and the next door leads to an open-air glade. The sun shines brightly, the hills glimmer with what seems to be snow yet is actually fine sugar; a slight scent of mint is in the air. The Nutcracker announces they have entered the Land of Sweets.

40) All weariness leaves their bodies, and Kankri notices all their scratches and injuries are healing rapidly. He cannot help smiling.

41) The two meet the inhabitants of the Land of Sweets: the sweet little fairies. Delighted, Kankri talks to the wondrous creatures.

42) While he is watching his companion, the Nutcracker feels something new inside of him: a warmth he had never felt before.

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You’re too special to wither on the vine. Your wine is too sweet. You are too ripe and juicy with the warmth of the sun and the moist, dark soil.

The emotions you can’t love are your salvation. The way you writhe inside. The way you scream. How you feel like you can’t get out. Oh! The torment is there in the service of greatness and love.

It takes a long time, to figure out the obvious: you feel like you’re dying because you want so much to live. It is excruciating to live at any fraction of oneself. You must be allowed to be all that you are. To express it all.

To scream, to sing. To dance and to lay in a ball on the floor. To sleep under the night sky, and to hide in tiny rooms. All experiences worth having. All experiences that will lead you to your greatness if you keep reaching for the tiny shining glimmer in the midst of your despair.

The world, your culture, is not going to give you permission to do that. You must claim it for yourself, under the law of nature.

You must learn to use everything that happens to you. The greater the pain, the deeper the secret, and the higher the alchemy. The alchemy of banishing the hell condition so that the natural, heavenly rhythm of your own heart beat can pulse with all creation.

If you think abuse, misuse, and sorrow will break you open, you will realize soon enough that this is nothing compared to pain of beauty, of being flooded with the living light of your own being.

—  Alison Nappi

aka i just needed to write something quick to clear my mind from stress

He holds her close. 

Her heart was pounding against his own, strong and alive. Gray couldn’t be happier. He loves the way her eyes shined with tears, glimmering in the sunlight. He loved the way her hands held his own, her palm gently kneading his aching fingers. He loves the way she smiled as if the world wasn’t just about to end a few minutes ago. He loves everything about her, from her sea-blue hair to the tips of her wounded toes. 

For the first time in a long while, Gray smiles. 

“You came back,” he whispered, burying his head in her hair. She smelled like rain and fresh earth. “You’re alive.” 

He could feel the vibration of her throat when she spoke. “Gray-sama, Juvia will always come back.” 

He loves the way she says his name. 

“I haven’t given you my answer yet.”

“Juvia thinks she already knows,” she whispered, and he pulled away. Juvia’s cheeks were flushed red as she avoided his gaze. “Is Juvia wrong? If she is then–”

He doesn’t reply. He wasn’t really known for his excellence in words anyway.

Instead he grabs her arm, gently, pulling her warmth closer to him. A small squeak escapes her lips, and she wraps her arms gingerly around his back as he places his over her waist. Tighter, his mind whispers, as if she would leave him again if he would let her go. Tighter. 

“Gray-sama,” she says, almost inaudibly. He blinks, but doesn’t move, refusing to let go. “Juvia is really happy.” 

I’m happy too. 

She continues, her lips brushing his shoulders. “Please don’t leave Juvia alone again.”

I am never losing you, Juvia. 

I love you, Gray-sama.” 

He holds her close. 

Winchester brothers-Mermaid tales

Title: Mermaid tales

Pairings: Winchester brothers x mermaid reader

Word count: 1185

Request:Could you do one where the reader is a mermaid when touched by water and Sam or Dean accidentaly like spills water on her and she has to run to her room before she turns so they won’t find out but they do, thanks!

You sighed as you leaned your head back, the cool water ripping against your skin. You glanced at the aqua blue tail that hung out of the bottom of the bath. The glimmering scales shined towards you as you splashed at the clear water playfully. 

You groaned when it was time to come out, this was what you always hated. You braced both arms on either side of the tub as you tried to lift yourself out. With a thud and a groan you fell to the floor. 

You rolled your eyes at yourself before turning yourself over and grabbing a towel. It took a long time but you had finally got yourself dry and pulled on your clothes. 

‘’I’m done, I’m done!’’You sighed as you opened the door to where Dean had been jigging about on the spot, banging his fist against the wooden door. You had tried to be fast since you knew Dean would probably get so impatient that he’d bang the door down or pick the lock.

You wouldn’t be able to handle their reactions when they would have witnessed your blue tail and coral shells covering your chest. Neither of the Winchester knew. They hunted monsters for a living. 

They had a ‘shoot first, ask questions later’ motto. You couldn’t handle not being with them, you had grew close to the Winchester boys and hoped it stayed that way. 

Dean danced on the spot, hands cupping his manhood as he desperately tried to hold himself. He sighed in relief and rushed past you when he was finally allowed to the toilet. 

Sam chuckled at his brother’s desperation, sharing a amused look with you. 

‘’hey Samantha’’You teased, earning a playful glare from the younger Winchester as you sat down on the chair that Dean was previously sitting one. 

‘’Hey (y/n)’’Sam said as he looked back at his laptop screen. It was a miracle he hadn’t damaged his eyes by how much he stared at that laptop. Dean came out of the bathroom, a smirk on his face as he slumped in the seat next to yours. 

‘’Ahh, relief’’He smirked. You cringed, throwing a pillow at him. It bounced off his head as he glared at you before tackling you to the floor and smacking you with the pillow. 

You laughed as you caught the pillow and flipped the both of you around. 

‘’Alright!’’Sam called down at the pair of you. He rolled his eyes at your childlike behaviour before motioned for you to come to him. 

‘’I found us a case’’


You sat in the Impala, dreading this case as soon as Sam told you what it was. It was a underwater urman. The whole case was revolved around water and you knew you had a slim chance of staying dry. 

As soon as Dean pulled baby up you stepped out, eyes nervously checking everywhere. Sam walked towards you, large figure looming over your smaller one as he placed a gentle hand on your shoulder. 

‘’You okay?’’He asked. You nodded, gulping thickly. He narrowed his eyes, unconvinced but he decided to let it go. Walking towards the sheriff’s station you all got your badges out ready. 

‘’So people have been going missing?’’Sam repeated as the sheriff nodded at Sam’s words. 

‘’Ay Sir. People been missing from all over town’’He nodded, explaining more. ‘’We’ve been keeping it on the low though’’He added. 

‘’Why?’’Dean frowned, brows knitting together as he shoved his hands in his pockets. 

‘’We don’t want to frighten any of the civilians now, Sir’’The man answered politely. You gave a nod, it was understandable. 

‘’Is it correct that it’s all been around water?’’Dean asked, flashing you and Sam a look. The sheriff sighed, running his fingers through his grey hair as he took off his hat before placing it back on. 

‘’Ay. We thought maybe they could have drowned but we can never find the bodies’’The sheriff informed. 

‘’Thank you for your time’’Sam smiled gratefully as he dragged the two of you to a secluded corner.

‘’This is like that case again, remember. The boy in the lake kept on taking people’’Sam explained. You nodded, mouth falling open as Dean caught on too. 

‘’So you think that we’re dealing with another ghost who’s latched onto the water?’’Dean asked. Sam nodded. 


‘’HEY!’’You screamed, the three of you running towards the lake. You were scared out of your mind that they would see your form but a little girl had wondered towards the lake after hearing a melody. 

You jumped in, not even thinking as you searched for the girl. The boys caught a glimpse of a blue tail but they thought it was probably their imagination or it belonged to this ghost. 

Dean rushed off to salt and burn the remains as Sam waited for you to resurface. He prayed that you and the girl were okay and it looks like someone was listening because you came back up. 

Sam ignored the fact that you didn’t seem in need for air since you were under water for so long. He pulled the girl out of your arms and placed her in the Impala. He frowned when he noticed you hadn’t followed him. 

Dean and Sam both made their way back to the lake when they noticed you were still in it. 

‘’(y/n), you can come out now. It’s gone’’Dean said to you. You looked down, ashamed and embarrassed since you had no idea how to worm your way out of this one. 

‘’I can’t’’You whispered, eyes tearing up. Both brothers looked at each other with a frown, brows knitting together. 

‘’Why?’’Dean questioned. 

‘’(y/n), what’s going on?’’Sam gulped. 

‘’You’re going to hate me’’You whimpered, tears spilling over. They looked at you with shock as they shook their heads. 

‘’We’ll never hate you, (y/n)’’Dean reassured. You sighed as you gave in and nodded. 

‘’Okay, pull me up’’You grimaced. ‘’I’m heavy though’’You warned. They both rolled their eyes. You were petite, they knew you were light. But when both brothers grabbed your arms they found you were heavier than you looked. 

‘’Holy crap!’’Dean panted as he and Sam turned their back to you and hauled you up with pained expressions. neither brother wanted to admit that you were heavy since they knew it would upset you, but when they turned around… they knew why. 

‘’Is that a- a…’’Dean stuttered. 

‘’A tail?’’Sam breathed out, nodding at his brother. ‘’Yes… she has a tail’’He whispered, trying to believe his own words. 

Dean rubbed his eyes as if he was seeing things. 

‘’You’re a mermaid?!’’Sam choked. You nodded, flushed face looking away. 

‘’Those things exist?’’Dean stated bewildered. You nodded, fumbling with your fingers. 

‘’Cool!’’Dean smirked making your mouth drop open. Sam nodded giving a ‘hmm’ as he threw you a towel. 

‘’Y-you don’t hate me?’’You gaped. 

‘’no, we know who you are (y/n). If anything were just a little sad you didn’t trust us. but given our history.. you’re forgiven’’Sam chuckled as he helped you dry off. 

‘’Plus you make a hot mermaid!’’



“Oh darling…”

He’d hummed softly, recalling that soft visage that entered his mind upon seeing her enter in. A vision of loveliness in beautiful deep blues, and those shining eyes glimmering like the stars that lay upon her scarf.

The moment he could slip her away in surprise no less, the look she’d see in his eyes. Absolutely enamored by her, engulfed with great attention as they danced about the floor. There was no need for many words, just simple caresses and gentle glances. What words were shared were soft, sweet, ones to have them both share and equal grin.

Such a warmth and love he held for the fiery haired beauty, one who erupted such fires and flames from the dark and dormant heart of his.