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Things that are going down in Holland

Since Tumblr is being awfully quiet about this drama going on between Nethelands and Turkey, allow me to shine some light on this rediculous happening.

As some of you may know: dutch elections are coming up, that are currently on the same level of chaos as the american last year.

A few days ago, the turkish minister of foreign business (I’m just literal translating don’t know the english word) wanted to speech in Rotterdam about a referendum in Turkey that will give Erdogan more power, a.k.a. become a dictator.
That visit was supossed to be today but parlement (all parties, left and right) decided to say no to this visit because we are in the middle of campaigning for our own shitshow and don’t want another country meddling with the people that have to vote. Also we don’t support this referendum.

Erdogan got pissed, pulled out some sanctions, and called us nazi’s and facists.

He’s done this to Germany as well for not supporting his plan and in my eyes you’re just being a huge manchild.

Tumblr likes punching nazi’s, Tumblr likes freedom of speech, sexuality and gender. (Things Holland likes too, remember gay marriage in 2001, first of the world, ;) )

I’m sort of freaked out about the situation and the silence around it on the internet. Trump is a big deal, but I can tell you that Erdogan is on the same page.

I justed wanted to inform you on this, do with it whatever you want. I don’t really care anymore. *buddies, pals, support the turkish protestor as well please. There are some who are pro-Erdogan but I’ve heard of people from Turkey that agree that this whole thing is getting out of hand. Support them, compliment and praise because that’s how we stay connected and pull ourselves through this!

Busy Bee Tarot Spread

I made this spread for myself earlier today, I know it’s not very intricate but it is after all for the busy bee. 🐝 This spread is made with the intent to get a quick answer to a new project and shine some light on a new idea! I, for instance, haven’t been able to decide if it’s really worth the risk to drop another $200 on investing in my shop, this deck helped me narrow down my idea list to the best. 💜 

The First Card: How the deck or deity you are speaking to feels about the over-all idea. This helps them show their approval, concern, etc.

The Second Card: This is their best advice to you to make things go smoothly. Whether it’s how to make the idea succeed, something you could change or maybe how to remove yourself from it entirely, it is their advice, you do not have to take it.

The Third Card: What they suggest you don’t do! This is what they want you to avoid, this is how you stay out of harms way. If you can avoid this perhaps you can make it to your end goal more smoothly.

The Fourth Card: The final outcome, what happens if you do or don’t listen to the cards - it all depends on how you read them.

You can see some of my readings and spreads here and you can get your own reading by me here. 💖

What are you an “Expert” at?

In the spirit of shining the light on some good, I ask you, what do you guys consider yourselves an expert at? By expert I mean better than the average person, or just something you think you are pretty damn good at.


I make great fake blood.

I make great eggs.

I know a healthy amount of film theory/history. 

Simpsons Trivia.




We all need a little inspiration some times; even here, where the ideas flow so freely that we’re practically drowning in amazing thoughts and concepts every day! Sometimes though, my brain gets so cluttered that i feel like i’m being pulled a hundred different directions at once and i’m left in a haze with nothing concrete to hold on to. But you guys, all my friends here ~ you’re my rock <3 i can always talk to you guys and you helping guide me and encourage me even when you don’t know that you are. (^ __^) I can’t thank you all enough. I feel like i can’t possibly make enough work, make enough beautiful things, grow and change enough, or put in enough time, to thank you properly. But i try to, and i hope you guys feel it ~ even just a little! <3 <3 <3

I struggled with this one a lot… but in a good way. I really want to try to do better work. I need to pace myself more though. I’ll get there eventually! hahahaha! (^ O^) The design concept for this one was 100% inspired by this piece by @littleststarfighter <3 I’m always in love with a really clean, white aesthetic for Hux as Emperor, so i really loved her different take on it!!! <3



RFA Heart to Heart - These are mini Q&A sessions with the Mystic Messenger cast that shine some more light into the character personalities and how they interact with each other. Read below the cut for the rest of them.

I’m collecting all the Heart to Heart chats in this post so the other one doesn’t get too monstrous. Do not ask me for the high resolution files, I intentionally kept them low so it can’t be reprinted. These are for fans to use as reference material for the purpose of encouraging more content creation, so if you want to thank me, just create/write/draw more MM and spread the love! Better yet, throw some money at Cheritz so they can make more good shit.

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I’m pretty hit-or-miss with novelizations.  Sometimes they’re just a retread and add nothing new, there’s no point to them.  Other times, they can add a ton of characterization and motivation, they can get inside a character’s head the way a visual medium can’t.  I wasn’t sure what to expect from the Rogue One novelization, but I was hopeful that it would shine some light on Jyn especially, because I didn’t really get her or her reasons in the movie.


Honestly, I can’t go more than three page turns on my Kindle before I’m highlighting another passage to add to the selection “holy fuck, Jyn Erso is traumatized as all hell” file, to show that her emotional and mental damage is absolutely relentless in this book.

Her character makes a ton more sense to me (AND I LOVE HER SO MUCH, give me ALL THE EMOTIONALLY MESSY FEMALE CHARACTERS, the ones who are jaded and cynical and not very nice, who are so angry they burn with it, who carry around emotional scars and chips on their shoulder, who want to lash back at those who hurt them, who aren’t perfect, but will do the right thing, who care.  That is what the novelization of Jyn Erso is to me.


SOMEWHERE INSIDE JYN’S BRAIN THERE was a cave sealed shut by a heavy metal hatch. The cave wasn’t for her protection. Instead it was where she locked away the things she was done with but couldn’t altogether forget: The Rebellion. Saw Gerrera. People and places buried in the dark for so long that she barely recognized their names as more than cruel, hurtful impulses.

No one survived Wobani for long. Jyn was supposed to serve twenty years, but anything more than five was a death sentence. All she could do was try to pick the most interesting end possible.

She fantasized about tripping Melshi on the wet stone, smashing his face into the rock, grabbing his weapon, dragging him bodily back to the hangar entrance, and using him as a human shield. The rebels wouldn’t let her offworld, but she could escape to the jungle where she would—what? Poison herself trying to live off the local flora?

“Jyn Erso? That’s your given name, is it not?“ She flinched.She felt as much as saw the general’s smile at his petty victory. Nothing about his words surprised her—the rebels wouldn’t kidnap [her false identity]—but hearing Jyn Erso aloud for the first time in years felt like a violation. The general had taken a cutting torch to the hatch in her brain, crudely attempting to burn through the barrier.

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anonymous asked:

Hey Naf! I've been thinking a lot about bi vs pan. There's a lot of discussions how bi is bad because it "is" transphobic (I'm even trans, and I don't agree with this), but I can't put the difference between bi and pan into words without making it sound like I imply that bi is transphobic. I'm asking you how you define the difference between the two, as you're a very aware and educated person, maybe you can shine some light on how to go about this.

Pure semantics-wise, Bisexual is usually defined as “attracted to two or more genders” while Pansexual is defined as “attracted to all genders.”
I’m also trans-spec and don’t think either is inherently exclusive or transphobic.

So I’m just gonna start with a disclaimer that I could always be wrong BUT I usually explain it with historical context: Bisexual is simply an older term.

We have to understand that gender and sexuality are theories and human inventions. The same way money is a Theory and Human Invention, but when people invented the coin thousands of years ago, did they think we’d have things like the Dow Jones and Stock Market and Interest Growth? No, probably not. But these things obviously effect our lives NOW and continue to grow and change.

Our perception of gender has changed. From the ignorance and mistreatment of intersex conditions as well as the oppression of dyadic gender-non-conforming people, when the early LGBT culture was forming in the US, most people still saw everyone was “male” and “female”. Even LGBT founding figures like Marsha P. Johnson and Sylvia Rivera only recently re-identified as trans women rather than just drag queens. The world changed, so identities changed.
This obviously effects Bisexuality, which was coined during a time gender theories weren’t as developed or accessible.

But Bisexuality has evolved too! Generally any bi person you ask will say “two OR MORE genders,” but because bi- (the prefix meaning 2) is IN the name, a lot of people without historical context find problem with it, thinking it still adheres strictly to the gender binary.

Pansexual theory came out of Bisexual theory. They ultimately point towards a similar experience, but you’ll notice a lot more pansexuals are younger. Again, this is because they don’t know the historical context, they don’t know bisexuality has evolved in meaning. Pansexuality is very well-intentioned and I’m not saying it’s not a legitimate identity, but I often see pans giving bis a really hard time, and I think the lack of understanding is getting out of hand.

Honestly when it comes down to it, I really think people should identify with what makes them the most comfortable. Both identities have their own merits and historical significance.

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you know what am soon gonna enroll myself in an asylum.. coz dealing with this band past 5 years have made me lose my each and every grey cell..!! I HAD ENOUGH SHADE...GIVE ME LIGHT NOW... PLEASE..!! T___T

Hsjsjskslsls give me light is a good phrase to use in this fandom 

Inspired IWSY Part 22 Moodboard by @imsarabum

Thank you for such amazing details Chapter! Shine some light to the dark clouds!

(As this part has so many great details and incredible descriptions. I apologize for any misread of original context😅)

Happy Galentines Day

Originally posted by totallyshady-book-expert

I used to be a huge parks and rec fan, don’t judge me. I don’t have many irl friends to celebrate this wonderful day with, but I do have some pretty fucking amazing online friends who I want to shine some light on. I appologize if at any point I get sappy during this. I’m a little sleep deprived. (I really did get a bit long winded so everything is under the cut)

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Protect wolfy

Okay so I would just like to shine some light on Wolf here:

He’s so guilty, like a dog which knew it did something wrong

Even here you can see the guilt, he is acknowledging he did it and not hiding it down in his heart.

And look at that ^ Look at how genuinely relieved his face looks

Look at all that TLC ^

He cares very, very deeply for her. More than her mother ever did.

And here’s wounded and beat up Wolfram, still worrying about Sullivan’s wellbeing

Look how mad he gets upon realizing their little plan; look at that determination as he gets up even with a gaping wound in his torso

and finally, look how he WALKS away from his unit, he’s basically deserting them and his country to go and save her. If that’s not love then what is? 

He is somewhat selfish for not wanting her to leave and go experience the world but he has her best interests at heart, really.

Wolf needs love and protection. Even though he’s done terrible things he knows he has and is trying hard to atone for them. Protect Wolfram at all costs 2k15

Temporary Interests

I think marriage is a beautiful thing.
It’s hard for me to just choose someone who will
be my partner for the rest of my life on my own.
I don’t want to decide because I think she is attractive or
because we have the same favorite color etc.
I think marriage goes beyond physical temporary interests.
I want us to have the same heart, the same mind. I want there to be an
agreement on why we are here, and have been given life together.
I know my Father can shine some light on this.
I don’t want to marry for the pleasure of it.
I want to marry because I see someone I am
in love with and want to give myself to.
I’m not looking for the 15 needs and expectations I have for them.
The person I marry is someone I become completely one with.
There are no needs.
I want to look at her and say, “Finally God has given me a wife.”
Rejoicing in His gift to me.
I will have the honor of waking up loving her as I love myself.
And if I died for her, then my love goes beyond
physical and temporary interests.